Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd. You might be able to ride an attraction with the Giants players! ? “GIANTS Day Special 2022 in Yomiuriland”

Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.
You might be able to ride an attraction with a Giants player! ? “GIANTS Day Special 2022 in Yomiuri Land”
Tickets will be accepted from 15:00 on November 9th!

The amusement park “Yomiuri Land” will hold “GIANTS Day Special 2022 in Yomiuri Land” on Sunday, November 27th.
A talk show and an attraction experience event (lottery) will be held by six young Yomiuri Giants players. In addition, there are plenty of fun events such as a gift of “Orange soul replica uniform” for customers using the one-day pass and a stamp rally where players can win autographed items.
[Event official site] https://www.yomiuriland.com/event/giants2022/ ■ Special Talk Show & Attraction Experience Meeting
A special talk show will be held by six young Yomiuri Giants players. You can see a side that you can’t usually see with a talk theme unique to amusement parks. At the end of the talk show, we will announce the winners of the experience session where you can ride the attractions with the players. In addition, a lottery will be held for those who are not selected as a second chance to win autographed goods such as players who will appear on the day.
It is a must-see event for Giants fans and full of benefits, such as a baseball card (random) with an autograph of a young or developing player.
The talk show will also be streamed live on GIANTS TV. (A subscription to a paid plan is required for viewing)
◯ Special talk show
[Hours] Doors open at 12:00, performance starts at 13:00, scheduled to end at 14:00
* The second chance goods lottery will be held for about 30 minutes after the talk show ends.
[Place] NTV Ranran Hall (in the amusement park)
[Appearance] (From the left in the photo) Many players, Yuji Akahoshi, Reito Nakayama, Yuto Akihiro, Riku Masuda, Ryusuke Kita
*Performers are subject to change
[Image 1

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[How to get an admission ticket] ★You need a reserved seat admission ticket and an amusement park admission fee to view.
From November 9th to 25th, we will accept applications for reserved seat viewing tickets (free of charge, additional fee, etc.) only at Ticket Pia.
[Ticket Pia] https://w.pia.jp/t/giantsday2022/
* Up to 4 tickets can be obtained per account.
* Depending on the payment method, a separate payment fee may be charged. For details, please check the Pia website above.
*Amusement park admission fees and fees cannot be refunded due to performer changes or cancellations.
◯ Together with the players! Attraction experience meeting
[Lottery method] Lottery tickets will be distributed when you enter Nittele Ranran Hall (12:00-13:00).
[Number of winners] Around 30 people
* Target attractions will be announced on the day
*Some attractions have restrictions on use. You cannot participate in the lottery for attractions that do not meet the usage restrictions. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to participate
*If the attraction is canceled due to weather, etc., the trial session may be canceled.
*Please note that the face of those who have won the attraction ride experience may be reflected on GIANTS TV.
■Limited to one-day pass purchasers! Orange soul replica uniform gift [Image 7

Orange soul replica uniform (Photo courtesy of Yomiuri Giants) The “Orange Soul Replica Uniform” distributed at the “Orange Soul Series” held at Tokyo Dome in 2022 will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to those who use the one-day pass on the day. [Distribution time] Opening to 14:45
[Fee] Free
[Target] Those who use the one-day pass on the day *Only one ticket per person [Reception] Special booth in front of Shop Gets
* Ends as soon as stock runs out (first 4,000 people)
*We will check your ticket (wristband) when handing it over. *Free size (equivalent to L size) only
*Delivery is not possible outside of the above reception and time. ■ Special Stamp Rally “Collect! My Strongest Best Nine”
A stamp rally will be held where you can collect uniform number stamps installed in the park and create your own strongest best nine. If you complete the Best Nine and register the Yomiuri Giants LINE official account, you can participate in the Garapon lottery where you can win goods signed by the players.
[Holding time] Park opening to 16:00
* Goal lottery lottery starts at 10:00
[Fee] Free
[Reception] Special booth in front of the GJ shop *Reception will end as soon as the rally paper runs out
■Aim for perfection! “G Party Struck Out”
[Image 8

Autographed balls by many players (Photo courtesy of the Yomiuri Giants) You can enjoy a strikeout while listening to the decorations and background music inspired by the Giants. Hitting all 9 targets with 9 balls is perfect. For those who have achieved perfection, the first one will receive a ball with autographs of many pitchers.
[Hours] Opening to closing
[Place] Struckboy in “Play Park & ​​Sports Stadium”
[Fee] 300 yen (tax included) once
○ Perfect prize (first come first served)
A ball signed by many pitchers + a 5,000 yen voucher that can be used at the amusement park
○ Achieved 7 cards (first 20 people)
giants goods
 Yomiuri Land will continue to take measures to prevent the spread of infection based on the “Guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections at amusement parks and theme parks.”
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