yousual Co., Ltd. “Character”, a perfume planning, production and sales service for IP holders , was born from Sently (R), a “recommended perfume” service with 5 million imp per month on Twitter. There is also a tie-up with the popular d

yousual Co., Ltd.
“Character”, a perfume planning, production and sales service for IP holders, was born from Sently (R), a “recommended perfume” service with 5 million Imp per month on Twitter. There is also a tie-up with the popular drama “Shachi Koi”.
-Innovating the official character perfume market with scent sensibility data, experience know-how, small lot, and multi-item supply chain cultivated through our own recommended perfume service-
Yousual Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which operates the “recommended perfume” service Squently with 5 million impressions [1] per month on Twitter, has newly announced that IP holders such as publishers We have released “Character,” a new service that allows you to sell high-quality character official perfumes that are supported by fans with zero inventory, planning, production, and sales.
Squently, which was released at the end of April 2022, fills in the order sheet with the character and appearance of the “preferred” in their own interpretation, and the perfect perfume and “why this scent suits you / We offer a service where you can receive a “commentary letter on the scent” that explains how you interpreted the inference” for 2,980 yen including tax + 480 yen for shipping. I am applying. In the six months since its release, Scently has received more than 2,800 user posts on Twitter [2], delivering an inspiring experience to many users. In addition, Sently has been designing and operating services with careful consideration so as not to infringe on the various rights held by creators and IP holders, and has aimed to foster a legal and healthy “preferred perfume culture”. I was. Based on the inquiries we have received from our IP holders about collaboration, we have decided to offer a service that allows you to fully entrust the planning, production, and sales of character perfumes, making full use of our strengths in the perfume category. Character” will be released. Its features are as follows. 1. We can plan, produce, and sell character perfumes with zero inventory and a completely entrusted license fee. Utilizing the supply chain of our own service, “small lot” × “multi-item” is also realized 2. Utilizing the tens of thousands of sensory data* cultivated in our own service to examine fragrances, we deliver high-quality, unique fragrances in collaboration with Japan’s top tier fragrance
manufacturers and experienced perfumers. Furthermore, providing an impressive customer experience that utilizes know-how such as the popular fragrance commentary letter
*Kansei data refers to quantitative and qualitative data that links external/internal characteristics with scent characteristics. 3. Proposals with favorable license fee rates because we value returns to IP holders. In addition, it is possible to maximize profits by enhancing sales channels and marketing support that make full use of the online marketing know-how that we have cultivated through our own services.
In addition, as separately released, we will also carry out a tie-up effort with the popular manga “The love of the manager and the company slave is frustrating”, which was made into a drama on the TV Tokyo series and has exceeded 1 million downloads.

(C) Shimo / BUNKASHA
Scently will continue to provide many creators and IP holders with a new means of expression through fragrance, and deliver an
unprecedented fragrance experience to users.
◆ To everyone who is active as a Vtuber/V-river, Youtuber, etc. With “Sently Collaboration”, you can easily deliver my image perfume to your fans online. Please see the “Sently Collaboration” page for details.
◆ To the media
In the rapidly spreading culture of “preferred perfume”, our company designs and operates appropriate services in consideration of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and various rights, so you can report with peace of mind. Click here for media inquiries.
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
  · Contact point for IP holders such as publishers and offices (
  · To everyone who is active as a Vtuber/V-river or Youtuber (
・ Point of contact for media
[1] Total impressions from official account posts + ads on Twitter (for the month of October 2022)[1]
[2] The total number of posts excluding advertisements and official account posts from the number of posts with “Sently” and “#Sently” (6 months from May 2022 to October 2022)

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