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▼ Tochigi City U-25: Junya Ando appointed coach

Tochigi City
[Tochigi City] U-25: Announcement of appointment of Junya Ando as coach
Tochigi City Football Club currently belongs to the Kanto Soccer League Division 1. In March 2021, the new soccer stadium “CITY FOOTBALL STATION”, which is the closest pitch to the stands in Japan, will be completed, and we are working to convey the appeal of football to more people and contribute to regional revitalization. , Category is also active with the goal of early JFL promotion and J League entry.
We are pleased to announce that Junya Ando, ​​U-25 coach and top team GK assistant coach, has been appointed as U-25 manager from the 2023 season.
Directed by Junya Ando
Date of birth: November 25, 1987 (35 years old)
■ Birthplace: Tokyo
■ Soccer history
Tokai University Affiliated High School – Teikyo University – Gruja Morioka – Arte Takasaki – Fukushima United FC – Tochigi Uva FC (now Tochigi City)
■ Teaching history
2018-2019 Tochigi City GK Coach
2020-2021 Tochigi City Academy GK Coach
2022 Tochigi City U-25 Coach / Top Team GK Assistant Coach
■ License
Certified C-class coach of Japan Football Association
This time, I will serve as the coach of the U-25.
I would like to use the frustration of this season as a springboard for promotion to the Kanto League, and I would like to work hard every day to produce as many players as possible who can play an active role in the top team, and grow with the players.
We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the coming season.
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