Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers On the top floor of the hotel, celebrate a special Christmas night with the glittering night view of Yokohama. A gourmet menu available only during the holiday season. French “Bay View” Christmas dinner course.

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
On the top floor of the hotel, celebrating a special holy night with the glittering night view of Yokohama, a gourmet menu available only during the holiday season, French “Bay View” Christmas dinner course Sales period December 23rd (Friday) – December 25th (Sunday)
At the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers, a special dinner course using luxurious ingredients celebrating Christmas will be held from December 23 (Friday) to December 25 at the French “Bay View” (28F) on the top floor of the hotel. We will offer it for a limited time on (Sunday).
Chef Nishimura of French “Bay View” uses plenty of carefully selected high-quality ingredients and prepares a Christmas dinner with sophisticated techniques and heart so that you can spend a wonderful and memorable Christmas while gazing at the night view of Yokohama. We will prepare a course for you. The first item in the course is an amuse bouche that makes full use of the umami of the ingredients, “Potato creme and lobster consommé jelly, botan shrimp, sea urchin, and caviar.” The next hors d’oeuvre is “Seafood Panache Cauliflower Espuma”, which is beautifully arranged in the image of a Christmas wreath. For the fish dish, you can enjoy the “Bouillabaisse of tilefish and lobster”, which is a luxurious combination of
ingredients. In addition, for dessert, we offer “Rihei chestnut baked cassis Mont Blanc Yuzu flavor” using “Rihei chestnut” from Kumamoto prefecture, which is characterized by its rich taste and sweetness. We will provide it. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking process, please enjoy the special Christmas dinner course carefully prepared one by one.
This year, for the first time in six years, Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday and Christmas Day falls on a Sunday.
Enjoy a heartwarming blissful time with your family, friends, and loved ones in a comfortable atmosphere with live piano music at the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, where the beautiful night view of Yokohama spreads out before your eyes.
[Image 1

Christmas-only dinner course at French “Bay View” that colors the Christmas Eve [Overview of French “Bay View” Christmas Dinner Course]
■ Period
December 23 (Friday) to December 25 (Sunday), 2022
■ time
1st part / 17:30- 2nd part / 20:00- *2 hours system for all seats ■ Location
French “Bay View” (28F)
■ Rates
30,000 yen
* We also have a plan with Dom Perignon for a toast.
Add 3,000 yen to the above course fee of 30,000 yen.
[Image 2

“Bay View” where the night view from the top floor of the hotel is beautiful ■ Menu
-Amuse-Potato creme and lobster consommé jelly Botan shrimp, sea urchin, caviar – Hors d’oeuvre – Seafood panache, cauliflower espuma
coquillage dressing, ravigote sauce, tapenade sauce
-Soup-Mushroom Royale with French Black Truffle Sauce
-Fish dish-Bouillabaisse with tilefish and lobster served with yuzu pepper rouille
-Meat dish-Poiret of Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet with red wine sauce, Awakening of Inca, French mushrooms and grapes
-Dessert-Roasted Kumamoto Rihei chestnut cassis mont blanc with yuzu flavor ・Homemade bread, sweets and coffee
[Image 3

-hors d’oeuvre- seafood panache cauliflower espuma
[Image 4

-Fish dish- Bouillabaisse with tilefish and lobster
[Image 5

-Meat Dishes- Poiret of Kuroge Wagyu Beef Fillet with Red Wine Sauce [Image 6

-Dessert-Roasted Kumamoto Rihei chestnut cassis mont blanc with yuzu flavor Christmas related menu
■ Period
December 16th (Friday) to December 22nd (Thursday)
Early Christmas dinner 18,000 yen
Early Christmas Dinner Premium 25,000 yen
* We offer high-quality French cuisine using luxurious ingredients suitable for the festive season.
French “Bay View” Chef Kazuyuki Nishimura
[Image 7

1998 Joined Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers and worked at French restaurant “Bay View”. After training at the 1-star French restaurant “Auberge de Cassagne” in 2007, he became the assistant chef at “Bay View” in 2013. Since 2015, he has been active as the head chef. Pursuing gastronomy with the motto “Eating is to live, deliciousness is to taste happiness”.

[Main Bar “Bay West” Christmas Mixology Cocktail]
December 1st (Thursday) to December 25th (Sunday)
17:00-23:30 (LO 22:30) / Sundays and holidays 17:00-22:30 (LO 21:30) At the main bar “Bay West” (3F), which has a calm atmosphere reminiscent of an adult’s hideaway, we offer Christmas mixology cocktails using strawberries. The daiquiri “Strawberry x Champagne Frozen Daiquiri”, which uses plenty of strawberries and has a Christmas-like color combined with champagne, and the martini “Strawberry x Parmesan Sweet Martini”, which has an unexpected harmony of the sourness of strawberries and the richness of Parmigiano Reggiano. Please enjoy the two types together with the heart-throbbing Christmas mood.
2,800 yen each
[Image 8

Strawberry x Champagne Frozen Daiquiri (right) Strawberry x Parmesan Sweet Martini (left)
*Prices listed include service charge (13%) and tax.
*Depending on the stocking situation, the contents of some dishes, the period, or the presentation may change.
※The photograph is an image.
[Reservations and inquiries from customers]
General restaurant reservations 045-411-1188 (10:00-19:00)
French “Bay View” Main bar “Bay West” [New normal service]
At our hotel, we put the health and safety of our guests and employees first, and have introduced a new service “New Normal Service” that adapts to the new times and values. We promise you the best smile with our hospitality that meets the latest hygiene management standards. Information on measures to be taken at Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is also available on our website. Please check this as well.
●Measures for serving food
・Cooking staff always wear masks and sanitary gloves while working. ・In accordance with the hygiene management manual, cooking utensils are washed after each work and utensils are stored in a designated clean place.
・Conditions are prepared individually.
・High-frequency contact points such as service counters and cooking wagons used by employees are cleaned every hour with alcohol disinfectant.
●Measures related to the provision of drinks
・Staff serving drinks are always wearing masks.
・Glasses are managed according to the hygiene management manual. ●Measures related to the order/accounting system
・For restaurant facilities, some stores have introduced a system that allows customers to use their own mobile phones to place orders and make payments. In addition, when using the menu, we use alcohol disinfectant after each use and strive to always keep it clean. All restaurants and bars in our hotel are registered with Kanagawa Prefecture as stores and facilities that are working to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. ” has also been introduced. [Image 9d55839-124-c18084b3a50ba32f2cde-8.png&s3=55839-124-685782fbf3956f73f05b81e391286c4e-2222x497.png
Disinfection and temperature measurement when entering the store, thorough disinfection and cleaning in the facility

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