Zytronic Displays Ltd. Expanding bases in North America with Zytronic and AGDisplays

Zytronic Displays Ltd.
Zytronic and AGDisplays expand footprint in North America


Touch technology innovator Zytronic (Headquarters: Newcastle, UK; CEO: Mark Cambridge; hereinafter: Zytronic) is expanding its footprint in North America with AGDisplays, which specializes in touchscreen design and integration. Announced. AGDisplays serves a wide range of applications with a focus on industrial, military, medical and marine. Over the past decade, AGDisplays has grown its relationship with Zytronic from a supplier of touch sensors to a valued partner where both companies can focus their experience and services to provide the best possible service to end users. Both companies work directly with customers during the development of new products, allowing them to provide the detailed service and support they need to realize their vision.
AGDisplays uses Zytronic’s projected capacitive technology (PCT(TM) and MPCT(TM)) in situations where longevity, durability and
performance are required. Especially in industrial environments, where there are stringent ball drop and impact requirements, traditional projected capacitive (PCAP) sensors cannot withstand long-term use. AGDisplays Vice President Mike Faryna says in his 20 years of industry experience he has never seen a PCAP sensor perform so perfectly with thick cover glass.
Zytronic’s sensor design capabilities address customers’ mechanical requirements, allowing AGDisplays to easily develop solutions without using off-the-shelf sensors. Low minimum order quantity (MOQ), short sample lead times, and the ability to support Zytronic sensors and controllers over the long term reduce potential supply chain issues and potential future problems for AGDisplays and its customers. reduce the
Another advantage of working with Zytronic is that, as a display integrator, AGDisplays developers appreciate the Zyconfig software that allows them to test their sensors and controllers after they have been integrated into the LCD.
The company uses the software as a final inspection step to ensure all units are working properly before shipping to customers.
AGDisplays often recommends using screen printing around the cover glass to allow customers to use PCAP as a finished product aesthetic and eliminate bezels from the entire surface of the unit. Zytronic is available in a variety of surface finishes, so AGDisplays can provide a surface finish that fits your application. For example,
anti-reflection, mirror and antibacterial surface finishes are possible.
Comment from Mike Faryna, VP of AGDisplays
“By working with Zytronic, we can offer high brightness, open or closed frame designs, touch screen integration services, and focus on providing turnkey solutions that meet all of our customers’ needs. Our experience and expertise in the sensor part, and our team’s display experience, allows us to provide a one-stop-shop for your display assembly needs.We develop robust solutions to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether you’re looking for a PCAP that works in your environment, or you want to design a solution with superior longevity, we want to design with Zytronic touch sensors. Our value in quality and service and our cohesive business approach have allowed us to grow organically over the years.”
If you would like to discuss your latest project needs or would like to learn more about our touchscreen technology, please contact info@zytronic.co.uk. For more information on Zytronic’s multi-touch sensor technology, please visit
About AGDisplay
AGDisplay is a division of AssetGenie, Inc., a globally recognized provider of a wide range of computer spare parts, device repairs and other manufacturing solutions. For over ten years, AGDisplays has provided quality LCD enhancement products and services for the industrial market. Serving customers in every segment, including medical, marine, transportation, manufacturing, and finance, the industry continues to grow by offering a wide range of custom panel solutions that improve the characteristics of standard displays while maximizing performance in any environment. is leading The team at AGDisplays are experts in liquid crystal displays, from building simple or complex designs to integration work including hardening. The company offers over 800 off-the-shelf products, including tablets and open and closed frame LCDs. The team is dedicated to working with our customers to bring their unique project concepts to life. Over the years, we have exclusively manufactured and integrated increasingly sophisticated LED rail technologies. AGDisplays invests in development and expands its services to provide a wide range of solutions for all LCD technologies. For more information, please visit agdisplays.com. About Zytronic
Zytronic Display’s internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in areas such as ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks, gaming consoles, and industrial and medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It has been. The company’s success is based on its patented, durable touch-sensing technology, available in custom designs of 85 inches and beyond. Zytronic has a manufacturing and R&D center in Newcastle, UK, as well as sales offices in Tokyo, Taipei and Orlando, Florida, and a global network of distributors. For more information, please visit our website (www.zytronic.jp).
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