ZERO Co., Ltd. [First in the industry! JR Tokai Bus starts reducing food loss and CO2! 】                  Introduced the food loss reduction box “fuubo” at the JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Servic e Center

ZERO Co., Ltd.
[Industry first! JR Tokai Bus starts reducing food loss and CO2! 】             Introduced the food loss reduction box “fuubo” at the JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Service Center

JR Tokai Bus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Norihiro Shimizu) is operated by ZERO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Daichi Okisugi, Hiroki Yotsutsuji, hereinafter “ZERO”). By introducing the food loss reduction box “fuubo” (hereinafter referred to as “fuubo”), we will work to reduce CO2 by reducing food loss.
By 2050, Japan aims to achieve carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a whole to zero.
Buses can carry a large number of people at once and are a means of transportation that emits less CO2 per transport.
In addition, the bus industry has been promoting measures based on the “Low-carbon society action plan for bus business”.
On top of that, it is the first time in the industry that we are working to reduce CO2 by reducing food loss like this time.
By introducing fuubo, it is possible to visualize even the amount of CO2 reduction by converting the amount of food loss reduction sold by fuubo into the amount of CO2 emission reduction.
This time, by installing fuubo at the JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Center, customers using the bus can conveniently purchase food, mainly sweets, to accompany them on the move.
In addition, it is expected that users’ awareness of food loss will be improved by having them experience that they can still eat delicious food even though it is a food loss product.
[Image 1d100036-28-a681dce4632e07eb99e3-9.png&s3=100036-28-2ba1ecdbd065dad4d41f44565a0e52fd-1070x714.png
(From the left, ZERO Co., Ltd. CEO Daichi Okisugi, JR Tokai Bus Co., Ltd. CEO Norihiro Shimizu)

■ Installation location details
・Location: JR Tokai Bus Nagoya Travel Center
(Nagoya Station Shinkansen Exit Bus Terminal)
In front of the lily fountain, 6-4-1 Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi ・ Schedule: November 21, 2022 (Monday) 9:00-
[Image 2d100036-28-fbac9d2b914aaf943d78-8.png&s3=100036-28-8cc105038cb94b30058ec962fc350071-844x1125.png

[Image 3d100036-28-673bbf7003640064caa1-10.jpg&s3=100036-28-140609c00059969f30f2e4ca5c922fd7-470x470.jpg

■ Future prospects
Fuubo is a system that allows registered members to purchase through the site, so it is possible to collect and analyze user and sales data, and it can be expected to be used for digital marketing. In addition, it is also possible to use it according to the needs of various companies, such as conducting questionnaires through fuubo and promoting services with banners on the site. Because it is a service that has both real and online, it is possible to approach users from both sides.
Overview of fuubo
fuubo is an IoT refrigerated locker developed by ZERO to reduce food loss, and you can sell products that are difficult to distribute at a great price. Food loss occurs not only for products that are close to their expiration date, but also for various reasons, such as seasonal package products and damaged outer boxes.
Fuubo contributes to the reduction of food loss by providing members with such unavoidable food loss. The fuubo installed this time will be the 48th in Japan.
■ How to use fuubo
Users who agree to buy food loss can purchase food loss from the dedicated website and receive it from fuubo 24 hours a day. See the image below for details.
Dedicated website
[Image 4d100036-28-9d7b2d90fa1f232560a4-2.png&s3=100036-28-460f1eb3dd565a38a1d8e9247ad6a8e1-259x259.png
[Image 5d100036-28-2c4af55e81ed5a2592ea-7.png&s3=100036-28-3c342279bdd53ee54edb11f8f1dea746-1148x574.png

■Company profile
Trade name: ZERO Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Daichi Okisugi, Hiroki Yotsutsuji Location: 2-20-6 Higashi Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Accounting Center Building 5F Established: March 2022
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