“You’re cute if you’re thin” is not a compliment! The royal road idol group “Tabeski-Shuwashuwa Syndrome”, which overturns the concept of “kawaii”, has started!

Five Gate Co., Ltd.
“You’re cute if you’re thin” is not a compliment! The royal road idol group “Tabeski-Shuwashuwa Syndrome”, which overturns the concept of “kawaii”, has started!
On November 29th (Good meat day), the debut one-man live ticket was sold out in 1 hour.

Five Gate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Yamashita), a 7-member chubby idol group born from the large size specialty apparel brand “Taberunosky” “Tabeski (Heart) Shuwashu”. We are pleased to announce that Wa Syndrome” (read: Shuwa Shuwa Syndrome) will debut on November 29th with the 1st single “Tavernoski” on Good Meat Day.

The concept is…
“Is it cute if I lose weight? What are you talking about! ? 』 Do you want to stop the values ​​that judge you as “cute” or “not cute” based on your physical appearance?
(Heart) A royal road idol group that overturns the concept of “cute” (Heart) members are…
Former Big Angel’s “Ichiai Hashimoto”, former potty “Mai Yokokawa”, plus size model “Aika Kumabe”, “Rei Suzunaga” and “Kotori Kinoshita” announced that they will resume idols in this idol group. 7 people, “Minami Kanon” and “Hinamori Honoka”. With an average weight of 95kg, she is a big rookie idol both physically and mentally.
The costumes are handled by the apparel brand “Tavernoski”, and the dresses are remade from their own brand. Whether you’re fat or skinny, you’re cute even if you have a complex. An idol group that can demonstrate more than just words
On November 29th, on the day of their debut on Einiku no Hi, they will perform their debut one-man live at Grace Bali Shibuya ~Grande~. 【event information】
Taveski (Heart) Shuwashuwa Syndrome [Free Live Show]
*Tickets are already sold out.
[Schedule] November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) Good Meat Day!
[Time] Open 18:30 / Start 19:00
[Venue] Grace Bali Shibuya Grande
[Price] Admission free (D fee not included) *Tickets are required for admission. https://t.livepocket.jp/e/num8_
【Official site】
[Official SNS]
■ Twitter
■ Tiktok
▪️ Taveski (Heart) Shuwa-shuwa Syndrome
Official website
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▪️ Large size specialty mail order site
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■ Five Gate Co., Ltd.
Established: November 2003
Representative: Masahiro Yamashita
Location: 27-14 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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