Yotsukaido City Hall Holding a running event for the first time in three years!

Yotsukaido City Hall
Holding a running event for the first time in three years!
-Yotsukaido WALLABY RUN-

On November 20, 2020 (Sunday), the Yotsukaido Wallaby Run will be held at Yotsukaido General Park.
In this event, more than 450 runners from inside and outside the city, from elementary school students to adults, will participate in the multi-purpose sports ground of the multi-purpose park as the main venue, running through the multi-purpose park full of nature. Although it will be a different event from the conventional gaslight road race competition, it is a running event where you can feel the “fun of running” and “joy of running”.
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part of the course
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Event image character “Wallaby-kun”
Date and time: Sunday, November 20, 2020, from 9:00 (Reception starts at 7:30, rain or shine)
■ Place: Yotsukaido Comprehensive Park (161 Wada, Yotsukaido City) *Please refer to the city website for details such as courses.
(https://www.city.yotsukaido.chiba.jp/miryoku/smile/matsuri/wallabyrun/index.html) ■ Sponsorship/cooperation
This event is sponsored and supported by many companies and business owners, including House Foods Group Inc., Kracie Home Products Inc., Kracie Foods Inc., and various civic groups. We operate with your cooperation.

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