YSL JO1 will appear again this year! YSL BEAUTY virtual gift boutique will open for a limited time from December 1st!

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[YSL] JO1 will appear again this year! YSL BEAUTY virtual gift boutique will open for a limited time from December 1st!

Continuing from last year, JO1 will be the gift concierge again this year. Enjoy Christmas gift shopping in the glittering YSL world of gold and stars!
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[Limited time] YSL BEAUTY virtual gift boutique opens on December 1st! “YSL BEAUTY Virtual Gift Boutique”, where you can experience and purchase gifts, will open for a limited time from December 1st to December 25th this year!
URL: https://www.yslb.jp/noelbtq2022/ (Released on 12/1)
The dress code for the Christmas party held at a secret address on the outskirts of Paris is YSL’s iconic “Gold & Star”, which is gorgeous and exciting. This year’s recommended gift items, various limited contents that make shopping fun, and YSL BEAUTY Japan Ambassador JO1 will also appear. Whether you’re looking for a special treat for yourself, or if you’re unsure about which Christmas gift to choose, find the perfect gift here. For gifts, visit the YSL BEAUTY virtual gift boutique.
YSL BEAUTY Virtual Gift Boutique: Full lineup of content this year! A gift for that important person, a heartfelt thank you, and a gift exchange with a friend. Reward yourself, holiday beauty, beauty items to start the new year, etc. Ready for your Christmas shopping list? Head to YSL BEAUTY’s virtual gift boutique for gifts. A number of iconic and luxurious YSL products that are perfect for gifts. This year, dress up with Noel limited wrapping with gold and star motifs. JO1 will make gift recommendations as a gift concierge and appear in multiple contents!
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YSL BEAUTY Japan Ambassador JO1 will appear in the content again this year! ■ Gift Concierge
A noteworthy content where members will recommend recommended gift products by answering questions. Follow the voice guide and answer the questions while imagining the recipient of the gift, and it will suggest recommended items!
■Gift Gram
Introducing gift items recommended by YSL BEAUTY Japan Ambassadors and popular influencers!
■ Theater room
Check out the commercial videos for the Noel collection, YSL icon products “Libre” and “All Hours Liquid”. Japan Ambassador, JO1 CM also appeared!
Special Content: YSL Hunting Game
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A game to find YSL’s Cassandra logo. Depending on the number of seconds collected, you will receive YSL original charms, selectable skin care products, popular product mini size benefits, and special WELCOME gifts!
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Special Content: Color Discovery
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After answering 3 questions, YSL BEAUTY National Makeup Artist JO will propose a special look that is perfect for you from 64 patterns. Introducing looks using YSL’s popular eyeshadows and lips.
Special Content: Gift Simulator
A simulator that allows you to create an original gift set by selecting a gift box and items. Download the image of the selected item and share it with your friends and SNS! There is also a request function, so it is perfect for asking for Christmas gifts.
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Gift selection of popular YSL items
YSL proposes a gift that is perfect for the person to whom you want to give a special gift that enhances the Christmas mood. A selection of YSL’s favorite items to celebrate a special gifting moment.
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[Left] An edgy couture lip with Cassandra and a combination that leads to beautiful hair that delicately smells every time it shakes. To the mode “IT GIRL”. Total tax-included price 12,980 yen
[Center] An attractive combination of luxury and feminine packages. YSL’s pink collection is visually captivating. Total tax-included price 21,230 yen
[Right] YSL’s popular beauty essence and eye serum that leads to bright and radiant eyes for clear and radiant skin. Recommended for both elegant women and men. Total tax-included price 24,310 yen * Gift box + wrapping: 550 yen including tax separately
Don’t miss the sustainable YSL Noel exclusive gift wrapping service! The gift wrapping collection, which finishes the gifting moment in an edgy and luxurious way like YSL, is eco-designed with consideration for the global environment.
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The black logo shines sharply on a panel studded with shining star motifs, and the gift box (paid) is dressed up with a sleeve and ribbon designed exclusively for the holidays. In addition, a bag-shaped design gift box is also available for a limited time. To that important person. Select the perfect wrapping.
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SLEEVES: Holiday limited sleeves with the Cassandra logo on the star motif panel of gold (available nationwide) and silver (available only at stores). Two sizes of gift boxes S and M are available.
RIBBON: Gold (available nationwide) and silver (available only at stores), two ribbons that add sparkle to gift boxes.
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