Yokohama Beer Co., Ltd. Three consecutive releases of the “Brewers Beer Series” brewed by young brewers of Yokohama Beer “Beer I want to challenge now”!

Yokohama Beer Co., Ltd.
Yokohama Beer’s young brewers have decided to release 3 consecutive “Brewers Beer Series” brewed “Beers I want to challenge now”! The first is “Yumemiru Graefle Sour” by Ida Brewer, which will be released on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) and will be shipped

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Yokohama Beer’s brewers have decided to release three consecutive “Brewers Beer Series” created under the theme of “Beer I want to challenge now”! It will be sold exclusively in canned beer and barrel draft beer.
The taste of “Yokohama Beer” built by successive generations of brewers is traditional and has a beautiful beer that you can drink without getting tired of it, and has won many awards. This series is a challenging project that focuses on each brewer and pursues the craft beer that each believes.
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Shoichi Ida, Kazuki Kato, and Yuko Nogaki, who are brewers who are responsible for the future of “Yokohama Beer”, will take on the challenge of brewing this time. The best beer and a toast at the end of the completion. Please look forward to the new “Brewers Beer Series”!
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Brewers appear as cartoon characters in the illustrations drawn on the labels of canned beer. Please pick up and enjoy canned beer that expresses each person’s personality deeply.
[First] Ida Brewer “Yumemiru Graefle Sour” will be released on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) and will be shipped sequentially [Image 4

At Ida Brewer’s “Yumemiru Graffle Sour”, we challenged Yokohama Beer’s first sour beer. Sour beer is a beer made by fermenting wort with lactic acid bacteria to bring out a refreshing acidity. The
illustration on the label depicts a dream in which Ida Brewer is brewing beer with advice from a fairy (Greefle-chan).
◯ Product overview
ABV: 5.0%
IBUs: 3
Capacity: 350ml
Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 636 yen
◯Comment (background of brewing/concept of beer)
“I wanted to express the taste of Yokohama beer that had never existed before, so I took on the challenge of making sour beer. I didn’t like it when I joined the company, but now I feel the depth of craft beer in my favorite sour beer. I used pink grapefruit juice as a secondary ingredient for the taste of the beer, aiming for a citrus-like sour fruit juice.Lactic acid produced during fermentation has a moderate sourness and an aroma reminiscent of apples and peaches. enjoy.” ◯Illustration production
Picture: SASHIMI (illustrator)

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[Profile] Shoichi Ida Brewer
Born in 1992, from Saitama. Yokohama Beer is in its 8th year. Yokohama Beer’s Favorite Beer: Cacao Beer, Shodai Yabashas IPA, Alto Favorite beer style: IPA, sour, bitter
[Part 2] Kato Brewer “Straight Flow IPA” released on Tuesday, December 13, 2022 and shipped sequentially
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Kato Brewer’s “Straight Flow IPA” is a West Coast style IPA with strong hop bitterness and aroma. Kato Brewer and Ida Brewer
collaborated on “Deco-Boko IPA”, which was brewed at “Yokohama Beer” three years ago. The illustration on the label shows Kato Brewer adding a large amount of hops while brewing beer.
◯Comment (background of brewing/concept of beer)
“I put all the IPA knowledge I had gained in the brewing team into making an IPA that everyone would think was delicious. .By using 4 types of American hops, we have created a West Coast style IPA with a dunky feel.Just like the beer style, it has a crisp and dry taste.It also has a beautiful balance that does not make you feel alcohol, so we recommend 2. I think you’ll want to drink three glasses.” ◯Illustration production
Picture: Pancho rabbit (illustrator)
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[Profile] Kazuki Kato Brewer
Born in 1990, from Fukushima. Yokohama Beer is in its 8th year. Yokohama Beer’s Favorite Beer: Shasuyaba IPA, Black Lager, Weizen, Pilsner, Alto, Saison, Hamakuro, Yuzu Weizen
Favorite beer style: Pale Ale, IPA, Imperial Stout, Barrel Age (dark beer) [3rd] Nogaki Brewer “Fueki Ryuko -Session Black Belgian IPA-” Released on Tuesday, January 24, 2023
・Sequential shipment
[Image 8

Yokohama Beer’s first female brewer, Yuko Nogaki, will create her first original beer “Fueki Ryuko -Session Black Belgian IPA-“. This is a Session Black Belgian IPA that expresses Yokohama Beer’s well-known canned “Hamacro” with her own originality. The illustration on the label depicts a tipsy Nogaki brewer floating in beer.
◯ Comments (brewing history, beer concept, taste)
“Nowadays, Hamakuro is familiar in cans. Originally, we have brewed a “Black and Session IPA” that each brewer thinks with an original recipe. I wanted to create “Session Black Belgia IPA” by combining Hamakuro, which can be said to be the path of Yokohama Beer brewers, with my favorite Belgian style. ”
◯Illustration production
Picture: Harusaka (illustrator)
[Image 9

[Profile] Yuko Nogaki Brewer
Born in 1996, from Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fourth year of Yokohama Beer.
Yokohama Beer’s Favorite Beer: Doshi Spring Water Preparation, One Night In Cologne
Favorite beer style: IPA, Kölsch
[First] “Yumemiru Graefle Sour” will be released on November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) and will be shipped sequentially!
[Image 10d71203-14-e131634020a24502abc7-12.jpg&s3=71203-14-94f3616438ae8168bf24b2e2911d01c2-1024x683.jpg
◯Available stores
Japanese and Western Liquor Section, Aobadai Tokyu Food Show, Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza, VANA VASA BEER + GALLERY, 2416 MARKET CAVE, Blanton’s Selected Craft Beers, ALL WELL, Mejiro Tanakaya, Harajuku threefeet Tokyo, Kitazawa Konishi, Seven-Eleven Yokohama Hammerhead, Seven-Eleven Miyagawacho 3-chome, LANA Beer Mizonokuchi, CRAFT KITCHEN Mid.Ru Yokohama West, Players, Hiyori Uchida, JINGLE, King Pelican, Bonsai Bar Iki ~iki~, CRAFT BEER BAR LIVING, SakuraTaps, Craftbeer Sloth House, B&W
* Shipping will start from Tuesday, November 29, 2022, and will be released sequentially as soon as it arrives at each store. Please note that the sales start time of the handling store is not the same as the release date.
◯ Our own mail order site (* Limited number will be sold)
◯Head office information
・Draft beer first opening
November 28, 2022 (Monday) “Yokohama Beer” Main Store 1st floor “YOKOHAMA BEER STAND” 16:00-, 2nd floor “Umaya dining table” 17:00- ・Sales of canned beer
November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) 16:00-“Yokohama Beer” Main Store 1F “YOKOHAMA BEER STAND”
[Image 11d71203-14-63764e34923ab8a35e72-14.jpg&s3=71203-14-8a65696e33ddf7a07256d0f7ed259b35-1754x1239.jpg
Yokohama beer
“Yokohama Beer” is the oldest local beer company in Yokohama. Based in Yokohama and Kanagawa, we nurture craft beer that connects people. Many international beer grand prize winners. Pursuing further beer quality! In addition, we are working on town development through the “excitement” of craft beer in order to excite “Craft Beer City” Yokohama, where the best craft beer breweries in Japan are
・Yokohama Beer HP
・ Mail order site
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