“Your beauty creates a forest” Yves Rocher and Shogakukan “Biteki” “Oggi” hold a tree planting event at Kimitsu Aeon Forest

Aeon Reve Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
“Your beauty creates a forest” Yves Rocher and Shogakukan “Biteki” “Oggi” hold a tree planting event at Kimitsu Aeon Forest

France’s No. 1 botanical beauty care brand * 1 “YVES ROCHER” (hereafter Yves Rocher / Japan total importer: Aeon Reve Cosmetics Co., Ltd. CEO Yuko Nakajima) is Shogakukan Co., Ltd. (President Nobuhiro Aiga) November 6, 2022 (Sunday), Kimitsu Aeon as part of the “Bimori Project”, a new initiative for environmental conservation in collaboration with the beauty magazine “Biteki” and the fashion magazine “Oggi”. We held a tree planting event in the forest. [Image 1

Tree planting event group photo
This project is a collaboration between two companies that have been involved in tree-planting activities in response to requests from readers to Shogakukan for activities related to the environment. [Image 2

Prior to this event, on June 3, 2022 (Friday), a limited “Mimori Charity Kit”, which is a set of two popular Yves Rocher items, will be released.
We will donate 100 yen from each sale of this kit to the Aeon Environmental Foundation as seedling costs.
Yves Rocher “Mimori Charity Kit”
[Image 3

Mimori Charity Kit
Release date: Friday, June 3
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
◆Eco Body Wash Pomegranate & Pink Berry (Image right, 100 mL) A concentrated body wash that foams up with one push. A product that symbolizes the sustainability of Yves Rocher that can be used for about 40 times * 2 with one bottle. Compact and great for going to the gym or traveling.
Rinsing Vinegar Urutsuya Moringa (left image, 150mL) A hair treatment that creates smooth hair just by applying it after shampoo and conditioner. The secret is French vinegar*3.
It removes impurities contained in water and prepares the environment of the skin and hair. In addition, it is a popular beauty item with a water-like texture that adheres to the cuticle and gives moisture, firmness, and elasticity.
Kimitsu Aeon Forestation Tree Planting Event
The Kimitsu Aeon Forest is a forest that the Aeon Environmental Foundation started planting in 2009 in collaboration with the Forestry Agency and Kimitsu City to regenerate greenery on the deforested national forest. A total of 410 people have participated so far, planting a total of 3,440 trees of 17 species that grow naturally in Chiba Prefecture, including Japanese white pine and Rhododendron dilatatum, the flower of Kimitsu City. An additional 3,000 trees have been planted this time. About 40 readers of “Biteki” and “Oggi” participated in the event and planted wild cherry and cedar trees. Furthermore, we invited Ms. Yumi Wakatsuki, an exclusive model of Oggi, to give a demonstration of tree planting.
[Image 4

Yumi Wakatsuki Tree planting demonstration
[Image 5

Tree planting
■ Profile of Yumi Wakatsuki
[Image 6

Yumi Wakatsuki
Yumi Wakatsuki
Active in many movies and dramas as an actress.
From the June 2020 issue of Oggi, she has been an exclusive beauty model for the magazine.
He also demonstrated his talent for art, such as being selected for a special award at the Nika Exhibition.
About Aeon Environmental Foundation
The Aeon Environmental Foundation was established in 1990 by Takuya Okada (Honorary Chairman and Advisor of Aeon Co., Ltd.), based on Aeon’s basic philosophy of “pursuing peace, respecting human beings, and contributing to local communities, with the customer as the starting point.” , was established as the first independent corporate foundation in Japan with the theme of the global environment. Since then, we have been working together with various stakeholders to focus on four business activities: tree planting, environmental activity support, environmental education, and partnerships.
A representative project is “tree planting.” In cooperation with local governments in Japan and overseas, we have planted trees in forests devastated by natural disasters and deforestation with volunteers from all over the world, mainly in Asia, to restore greenery. rice field. Currently, we are also working on creating a new satoyama with the aim of realizing a sustainable region.
Yves Rocher Environmental Conservation Activities
“Yves Rocher” is France’s No. 1*1 botanical beauty care brand with a history of over 60 years. It landed in Japan in 2019 and is gaining popularity from a wide range of people for skin care, hair care, and body care items that are easy to use on a daily basis.
In addition, Yves Rocher has been focusing on environmental
conservation activities based on the basic philosophy of “returning what we get from nature to nature” and “reconnecting people with nature.” The planting activity Plantons Pour La Planete, in which we are particularly focused, is supported by the Yves Rocher Foundation (Honorary Chairman Jacques Rocher), which was established in France in 1991. Started in 2007 with fear of By 2020, we have planted 100 million trees in 35 countries around the world. We have planted trees as a purchase privilege such as eco body wash in each country and as a membership benefit in France.
Furthermore, in 35 countries on five continents, thousands of customers, business partners, employees of affiliated companies, and 48 NGOs have cooperated to plant trees at a pace of about one every three seconds. increase.
Aeon Reve Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Aeon Reve Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in August 2019 and started selling Yves Rocher for the first time in the Japanese market in November of the same year. Currently, it is deployed at about 2,000 Aeon Welcia affiliated stores in 47 prefectures nationwide.
At our company, we are making efforts to “reduce,” “protect,” and “connect.” Through environmental load reduction, natural environment and biodiversity conservation, and familiar
customer-participation-type activities, we are expanding the sustainable activities advocated by Yves Rocher to more people. Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Shogakukan Co., Ltd. started afforestation business in the 1990s and continues to plant eucalyptus trees in Australia.
This time, as we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we will work on a collaboration project with Yves Rocher, who shares our ambitions. [Image 7

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