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1 year’s rent as a gift!

Mateba Corporation
1 year’s rent as a gift!
Holding a campaign to support people who want to move

Mateba Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Taichiro Tsutsui), which provides a rental property matching site for searching for reverse housing, has started a campaign to subsidize one year’s rent for those who match with Mateba from today. increase. During the period, matching will be done on Mateba, and from among those who have completed the rental contract, one person will be subsidized for the rent of the new house for one year.
■ How to participate
Just register as a user on Mateba during the campaign period, actually match and sign a rental contract!
(Even those who have already registered are eligible)
■ Campaign period
December 19, 2022 to March 31, 2023
■ Winning conditions
1. Enter the registration/relocation conditions in Mateba and establish matching.
2. Complete the building lease agreement by the end of the campaign. 3. Use Mateba’s rent guarantee.
(Mateba’s rent guarantee may not be available depending on the property) ■ Precautions
・Residence only, individual contract only, limited to the person who moves in. (Minors and students are eligible for the campaign even if they have a contract with parental authority)
・The rent subsidy is for 12 months from the start or up to 1 million yen. ・Subsidy includes management fee and common service fee.
・Mateba’s rent guarantee guarantee fee (rent x 5%) will be charged as actual expenses every month.
・If the contract is canceled during the rent subsidy period, it will be terminated on the cancellation date.
・The winning results will be announced in late April.
・The winning results may be posted on SNS.
◆ What is Mateba?
If you register with Mateba and wait, you will receive a request from the landlord or management company that meets your desired conditions. It is a rental real estate matching site that takes and offers. Just register with Mateba, enter your desired conditions for the new address, and wait!
Reservations for previews and rental contracts can also be completed via chat. (Excluding some properties)
◆ It is recommended for the following people.
・ I want to move by April 2023
・I want to pay rent with a card
・I don’t want to pay a brokerage fee
・Troublesome to go to a real estate agent
See below for details.
Campaign site:
◆ Mateba Details
Site for landlords:
Site for those who wish to move:
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