You can freely use the space. Birth of high-grade multi-purpose house “V Space”

Nissei Build Industry Co., Ltd.
You can freely use the space. Birth of high-grade multi-purpose house “V Space” ~ A wide opening is achieved with a lightweight steel structure (front Rahmen structure). A safe and secure building that considers livability and environmental friendliness

Nissei Build Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, President Akifumi Kimura sells “V Space” that can be used for multiple purposes such as home use, business use, and store use with high durability and design. have started.
Combining a steel frame brace structure with a Rahmen structure has enabled a maximum front full opening of 6m and a space without central pillars. With a wide front opening and no pillars, the interior has a high degree of freedom in layout, and can flexibly accommodate various uses such as garages, offices, and small shops.
In addition, with a structural design that allows interior and exterior customization and solar panel installation, a high-grade building can be realized with the total support of the manufacturer. [Image 1d110797-1-369078d26d56875299e4-1.jpg&s3=110797-1-109a79f06dfb23eb1f1951308b9fa605-3900x2600.jpg

Outline specifications
Basic floor plan: frontage 6m x depth 6m, frontage 9m x depth 6m Standard outer wall: ceramic siding
Roof shape: Three-way upright, hipped roof (The hipped roof is only available with an opening of 9 m.)
Options: Overslider, FIX window, aluminum canopy, etc.
For more information on “V Space”, please see the URL below.
Features of “V Space” that enriches the space
1. Realization of pillarless space
By combining a brace structure and a rigid-frame structure, we have realized a maximum front full opening of 6m and a room with no central pillars, while efficiently achieving both material saving and safety. The spacious opening and interior are easy to use and can be used for a variety of purposes and layouts.
[Image 2d110797-1-040cb00982573f538ccb-14.jpg&s3=110797-1-0e45e33c876c503fc7e584c2ca722878-3900x2600.jpg
      Wide opening
[Image 3d110797-1-fa489b4485f8f34fe912-0.jpg&s3=110797-1-d9ee8770f4141684763064be8d070967-3900x2600.jpg
     Interior with no central pillars
2. A high-grade building that increases the value of space
In addition to realizing a spacious space, we have studied the load for each specification, making it possible to select exterior materials and install solar panels that are particular about design. We can realize a building that is pleasing to both people and the environment by adding energy creation to the customer’s desired space. [Image 4d110797-1-41f8f8155f7385624c5e-7.jpg&s3=110797-1-94801e1db98d723761a2233809ad5a2c-3900x2768.jpg
Garage house
[Image 5d110797-1-06804086b7fdd6b59012-6.jpg&s3=110797-1-e2376bbdaed63035c7143f48e8d3778b-640x480.jpg
 Solar panel installation
3. Speedy from planning to completion
Because it is a package product that combines options with the basic floor plan, it is easy to plan even though it is a full-fledged building.
In addition, since it is a construction method that combines high-quality materials produced in-house on site, the construction period is shorter than conventional construction, and the start of use can be shortened while reducing the impact on the neighborhood. [Image 6d110797-1-dd618fe1d3e6b68a0057-4.jpg&s3=110797-1-10ac1b3b5673cacdb2687a4e19b45bde-2784x1856.jpg
Local assembly of high-quality components
[Image 7d110797-1-3bc0b885bb87bc1fbb04-13.jpg&s3=110797-1-5c247a4751cb0e18c019ab1a37a52d07-1392x928.jpg
   Safety management during construction
Four. Total support for safe and secure building construction We will take responsibility not only for the shed but also for the design of the foundation according to the site. We also provide safety management during construction, so you can entrust us with peace of mind from planning to completion.
[Image 8d110797-1-1a0cc62988774a91ac77-8.jpg&s3=110797-1-0899b1efa6251d7d75ec0acd5d5233af-3000x2000.jpg
A safe building whose structure is calculated from the foundation [Image 9d110797-1-af1eb45a323cc0b7b0b7-11.jpg&s3=110797-1-f4f21b800dc31d8ffc7f83a325e3cc57-3000x2000.jpg
A space where you can spend time with peace of mind
For more information on “V Space”, please see the URL below.
V space case study: Small office package 9m wide x 6m deep
[Image 10d110797-1-11c60fa66c991868686e-10.jpg&s3=110797-1-e59f24cfe73883eeca5b834312e754d3-3000x2000.jpg
   Office (frontage 3m) + parking space for 2 cars (frontage 6m) [Image 11d110797-1-2558bc47450800e80215-5.jpg&s3=110797-1-c64b783573528af11a73a2517d73f7cc-3900x2600.jpg
   Securing office space with movable partitions in the room. Create a change with floor finish and cloth
[Image 12d110797-1-216775e24d9d90c6412f-2.jpg&s3=110797-1-fd2e4bd5ec3b209c20a41070ea037c38-3900x2600.jpg
   The office space can be opened up and used for other purposes with excellent insulation and livability
*Interior finishing and equipment will be done separately.
■ About Nissei Build Industry Co., Ltd.
Since our founding in 1961, we have aimed to be the only company in the industry that provides total support, from system construction to the development, manufacturing, construction, and after-sales service of multistory parking lots. We will meet your expectations.
System architecture that uses lightweight welded H-shaped steel to realize large spaces and large openings, prefabricated houses made by combining standard materials, unit houses that combine
factory-produced boxes, and three types: self-propelled, tower, and multi-level. Multi-storey parking lots are used by public facilities as well as by private companies. We will continue to provide solutions that meet diversifying needs by leveraging our strengths as one of the few manufacturers with sales offices and production plants across the country, as well as our strengths of being able to provide total support from design, production, construction, and maintenance. Corporate information
Company name: Nissei Build Industry Co., Ltd.
Established: July 3, 1961
Capital: 14,502 million yen
Representative: Akifumi Kimura, President and Representative Director Head office location: 3-16-10 Kaneishi Kita, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture Official website:

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