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★ “GRATITUDE Stained Glass ‘Café that Satisfies Your Heart’ by Hiranomari” will be held Daimaru Umeda Store 11F

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
★ “GRATITUDE Stained Glass ‘Coffee Satisfying Your Heart’ by Hiranomari” will be held [Daimaru Umeda 11F -ART GALLERY UMEDA-] ■ December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) → January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) ■ Daimaru Umeda Store 11F-ART GALLERY UMEDA-

At the 11th floor of Daimaru Umeda -ART GALLERY UMEDA-, from December 28th to January 17th, 2022, the stained glass artist Mari Hirano will present “A cafe that satisfies the heart” by Hiranomari, woven by GRATITUDE stained glass. It will be held.
URL: (Mari Hirano’s contents will be released after 13:00 on 12/27)
The work created by artist Mari Hirano by combining stained glass and Japanese cultural techniques shows a shining expression when it hits the light, expressing a new state of stained glass art.
Please spend a wonderful time at the “Café that Satisfies the Heart” where you can feel satisfied just by picking up art.
[Image 1

Mari Hirano: Born in Iwade City, Wakayama Prefecture.
Became fascinated by the culture and techniques of stained glass while working for an apparel company, and started working as an artist. The “ma” that Hiranomari added to the stained glass made by connecting pieces of glass brought from the West enhances the affinity with Japanese culture and creates a unique style. It reflects the spirituality of immutable fashion, which believes that the unchanging and ever-changing things have one root, and through his works, he continues to explore new ways of being and question what is the essence of things.
[Scheduled date of the artist’s arrival]
December 28 (Wed), 29 (Thu), 31 (Sat), 2022
2023 1/2 (Mon/sub-holiday) – 4 (Wed), 7 (Sat) – 11 (Wed), 14 (Sat) – 17 (Tue) *Scheduled visit date is subject to change. Depending on the time, I may be absent.
Venue exhibit
[Image 2

↑Jelly Punch ~Cafe Soiree~ (Glass, Tin, Resin/Diameter 140 x H190mm/Produced in 2022) 198,000 yen including tax
[Image 3

↑Pudding (glass, tin, resin/Diameter 100 x H160mm/Produced in 2022) 165,000 yen including tax
[Image 4

↑Cream soda / Puple (glass, tin, resin/diameter 75 x H230mm/produced in 2022) 165,000 yen including tax
[Image 5

↑Cream soda / Green (Glass, tin, resin/diameter 75 x H230mm/produced in 2022) 165,000 yen including tax
[Image 6

↑Pancake (glass, tin, resin/Diameter 210 x H90mm/Production in 2022) 220,000 yen including tax
[Image 7

↑KAKEDOKO / Wakaba (glass, tin, lacquer/W188×D188×H68mm/produced in 2022) 132,000 yen including tax
[Image 8

↑KAKEDOKO / Kuroneko Sasa (glass, tin,
lacquer/W188×D188×H68mm/produced in 2022) 132,000 yen including tax -Fukugacha for 5 days of great luck-Project: Hiranomari x Café Soiree Work part gacha also available!
The Daimaru Umeda store will hold the “Great Good Luck Day 5DAYS Lucky Gacha!” It is planned with the hope that you will be lucky and have a fun and auspicious beginning of the year.
At -ART GALLERY UMEDA-, the “Hira no Mari x Café Soiree work parts (not for sale) gacha” that is scheduled to appear in this exhibition will appear. The price is 10,000 yen including tax and only 16 pieces. It is a valuable experience where you can get one jelly part from Mari Hirano’s Cafe Soiree Jelly Punch with Art Gacha!
In addition to the jelly part colors of blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple, there is also a special jackpot part where each side is blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, and clear out of the six sides! I planned it with the idea that if you hit the fortune and make it a good omen that shines brightly like stained glass art. I would appreciate it if you could actually see it and experience it. [Image 9

●January 2nd, 2023 (Monday/Supplemental holiday) ~* Ends as soon as supplies run out
● 11th Floor -ART GALLERY UMEDA- *Limited to 16
● 1 time: 10,000 yen (cash only)
Opened in October 2022 on the 11th floor of Daimaru Umeda with the concept of “enjoying art close to you”!
The joy of meeting, the sadness of parting, the joy of gathering. And the throbbing of the chest at the time of departure.
Like a “station” where various people and various thoughts come and go. The joy of encountering new works and the joy of gathering with artists and friends
The exhilaration of stepping into a life with art.
I want to be the place where they are born. This gallery was born with such thoughts.
A collection of works by popular artists. We aim to be a place where artists, their friends, and customers can gather, where there are more perspectives to enjoy art, and where you can meet your favorites that you didn’t know about.
[Image 10