Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. The third theme of the Hamamatsu City SDGs Instagram posting campaign is announced! Post “Sustainable Living” and Win Luxury Prizes! !

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Hamamatsu City SDGs Instagram posting campaign third theme announced! Post “Sustainable Living” and Win Luxury Prizes! !

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Yoshimoto Kogyo was entrusted by Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which was selected as an SDGs future city, and based on the concept of “working on SDGs while having fun”, “SDGs connected with laughter! HA! HA! HA! HAMAMATSU!! ” is being implemented.
The campaign is Hamamatsu City Yaramaika Ambassador EXIT Rintaro. In addition to , Ultora Boogie and Everyone will appear in campaign videos, posters, and a special website, calling on Hamamatsu citizens to post about environmental policies and SDGs.
The third installment will start on December 1st (Thursday) with the theme of “sustainable living”, and post what you usually do, such as using my bottle, my bag, and collecting miscellaneous paper. I will have it. The second “Reuse Fashion” campaign will continue until December 31st (Sat).
From those who live in Hamamatsu City, a catalog gift “Lake Hamana Dayori” (equivalent to 5,500 yen) will be given to 50 people and 100 people will be given a Rascal Raccoon “PAPLUS(R) Plastic Free Cup”. I will give you a present.
Third Campaign Overview
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[Campaign name]
Hamamatsu City Environment x SDGs
SDGs connected by laughter! HA!HA!HA! HAMAMATSU!!
sustainable living
【Application period】
December 1st (Thursday) to January 31st (Tuesday), 2022
[Campaign video]
・Video title:
EXIT Rintaro. × Hamamatsu City Instagram Posting Campaign 3rd [Sustainable Edition]
・Performer: EXIT Rintaro. , Ultra Boogie, Everyone
・ Delivery destination: Yoshimoto Kogyo YouTube channel
[Campaign special site]
[Instagram official account]
[Shooting episode]
Hamamatsu City mascot character Hamamatsu Fuku Mayor EXIT Rintaro holding an illustration of Hamamatsu City’s miscellaneous paper sorting bag with an illustration of “Ieyasu-kun, a successful daimyo.” , Ultra Boogie, Everybody.
In between the shoots, we had a lively conversation about sustainable living, such as the specifics of miscellaneous paper, how to dispose of it, and how to reduce the amount of burnable garbage.
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【Application method】
・STEP1: Shooting
Shoot the “sustainable life” you are working on!
Examples: Collecting miscellaneous paper, using your own bottles and bags, using public transportation, using bicycles, etc.
・STEP2: Follow @hamamatsushi_kankyou_sdgs
・STEP3: Post
Tag the campaign official account and post with the hashtag
“#sustainable living hahaha”!
[Lottery gift]
Present by lottery from those who posted! *Limited to Hamamatsu citizens 1. Catalog gift “Lake Hamana Dayori” You can choose your favorite Hamamatsu specialties (equivalent to 5,500 yen) -50 people-
2. Raccoon Rascal’s “PAPLUS (R) plastic free cup” -100 people- [Image 4

Campaign 2nd Overview – Ongoing! –

[Image 5

The second Instagram posting campaign with the theme of reuse fashion It is being held until December 31st (Sat)!
Chance to win luxurious prizes! Please join us.
[Campaign video]
EXIT Rintaro. × Hamamatsu City Instagram Post Campaign 2nd
[Reuse fashion]
・Performer: EXIT Rintaro. , Ultra Boogie
・ Delivery destination: Yoshimoto Kogyo YouTube channel
・ URL: https://youtu.be/je5CmFowXk4
[EXIT Rintaro. reuse fashion]
For this campaign, EXIT Rintaro brought reused fashion items to the shooting site in a large suitcase.
Show off a denim jacket that incorporates paint such as EXIT NEO SHIBUYA and enjoys your own style!
Ultra Boogie’s and Everybody’s reused fashions are specially released on Instagram!

Details about this release:



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