You can buy and sell 1 idea for 160 yen (tax included)! Business idea trading StoKee paid version released

Ebusele Co., Ltd.
You can buy and sell 1 idea for 160 yen (tax included)! Business idea trading StoKee paid version released
A “business idea SNS” where you can post business ideas and add value through user comments.

Ebusele Co., Ltd. (Representative: Nozomi Fujikawa / Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which operates the business idea trading platform “StoKee”, is pleased to announce that it has released a paid version that allows you to buy and sell 1 idea for 160 yen ( as of November 21).
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What is StoKee
The business idea trading platform “StoKee” is an SNS platform where you can post business ideas that come up in your daily life and comment on other users’ business ideas. Why don’t you turn your sleeping ideas into seeds of new businesses?
▼ Click here for the StoKee website
* A Twitter account is required for use. If you do not have one, please create a Twitter account.
Features of StoKee
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■ You can buy and sell business ideas for 160 yen per idea
In the paid version of StoKee released this time, you can buy and sell 1 idea for 160 yen (tax included). StoKee also removes ownership of ideas and allows everyone to access one business idea, so any paid idea can be purchased by any number of people.
■ Ability to post business ideas anonymously, adding a draft function The name of the person who submitted the idea will still not be displayed, even in the paid version of the idea submission. Our stance of “investing in business ideas, not personality” remains unchanged. In addition, we have added a new draft function so that StoKee can be used when you want to write down just ideas.
■ Digging deep into ideas among users. Never miss a comment with the notification function
You can comment on both free and paid business ideas. StoKee is a platform where users’ comments add value and just ideas take shape. In addition, with the implementation of the email notification function, it is now possible to check comments and ideas from users without missing them.
[Entrepreneur’s trajectory] StoKee business launch media
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StoKee is not only a platform for buying and selling business ideas, but also aims to produce 10 to 100 players from one business idea. And one year after the service release. We are pleased to introduce the first player born from StoKee.
■ StoKee Entrepreneur’s Trajectory Vol.1
[Image 4d90644-2-7f8fe4870fd913fe28be-3.png&s3=90644-2-bc15a24bd3d813c11cbd0ec7233d891b-1024x683.png
The first to be commemorated is an office worker working on a business idea for an “online gacha platform.” We asked him about his thoughts on starting a business, what he has actually done since posting his idea on StoKee, and about the services he is currently working on. – Opportunity for the random economy. StoKee Entrepreneur’s Trajectory Vol.1-
※You can see from here.

Updated site design
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There is no limit to the thoughts that go around in your head = business ideas. Like the universe that spreads out in the sky. StoKee has updated its site design for this release.
The concept is “Universe”.
StoKee allows you to post your business ideas freely, regardless of your title or background.
Talk to someone about the ideas that “suddenly” pop into your head in your daily life, or write them down somewhere.
Release your thoughts that spread like “universe” to the world, meet new business ideas, and meet new friends.
We expect one idea to create many connections.
▼ Business idea trading service “StoKee” service site
▼The latest information on StoKee is posted on twitter!
■ Company Profile
Company name: Ebusele Co., Ltd.
Location: Ebisu Garden Place Tower 27F CORE EBISU, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 6, 2017
Representative: Nozomi Fujikawa
■ Contact information
Person in charge: Nozomi Fujikawa

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