YOSHIKI, HYDE, SUGIZO, and MIYAVI form the super band “THE LAST ROCKSTARS” Teaser videos for 2 songs released & tickets for debut performances in Japan and the United States from January 2023 on sale simultaneously from today


 Rakuten Card YOSHIKI Design: https://www.rakuten-card.co.jp/e-navi/  YOSHIKI VISA Card (VIP): https://r-t.jp/yoshiki_vip
 YOSHIKI VISA card (VISA): https://r-t.jp/yoshiki_visa
 yoshikitty Mastercard: https://r-t.jp/yoshiki_yoshikitty
 YOSHIKI mobile: http://www.yoshiki-mobile.com
 YOSHIKI CHANNEL: http://ch.nicovideo.jp/yoshikiofficial
・HYDE first
 HYDEIST: https://www.hyde.com/hydeist
・ SUGIZO precedence
SOUL’S MATE: https://sugizo.com
・MIYAVI precedence
MYV CREW: http://r.ldh-m.jp/miyavi_1111/
Inquiries about performances in Japan: Udo Music Office (03-3402-5999) https://udo.jp/concert/THELASTROCKSTAR
-Summary of U.S. performances-
Organizer: LIVE NATION
February 4, 2023 (Saturday) NY Hammerstein Ballroom Open 19:00 Start 20:00 February 10, 2023 (Friday) LA Hollywood Palladium Open 19:00 Start 20:00 Ticket sales schedule
Friday, November 11th from 10:00 (Eastern Standard Time)
New York performance: https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/00005D6AE7145A6E LA performance: https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/09005D69F3C38267 -“THE LAST ROCKSTARS” profile-
THE LAST ROCKSTARS is a group of living legends YOSHIKI (X JAPAN), HYDE (L’Arc-en-Ciel/VAMPS), SUGIZO (LUNA SEA/X JAPAN) who have made their name in the history of Japanese music. ) and MIYAVI. Four people who reign at the top of the rock world and have made their name known to the world will challenge the world as “the last rock star” with the same aspiration in their hearts.
YOSHIKI [Drum/Piano Dr./Pf.]
He is the leader of X JAPAN and composed the celebration songs for the 10th anniversary ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor’s accession to the throne, the theme songs for Hollywood movies, and the official theme songs for the Golden Globe Awards. He has successfully performed at Madison Square Garden in the United States and at Wembley Arena in the United Kingdom.In addition to his solo performance at Carnegie Hall in the United States, he became the first Asian to conquer the three major music halls of fame. Received the Dark Blue Ribbon Medal in recognition of his charity activities. YOSHIKI was rated as one of the most influential composers in Japanese history by a US newspaper. HYDE [Vocal/Vocal]
L’Arc-en-Ciel/VAMPS vocalist and solo artist.
They became the first Asian artists to perform solo performances at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the first solo performances as a rock band at the National Stadium in Tokyo. He has sold more than 40 million albums so far, and is also active overseas as a solo artist.
SUGIZO [Guitar/Violin Gt./Violin]
Composer, guitarist, violinist, music producer.
He is active worldwide as a member of the British group JUNO REACTOR, known as the originator of Japanese rock bands LUNA SEA, X JAPAN, and psychedelic trance. As LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, he has fascinated the audience as a guitarist on the stage of Tokyo Dome 15 times in total, and as X JAPAN at Madison Square Garden in the United States and Wembley Arena in the United Kingdom. At the same time, as a solo artist, he pursues his own electronic music, and also works on many movie and stage soundtracks. From 2019, he became the music producer for the Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project. He has a lot of knowledge about Gundam and contributed not only to the music but also to the project as a whole. In 2020, the psychedelic jam band SHAG will be restarted for the first time in 12 years. In 2022, he launched his own apparel brand “THE ONENESS”, which advocates rock ethical fashion that combines consideration for the environment, unwavering actions for carbon neutrality, and high aesthetics. In parallel with music, he actively develops peace activities, human rights/refugee support activities, renewable energy/environmental activities, and volunteer activities in disaster areas. Known as an activist.
MIYAVI [Guitar/Gt.]
As a guitarist, he has attracted attention from all over the world for his unique “slap playing style”, in which he plays the electric guitar with his fingers without using a pick. ing.
He has a reputation for his unique and energetic live performances, and he performed the American national anthem at Dodger Stadium in the major league “Dodgers vs. Angels Battle” held in the summer of 2019.・Saint-Germain Japan Tour 2022” and “NBA JAPAN GAMES 2022” held at Saitama Super Arena on October 2nd, showing overwhelming opening performances.
As an actor, he has made hits such as Hollywood movies “Unbroken”, “King Kong: Skull Island”, “Maleficent 2”, “Kate (Netflix)”, Japanese movies “BLEACH (live-action version)”, “Helldogs”, and “Arcane” as a voice actor. Appeared in many.
In addition, he is active worldwide, such as participating in GUCCI’s global advertising campaign for the first time as a Japanese celebrity, and supporting refugees around the world as a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Goodwill Ambassador. -Official site/SNS account-
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/LAST_ROCKSTARS
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/THELASTROCKSTARS Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THELASTROCKSTARS Official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@thelastrockstars
-Related Links-
YOSHIKI Official Site: https://www.yoshiki.net
HYDE Official Site: https://www.hyde.com/
SUGIZO Official Site: https://sugizo.com/
MIYAVI Official Site: http://myv382tokyo.com

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