Zappallas Co., Ltd. Started offering “meeco 12 constellation cosmetics fortune-telling” by Akane Ivy on Mi tsukoshi Isetan cosmetics media “meeco magazine”

Zappallas Co., Ltd.
Started offering “meeco 12 constellation cosmetics fortune-telling” by Akane Ivy on Mitsukoshi Isetan cosmetics media “meeco magazine” – Fortune-telling service for corporations provided by Kokoroni –
Cocoloni Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masatoshi Mizokami) of the Zappallas Group has announced a new serialization, Ivy, which will be distributed from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) at Isetan Mitsukoshi Cosmetics Media “meeco magazine”. We are cooperating in the production of Akane’s “meeco 12 constellation cosmetic fortune-telling”.
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■ “meeco 12 constellation cosmetics fortune-telling” according to your fortune “meeco magazine”, which received a request for fortune-telling cooperation this time, is a cosmetics media run by Isetan Mitsukoshi that “become who you want to be!” It is a media that transmits new cosmetics, limited items, the latest trend information, swatches that you want to see every day, and reviews from a professional point of view. In response to this concept, we have cast Akane Ivy, who has serialized in many media and supervises content such as apparel and cosmetics-related goods, and cooperates in production.
In the article, you can appraise the fortunes of the first half and second half of the month by 12 constellations, and you can also know your lucky cosmetics.
Provided URL: Updated on the 1st and 15th of every month
■ Supervisor
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Ivy Akane
Astrology writer who has been writing fortune-telling since 2011. Has been serialized in FRaU, Seventeen and many other media. We also supervise content such as apparel and cosmetics related goods. Main supervision history includes Kikirara 12 constellation nails, separate volume FRaU Sailor Moon Fortune-telling 2018, ALBION PHILOSOPHY Omikuji, and many others.
[Supervision site]
“In a flood of TV and magazine interviews” Industry’s top class hit rate “[Monday Tsukimiya divination] Ivy Akane”
“Open up destiny ◆ Luna monster fortune-telling ◆ Ivy Akane”
■ Cocoloni’s fortune-telling service for corporations
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As a listed company, Zappallas Group, we have been providing various contents related to fortune-telling for more than 15 years. We propose services and campaigns that can be used according to the purpose. We have a wide range of requests, such as providing content such as fortune-telling and psychological diagnostic tests via API,
dispatching fortune-tellers to various events, renting fortune-telling attractions, casting fortune-tellers in TV programs, creating original fortune-telling, and product tie-ups. We are responding to
Detailed URL:
-cocoloni Inc.-
[Image 4d5725-500-442c67388e628cc107e5-2.png&s3=5725-500-3c6eeaa6ef791d14d92ddcd5de84af88-778x260.png
The fortune-telling service brand “cocoloni” was born from the desire to “help as many people as possible to get well.”
Cocoloni Co., Ltd. is seriously facing fortune-telling services every day in order to deliver “real services that customers can use with peace of mind and trust”. As a group company of Zappallas Co., Ltd., we will continue to work not only on service quality standards, but also on ensuring that all customers can smoothly recognize us as a “safe, trustworthy, genuine” fortune-telling brand.
-Zappallas Co., Ltd.-
[Image 5d5725-500-b5884caa4b1bb7161ca7-3.png&s3=5725-500-d1bd8e65677932f90dac9c4e5446f6e3-861x260.png
Established the fortune-telling content market in the early days of mobile content, and has since grown to become a listed company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (now the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange). Currently, he operates, one of the largest fortune-telling media not only in Japan but also in the United States, and has the world’s top share of the fortune-telling content market. In addition, Elle Online, Elle Girl, 25ans Online, SPUR.JP, Marisol ONLINE, and other fortune-telling contents are being provided mainly in women’s magazines and web media. Since 2017, he has been involved in the planning and operation of Japan’s largest fortune-telling event “Fortune-telling Festival
(”, as well as video and VR/AR businesses. ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
cocoloni Inc. (
Person in charge: Kondo

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