Zao Sangyo Co., Ltd. Introducing a “car wash only” model from the high pressure washer Vittorio series

Zao Industry Co., Ltd.
Introducing a “car wash only” model from the Vittorio series of high pressure washers

Zao Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Takanori Kutsuzawa), which sells the Vittorio series of household high-pressure washers, will launch the Vittorio series of household high-pressure washers from October 2022. ZC-705-15″ is now on sale. [Image 1

The ZC-705-15 is a product developed by Zao Sangyo, which develops the Vittorio series of high pressure washers.
A 3-in-1 washing machine that enables foam washing, blower (blowing off), and vacuum functions.
With this one, you can keep your car’s body (foam washing,
high-pressure washing) and the inside of your car (dust collection function) clean.
I was particularly particular about the foam lance. If you use the attached foam lance, full-fledged foam with high adhesion
In addition, the main body is equipped with a cleaner motor for commercial use. Powerfully collects indoor gravel and dust.
In addition, it has a blower function, so it is possible to blow off water droplets on the body surface.

Currently, it is being introduced to home centers all over the country, and sales will start sequentially on various EC sites from mid-November.
* Details will be updated on the official website below.
Vittorio official website:
[Video 2:]

Features of the Vittorio series “ZC-705-15”
[Equipped with foam cleaning nozzle as standard]
[Image 2

[Image 3:]

A foam lance that delivers fine foam
Foam stays on the body, enabling efficient car washing!

* You can also adjust the expansion of the foam at the tip of the nozzle. [Image 4

[High-pressure hose 15m with good handling]
[Image 5

Attached to the current Vittorio series high pressure washer Uses a hose that is even softer than the soft hose.
Because it is strong against bending and twisting and has a length of 15 m Long enough to go around the car!
[Blower function]
[Image 6

left on the car body after washing with high pressure washing, Skip the water droplets on the wheels and hinges,
Makes blowing up easier.
[Dust collection hose with an effective length of 3m]
[Image 7d107991-2-7cc5ea56a4861944f064-13.jpg&s3=107991-2-2add86564ed0a2d5a43bcc5cd74fb04a-477x340.jpg

It is elastic and can be stretched from 1m to 3m at normal times. can be used.
The inside of the car can be cleaned while the main unit is outside the car.

-Product Specifications-
[Image 8d107991-2-fee95607f8fc0462f0cc-11.jpg&s3=107991-2-12926619b76e3c7071d00d46e9c26960-1924x1470.jpg
[Image 9d107991-2-86017760e7ea02e1d460-10.jpg&s3=107991-2-ee0b48db09f5e0b9ef7c4c870a15c2ea-1030x548.jpg

Details about this release:

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