Zero One Growth, which supports the design and construction of a global standard revenue operation model and human resource development, has established a revenue organization development department as a new business and entered the recruitment busin

Zero One Growth Co., Ltd.
Zero One Growth, which supports the design and construction of a global standard revenue operation model and human resource
development, has established a revenue organization development department as a new business and entered the recruitment business. -Full-fledged reskilling and human resource strategy support by combining past achievements and know-how-

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Zero-One Growth Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director Tatsuro Marui), which has a track record of supporting marketing operations (* 1) design construction and human resource development at global bases mainly in Japan and Europe and the United States, has provided so far. In addition to consulting services and human resource development services, we will start a revenue organization development service that supports the recruitment of core human resources who will be active in corporate revenue organizations. I will let you know.
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Background of business start
In recent years, when business transformation and digital
transformation are required, the introduction of reproducible operation models has progressed not only in the marketing area but also in the entire revenue organization such as sales and customer success. On the other hand, after designing and building an operation model in line with the company’s business, in implementing and improving the model, promoters (CMO/CRO/management layer) and implementers (marketers/inside sales/sales/CSM, etc.) There are many companies that need to train new human resources or recruit
externally. In order to solve the problem of such a shortage of human resources, we have obtained a license for fee-charging employment placement business (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare license number 26-Yu-300639), and have been assigned to the Revenue
Organization Development Department. to start a recruitment service. About the Revenue Organizational Development Department
We provide problem-solving consulting and recruitment services for revenue organizations. A consultant with experience in rebuilding and managing reproducible revenue organizations as top sales, marketer, inside sales, and sales organization manager at major Japanese and foreign companies and foreign startups.
Our Recruitment Service introduces the right people to meet the recruitment needs of marketing, sales, customer success, and other revenue organizations that primarily affect revenue growth. In addition, for individuals considering a career with a view to changing jobs, in addition to regular career support services such as career consultation and job introductions, we also provide career design consulting services, including paid online learning services (*2). . As a result, we will support the career design of those who aim to be active as core personnel in the revenue organization, rather than necessarily changing jobs, such as self-fulfillment and career inventory through reskilling.
Tatsuro Marui, Representative Director of Zero-One Growth Co., Ltd., said as follows.
We will support the construction of a revenue organization through reskilling. Since our founding, we have provided consulting and human resource development services related to “marketing organization design and construction” using the standard framework for building marketing operations (MOps) that are used globally.
In the digital age, the use of technology and data is essential, but it is the organizations that make use of them. It is necessary to build a new era operation model that breaks away from marketing that is individualized, promotes the use of data as a process-oriented organization, and improves the value provided to customers.
On the other hand, there are many problems that the marketing organization alone cannot solve. While receiving many consultations in areas such as inside sales and customer success, we have established a system to support the construction of the entire revenue organization by expanding our professional human resources and partner network. One of the biggest challenges is the availability of human resources. We will provide opportunities for reskilling to many people with the know-how of human resource development that we have been working on so far, and through entry into the recruitment business, we will create new revenues that make full use of data and technology that enable companies to achieve sustainable growth. We will help you build your organization.
(*1) About marketing operations (MOps)
MOps is a function that designs and maintains tactics while taking a cross-sectional view of people, marketing technology, and marketing processes. Often referred to as a bridge between marketing and IT, human resources with expertise in marketing technology, analytical skills, and execution skills enter between the IT department and field marketing, which carries out marketing campaigns, and proceed with practical work. In order to realize organizational marketing operations rather than individual skills, it is often organized as a presence close to the CMO and management team.In Europe and the United States, after gaining experience in field marketing and IT
departments, career advancement There are many people who are engaged in MOps work as one of the paths.
(*2) About the online learning service “01GROWTH Digital Marketing School” This is a digital marketing education course based on the global standard model provided by Zero-One Growth. We provide marketing training for business companies, B2B marketers, and individuals who aim to improve their skills as consultants in the digital marketing field. Based on practical experience in Japan and Silicon Valley, we design courses with an emphasis on strategy and tactical design that emphasizes reproducibility as an organization. In particular, it is adopted in areas where tactical issues such as collaboration between organizations such as sales departments and productivity improvement occur (B2B business, sales-mediated B2C business). For more
information, please visit
About Zero-One Growth Co., Ltd.
We are developing consulting services and human resource development services centered on identification and support of revenue
organizational issues, which we can understand from our experience as a marketer, customer success, and sales at foreign-affiliated companies and overseas. We are especially good at the concept of marketing operations and customer success operations, which are not yet widespread in Japan, the necessary processes and organizational construction methods, and strategy and tactical design methods. We provide various services related to building a revenue organization for companies with the motto “A catalyst for business growth – We take your business from zero to one and support you behind the scenes”. For more information, please visit
About Tatsuro Marui, Representative Director
At Marketo Co., Ltd. (currently Adobe Co., Ltd.), which provides marketing automation systems, he was the first Japanese to belong to a global strategy consulting team, and drafted tactical design centered on process management and number-oriented marketing strategies for user companies. He has led many projects to success through his support. As a marketer himself, he has developed a unique marketing model that utilizes numbers and digital marketing, and has experience greatly contributing to the growth of companies. From November 2019, he participated in Smart Drive Co., Ltd. as an overseas business development director and engaged in the development of overseas bases in Malaysia. Currently, he leads the development and provision of digital marketing consulting services as the President and
Representative Executive Officer of Zero One Growth LLC. He is the author of “How to read and use numbers to avoid being overwhelmed by ‘number-oriented’ marketing data” (MarkeZine BOOKS).
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