Yoko Kuzuya’s first new album in 21 years “TOKYO TOWER” will be released on November 23rd.

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Yoko Kuzuya’s first new album in 21 years “TOKYO TOWER” will be released on November 23rd.

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Yoko Kuzuya New Album “TOKYO TOWERj Licensed by TOKYO TOWER” Singer-songwriter Yoko Kuzuya will release her original new album “TOKYO TOWER” for the first time in 21 years on November 23
(Wednesday, holiday).
Prior to the release, two songs, “Tokyo Tower” (distributed on September 9th) and “Perfect! In addition, it has won many power plays and heavy rotations on radio stations nationwide. The melodies and sound production that combine nostalgia and newness together with Yoko Kuzuya’s one and only vocals have won the support of both long-time fans and new listeners alike.
Meanwhile, the new album “TOKYO TOWER” to be released contains a total of 10 songs, including a self-cover of “53F” provided to Masayuki Suzuki, and is the first self-produced by himself. Genji Miyano, URU, Daisuke Kawaguchi, Kazunori Fujimoto, MU-FU, Mao Doi and other gorgeous arrangers will participate. rice field.
Yoko Kuzuya’s first new album in 21 years, “TOKYO TOWER,” is an exquisite mix of the essence of R&B from the 90’s and early 00’s and the flavor of city pop, which has become a major trend both in Japan and overseas. I would like many people to enjoy the complete comeback work of singer-songwriter Yoko Kuzuya, who has inevitably returned to the current music scene as if it were a request of the times. -Yoko Kuzuya TOPICS-
■A digest video of the album “TOKYO TOWER” is now available on YouTube from November 22nd! [Image 2

Kuzuya Yoko
■ Appeared on TBS Radio “After 6 Junction” December 1st (Thursday) “LIVE & DIRECT”! ■Tokyo Tower x Yoko Kuzuya “TOKYO TOWER” Special Collaboration Until Thursday, November 24th!! Click here for details ★On Sony Music’s official TokTok account
https://www.tiktok.com/@sonymusicjp, a collaboration video with Tokyo Tower’s official characters Noppon Brothers is being posted! [Overview of the album “TOKYO TOWER”]
On sale November 23, 2022
¥3,300 (tax included) MHCL 2979 Sony Music Labels
-Recorded songs-
01.Overture~Stay By My Side (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Mao Doi)
02. Tokyo Tower (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Genji Miyano) 03.Perfect! Your Love (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: URU) 04.Seaside Hotel (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: URU) 05.53F (Lyrics: Yoko Kuzuya, Kiyoshi Matsuo Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: MU-FU)
06.Rendezvous (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Genji Miyano) 07. Magic of the Moon (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Kazunori Fujimoto)
08. Interlude ~ Stay By My Side (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Mao Doi)
09. Last Love (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Daisuke Kawaguchi) 10. New Way (Lyrics/Composition: Yoko Kuzuya Arrangement: Mao Doi) 【Related Links】
■ Album “TOKYO TOWER” purchase link Click here to download and stream digital singles
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Yoko Kuzuya Advance Digital Single “Tokyo Tower” Licensed by TOKYO TOWER “Tokyo Tower” “Perfect! Your Love” “Rendezvous” *Album release on November 23, distribution start at the same time
* The above 3 songs are included in the album “TOKYO TOWER”, and the other songs are only included on the CD. The delivery start date is undecided. ■ Yoko Kuzuya “TOKYO TOWER” special site
■Yoko Kuzuya Official Site–https://yokokuzuya-official.jimdofree.com/ [“TOKYO TOWER” purchase privilege]
-Target stores/Benefits-
■Sony Music Shop・・・Original clear file
■ Rakuten Books … original postcards
■ Amazon.co.jp ・・・ Mega jacket
■ Seven Net Shopping … original mobile stand key holder

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