“ZAKIMI Typhoon” Produced by Designer Kenya Hara Completed with Rainwater from Typhoon No.12

Yaesen Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
“ZAKIMI Typhoon” Produced by Designer Kenya Hara Completed with Rainwater from Typhoon No.12
A 30-year-old Awamori vintage carved by a typhoon

A brewery founded in 1955, Yaezumi Sake Brewery (Headquarters: Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, President: Moriyuki Zakimi) has released a 30-year-old aged sake “Typhoon” from the Awamori and Kusu brand ZAKIMI. increase.

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“ZAKIMI” is an awamori and old sake brand that has been aged in the climate of Ishigaki Island. Since its birth in August 2022, we have been selling 8-year old sake “Yuku” and 10-year aged old sake and 10-year barrel storage “Face”. And in November, the 30-year old sake “Typhoon” in this series was completed by Typhoon No. 12 in 2022 and added to the lineup.
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“ZAKIMI Typhoon” is made from aged old sake that has been sleeping for 30 years on Ishigaki Island, where countless typhoons pass through. A typhoon is a providence of nature that mixes water and air and passes through. By continuing to sleep surrounded by such tropical nature, the supreme awamori with a mellow flavor is produced. In addition, “Typhoon” uses purified “typhoon rainwater” that arrived on Ishigaki Island that year as the finishing water. It’s exactly the old sake of the old sake that slept in the typhoon and woke up in the typhoon. A story of old sake completed by 30 years and a typhoon that arrived that year. Designer Kenya Hara was inspired by the climate of Ishigaki Island, and it was realized through repeated discussions with President Yaezumi and Moriyuki Zakimi. On the label of the sake, a calligraphy with the theme of “typhoon scene” is arranged to express the force of nature of the Yaeyama Islands. In addition, the year and typhoon number are written on handmade Japanese paper to seal the bottle, and the vintage of the typhoon is engraved. The sake taste is beautiful and clear. The scent of juicy fruit and the sweetness of slow-cooked rice. It conveys a rich sweetness with a mellow texture, and the final result is a sake that makes you feel sharp.
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Kenya Hara
Born in 1958. designer. President of Nippon Design Center. Professor at Musashino Art University. Viewing design as the formation of the external environment, he is active in a wide range of fields, from visuals to architectural spaces. Art director of MUJI since 2002. Has a wide range of activities, including Matsuya Ginza, Mori Building, Tsutaya Bookstore, GINZA SIX, MIKIMOTO, and VI design for Yamato Transport. Since 2019, he has launched the website “Low-flying flight” and is working to utilize the climate of Japan as a resource for the future. In the field of sake, he has a track record in designing wineries representing Japan such as “Chuo Budoshu” and “Hakkaisan”. Product information
Name: ZAKIMI Typhoon
Frequency: 43 degrees
Contents: 700ml
Packing: Wooden box (walnut material)
Sales price: 200,000 yen (tax included)
Release date: November 28, 2022
Official site
ZAKIMI: https://zakimi.yaesen.com/
Yaesen: https://yaesen.com/

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