Z Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Nobunaga Oda” Takuya Kimura & “Nohime’s Chamberlain” Hideaki Ito’s conte festival !? Closely behind the Gifu event that was a great success

Z Entertainment Inc.
“Nobunaga Oda” Takuya Kimura & “Nohime’s Chamberlain” Hideaki Ito’s skit festival!?
URL: https://yahoo.jp/3N-UEu


■Distribution schedule: Free distribution on “GYAO!” every Sunday at 12:00. ■ Contents: Starting in August 2018, listeners and A popular variety program currently being distributed on “GYAO!”, where Kimura responds to staff requests with all his might.
■ Cast: Takuya Kimura
■ Guest (in no particular order): Hideaki Ito
■ Program official Twitter: @flowsaaaan
■ Program official LINE: @flowsaaaan

Details about this release:


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