ZEPETO Celebrate Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s birthday with special items limited to 1,118 pieces!

Naver Z Corporation
[ZEPETO] Celebrate Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s birthday with special items limited to 1,118 pieces!
Popular items are available in limited quantities in special colors
NAVER Z Corporation (hereafter, NAVER Z) has developed a limited number of 3D items for birthdays of Walt Disney Co., Ltd. characters “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse” at “ZEPETO”. I will let you know. [Image 1d103047-23-43fc97169c7ece038864-0.png&s3=103047-23-3a1120174ac64e9c40077625ee69d55c-1080x1080.png
To celebrate the birthdays of “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse”, who have captivated people all over the world for generations, 4 popular ZEPETO items are now available in special colors for this time only. It will be a limited release of 1,118 pieces for each of them on November 18th, their birthday, so it is sure to be a coveted item for fans who want to liven up their special day. You can purchase only on the special page, so don’t miss this chance and enjoy your wonderful birthday time.
Special page ▷ https://pages.zepeto.me/le/ja/mickeybirthday2022 ■ “Mickey Mouse” and “Minnie Mouse” special items
The gold-colored original design dress, set-up, and two types of headbands will be available in the limited-edition coral pink color. The glittering glitter of the lame that makes you feel festive is perfect, and the collection is full of special feelings that will make you feel full of happiness just by wearing it.
[Image 2d103047-23-21006e8ef7bb20ef1c46-1.png&s3=103047-23-ec588bfdc245862243b429e236a69013-821x200.png
[Image 3d103047-23-6d75b8231bddf5c98e5b-2.png&s3=103047-23-6536fa8bf73c9cf7d1cffc6cc35c9e5d-1024x1024.png
“ZEPETO” is a Metaverse whose strength is interaction through 3D avatars. You can use your own avatar in the virtual world to communicate anytime, anywhere, and create any world you can imagine. Since the release of the app in August 2018, the number of users has increased around the world, mainly in Asia, and as of October 2022, there are 340 million users worldwide, mainly from the Z generation. We are actively launching various functions and new content based on the Metaverse space, providing users with new experiences every day. ▼App Store https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1350301428
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