Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd. Discord Yohji Yamamoto develops “UNVENNESS TOTE” and “INFINITE CLOTH-BLUE” li mited to SHIBUYA PARCO stores.

Yohji Yamamoto Co., Ltd.
discord Yohji Yamamoto develops “UNVENNESS TOTE” and “INFINITE CLOTH-BLUE” limited to SHIBUYA PARCO store
Limited bag celebrating the 3rd anniversary, available from Friday, November 18th

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The UNVENNESS TOTE and INFINITE bag collections, which are popular in discord Yohji Yamamoto, are now available exclusively at the SHIBUYA PARCO store.
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“UNVENNESS TOTE”, which is a part of Yohji Yamamoto’s dress cut out and reconstructed, has a unique shape that changes fluidly depending on what you put in the fluffy bulge. The thin memory taffeta used in the “UNVENNESS TOTE”, which is only available at the Shibuya PARCO store, has a memory property that moderately remembers its shape, creating a three-dimensional silhouette. The matte look and peach touch further enhance the texture. The beautiful shadows that appear at different angles of light, the three-dimensional fabric, and the vivid colors create a bag with a higher degree of design. The unfinished beauty interweaves different textures to create a richness of expression.
97,900 yen (tax included) Shibuya PARCO limited
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The INFINITE shoulder bag can be made into three different shapes by rearranging the dot buttons on the handle. A playful and functional design that adds the uniqueness of discord to a simple structure. “INFINITE CLOTH-BLUE”, which is limited to Shibuya PARCO store, consists of 3 types of leftovers from the Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME 2022-2023 Fall/Winter collection, and is reversible. Because the fabric is used up, it is a sustainable item with a limited production of only 6 items. A part is cut off and the weft is removed.
97,900 yen (tax included) Shibuya PARCO limited, unisex collection A limited-edition collection for the Shibuya PARCO store, drawn with rich forms and active elements.
In addition, the Shibuya PARCO store’s limited-edition collection, such as Drawstring Shoulder and Smartphone case shoulder, has silhouettes that can be easily carried during the daytime among discord Yohji Yamamoto.
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Drawstring Shoulder
Drawstring Shoulder
42,900 yen (tax included) Shibuya PARCO limited, unisex collection At the store, we are introducing the entire lineup of the 2022-2023 fall/winter season. Please enjoy winter shopping by cruising discord Yohji Yamamoto SHIBUYA PARCO for holiday gifts and searching for candidates for your own wish list.
Discord Yohji Yamamoto SHIBUYA PARCO


1F, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
SHIBUYA PARCO 3rd Anniversary
November 18th (Friday) – December 4th (Sunday), 2022
-During the period, we will present [Salt Chocolate] in a special box with the discord Yohji Yamamoto logo for customers who purchase over 33,000 yen including tax. (It will end as soon as it runs out due to the limited number)
Limited edition special collection for the 3rd anniversary
Contact: discord Yohji Yamamoto SHIBUYA PARCO (Shibuya PARCO 1F) TEL 03-6416-5418
discord Yohji Yamamoto
“discord Yohji Yamamoto” is a new sense of value proposed by Yohji Yamamoto through luxury accessories.
50 years after starting his career as a designer in 1972, Yohji Yamamoto, who has continued to lead the world’s fashion scene with innovative designs created from the spirit of rebellion against established fashion concepts, has created new values ​​through luxury accessories. I will suggest. The collection, which focuses on high quality, incorporates the subtle beauty of Japanese culture into its design. Symbolizing the aesthetics of Yohji Yamamoto’s philosophy of incompleteness and asymmetry, we will express to the world from Japan the dignified and unparalleled world view that only Yamamoto can create.
CONNECT WITH discord Yohji Yamamoto
LINE: discord Yohji Yamamoto
Instagram: @discord_yohjiyamamoto
discord Yohji Yamamoto Online Boutique
We have online boutiques tailored to your country of residence: Japan/Japanese https://theshopyohjiyamamoto.jp/shop/c/c50/
France・International/Francais https://theshopyohjiyamamoto.com/fr/shop/c/c50/ International/English https://theshopyohjiyamamoto.com/shop/c/c50/ Chinese/Chinese https://china.theshopyohjiyamamoto.com/shop/c/c50/

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