YOKU MOKU Co., Ltd. YOKU MOKU opens a new store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the first time in about five years

Yokumoku Co., Ltd.
YOKU MOKU opens a new store in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the first time in about five years
-Two stores, one with a cafe and one with a kiosk, will open on Monday, October 31-

YOKUMOKU Co., Ltd. (President: Takeshi Fujinawa, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) opened City Center Mirdif, a large shopping mall in Dubai, the central city of the United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as UAE). ” and “Mall of the Emirates” have opened new stores.
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CCMi store (left image), MoE store (right image)
“Creating a world where deliciousness and smiles coexist”
YOKU MOKU is a representative product of rolled cookie “Cigare” that uses plenty of butter. As gifts and souvenirs that connect, it has been patronized by many customers in Japan and overseas.
Beginning with the opening of the first overseas store in Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, USA in 1986, in recent years the company has expanded to department stores in Thailand and street-level stores in Taiwan. Opened. At our overseas stores, we directly send (export) and sell safe and secure Japanese-quality sweets that are manufactured in our own factory in Japan, with a focus on ingredients and
manufacturing methods. Doing. We have been promoting overseas expansion by proposing a richer lifestyle through sweets to customers outside Japan, such as by actively developing limited cookie packages that match the characteristics of each region. .
Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, where we will open this time, is one of the Middle East’s leading tourist, financial, and logistics hubs, and is visited by many people from all over the world, fostering a diverse culture. When it first opened in the UAE in 2012, Cigare received a response as a sweet to build a good relationship with the UAE people, “Emarati,” who respect their own culture and connections. Through this store opening, YOKU MOKU’s sweets will connect customers and loved ones in the Middle East region, and we will develop them so that more people can enjoy them.
YOKU MOKU will continue to stand by the “feelings of caring for people” around the world and aim to create a future where people with diverse cultures and values ​​cross borders and smile together. opening ceremony
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opening ceremony
The opening ceremony was attended by Yoku Moku Marketing Strategy Officer Sohei Nishino and Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of Index Holding (the brand’s master franchisee and an organization owned and operated by the United Arab Emirates). attended.
Ambassador Abdul Salam Al-Madani, PAM Ambassador at GCC and Chairman of Index Holding, attended the inauguration ceremony together with Vice Consul Shoji Tatsuno of the Consulate-General of Japan in Dubai. The ceremony was held in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end, and Mr. Tatsuno commented on the re-entry, saying, “I am confident that today’s opening will increase the popularity of Japanese specialty products, which in turn will increase the number of consumers of premium brands in this region. “We received a voice of expectation.
Store overview
[Image 3d12005-264-82434c0bd936474345e3-2.jpg&s3=12005-264-91165ce6c39d0957eab5c0628de4abe9-3900x2293.jpg
CCMi store
■ CCMi store
City Center Mirdif, located in the Mirdif district where UAE citizens (Emarati) live, has more than 430 stores, and as a complex facility where you can enjoy not only shopping experiences but also leisure and entertainment, It is a mall loved by customers. The YOKU MOKU store is located on the 2nd floor (Level 1), and has a café space that also serves as a rest space, where baked goods are sold and drinks are provided.
[Image 4d12005-264-e9fdc03960a5e9368e8f-5.jpg&s3=12005-264-d5b9409d5280d2b4b213aefd16ef6295-3900x2489.jpg
MOE store
■ MoE store
Mall of the Emirates is Dubai’s second largest shopping mall with over 630 stores. Located in New Dubai, where there are many resort hotels, the convenience of being directly connected to Mall of The Emirates Station attracts not only local customers but also many tourists. The Yoku Moku store is located on the 2nd floor (Level 1) and sells baked sweets as a kiosk-type store where you can casually enjoy shopping. store information
■ CCMi store
Store name: CCMi store (City Center Mirdif)
Store address: Level 1 City Center Mirdif , Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Mirdif – Dubai
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-22:00 / Friday-Sunday 10:00-00:00 Phone: +971 4 320 7818
■ MoE store
Store name: MoE store (Mall of the Emirates)
Store address: Level 1, Nr. Omega Boutique Mall of the Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Rd.,
Al Barsha, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Business hours: 10:00-12:00 (24:00)
Phone: +971 56 537 4332
Click here for details on Yoku Moku product information, the latest information, etc.
・ Homepage https://www.yokumoku.co.jp/
・ Online store https://www.yokumoku.jp/
・ Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yokumoku_jp/
・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/yokumoku_jp
・Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yokumoku.co.ltd/ ■Company profile
Company name: Yoku Moku Co., Ltd.
Location: Sumitomo Fudosan Kudan Building, 1-8-10 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ■ Inquiries from customers
YOKU MOKU Customer Service Desk
TEL: 0120-033-340 (11:00-16:00, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Details about this release:


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