Zoushindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Exam Research School that adopted the topical work “Zombie Englis h Words” Yamawaki Gakuen and the authority of “zombie studies” Kinki University Associate Professor Ken Okamoto’ s effort to connect high sch

Zoshindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Institute
[Examination research company] Yamawaki Gakuen, the school that adopted the topical work “Zombie English Words”, and the authority of “Zombie Studies”, Kinki University, Associate Professor Ken Okamoto’s efforts to connect high school and university: Online lectures for junior high school students held in class
At Yamawaki Gakuen Junior High School in Tokyo, obi learning using “zombie English words” is being carried out in some classes. Online lectures on themes such as industry-academia collaboration at universities, publishing circumstances, and media theory, based on the English vocabulary that they use themselves.

・ Online course will be held on November 22, 2022
・ Lecturer is Ken Okamoto, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kindai University
・The title (provisional) is “Kinki University Practical Learning Initiatives-From the “Zombie English Words” Production Project” ・Learn about the actual situation of industry-academia collaboration at university and think about the skills you want to acquire in junior high and high school
・For media coverage, please apply in advance to the contact
information listed at the end.
Education publishing company Zoshindo Co., Ltd. / Examination Research Company (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Akiyoshi Okamoto), Faculty of Comprehensive Sociology, Kinki University (Higashi-Osaka, Osaka), Kingfisher Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) As an industry-academia collaboration project, we conducted research on “planning, publishing, and publicizing books in the midst of a recession in the publishing industry,” and published “Zombie English Words” as a result in June 2022, which has been well received. [Image 1

・ Special site for “Zombie English Words”:
[Image 2

Although “Zombie English Words” was released as a general language book, it has been adopted by some classes at Yamawaki Gakuen Junior High School (Minato-ku, Tokyo) from this autumn for the following reasons.
[Reason for adoption]
・Almost 2,100 words that are essential English words to be learned in Japanese junior high school and high school are covered.
・A normal word book is based on difficulty (easy words → difficult words), but because it is story-based (necessary words appear randomly according to the development of the story), it is neither too easy nor too difficult Therefore, it is useful for those who have already learned English to strengthen their vocabulary.
・ Acquire a variety of vocabulary expressions that cannot be covered by junior high school certification textbooks alone.
・There is fun in reading the story.
・Able to read aloud in a drama style with emotion.
[Purpose of online lecture by Associate Professor Ken Okamoto of Kinki University]
・For junior high school students at Yamawaki Gakuen, learn about how the reference books and workbooks that they usually use are made, and about the process and planning.
・In response to the fact that “Zombie English Words” was born from a student-led industry-academia collaboration project at Kinki University, learn about the actual situation of “industry-academia collaboration” at the university and acquire information when choosing a destination.
・Learn not only “zombie studies”, but also an overview of media studies, content tourism, tourism studies, etc. that are behind the academic inquiry, and use it as an opportunity to think about the social relevance to current junior high school learning.
Zoshindo/Examination Research Institute will hold this online lecture on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 as an activity to serve as a bridge between junior high school/high school and university.
From the viewpoint of protecting the personal information of students, the general public is not allowed to participate.
For media coverage, please apply in advance to the contact information listed at the end.
In addition, from the perspective of preventing corona infections, we may limit local coverage to a few companies.
Please note.
■ Book overview
Learn from extreme conditions! Zombie English Words Survive with this English Words & English Conversation
Format: 46 size, 368 pages
List price: 1,980 yen (tax included)
▶ Click here for the special website for Zombie English Words https://www.zoshindo.co.jp/zombieenglish/
■ Press release for the release of the “Zombie English Words” book (June 2022) “Zombie English Words” for zombie horror fans will finally be released on June 7th! -Student publishing and industry-academia collaboration project by Kinki University Zombie Research Institute x Examination Research Company x Kingfisher has finally reached the goal!
■ “Zombie English words” special site / press release (April 2022) Coming Soon! A special site for “Zombie English Words” has opened in advance. -Student publishing and industry-academia collaboration project by Kinki University Zombie Research Institute x Examination Research Company x Kingfisher is in the final stage.
Press release for the start of industry-academia collaboration (June 2021) A student-led industry-academia collaboration project that continues at StayHome. Commenced research on planning, publishing, and publicity of books with high learning messages by Kinki University, examination research company, and kingfisher!
■ Reference article (from the educational information site manavi) Working on the topic of PBL as a “practical study” ~Challenges during the COVID-19 crisis at Ken Okamoto’s laboratory at Kinki University~
[School introduction]
Yamawaki Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
[Image 3d43401-108-62408ce4f9810b7afe2a-4.png&s3=43401-108-0b72b14449c47743fd7fb7284884e9bd-1198x185.png
A middle and high school established in 1903. The guiding policy is to take on the challenge of resolving various issues in modern society and to nurture the will to contribute to society.
Location: 4-10-36 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
URL: https://www.yamawaki.ed.jp
■Kinki University
[Image 4d43401-108-0ba9de3e5a639273fdf0-2.png&s3=43401-108-9d7ac1f800d8a681bd892d6c3a7fde2c-650x174.png
The largest private university in western Japan with 15 faculties and 49 departments, including the Faculty of Informatics, which opened in April 2022, covering all academic fields from medicine to art. Location: 3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture URL: https://www.kindai.ac.jp
■Company profile
・Zoushindo Co., Ltd. ・Examination Research Institute
[Image 5d43401-108-b06b6ec642c2ba895816-3.jpg&s3=43401-108-5cc7bb0ff6ddbbc342e2dacf7b0e1565-537x93.jpg
An educational publishing company founded in 1890. We have established a new genre of thick reference books based on the concept of “understanding anything you want to know” and the long-selling “Jiujitsu” series, which has sold 26 million copies and reached its 70th anniversary. Over the years, we have developed teaching materials that are always ahead of the times. With the mission of “delivering the best learning to all learners”, we are currently not limited to publishing, but also educational business from various angles such as digital business, overseas business, and various learning businesses for children with developmental characteristics. promote. It also operates NEXT LEARNING Labs, which conducts demonstration research on the latest technologies such as AI and VR, and develops content in new fields.
Location: 3-3-6 Shinmachi, Nishi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Representative: Akiyoshi Okamoto, Representative Director
URL: http://www.zoshindo.co.jp/
Educational information site for parents “manavi” URL:
■ Coverage and inquiries regarding this matter
Zoshindo Co., Ltd./Examination Research Institute
Person in charge: Yamamoto, Public Relations and Marketing Section, General Affairs Department
E-mail: info@zoshindo.co.jp
Kinki University Public Relations Office
Person in charge: Sakamoto, Kadota
TEL: 06-4307-3007 FAX: 06-6727-5288
E-mail: koho@kindai.ac.jp

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