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“15th MOE Picture Book Store Award 2022” decided! The first place went to Noritake Suzuki/”Big Pinch Zukan ” (Shogakukan)!

Hakusensha Co., Ltd.
“15th MOE Picture Book Store Award 2022” decided! The first place went to Noritake Suzuki/”Big Pinch Zukan” (Shogakukan)!
Newcomer Award 1st place goes to Tatsuya Tanaka’s “Kumitate” (Fukukan Shoten), First Book Award goes to Mitsue Hiragi’s ‘Kororin Poi!’ ] (Holpu Publishing) won the award!

[Image 1

“The 15th MOE Picture Book Store Awards 2022” logo
The MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prize, which determines the “most recommended picture book of the year” selected by 3,000 picture book stores nationwide.
Noritake Suzuki / “Big Pinch Zukan” (Shogakukan) wins the honorable first place in the “15th MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prize 2022” (sponsored by Hakusensha / cooperation: Asahi Shimbun Tokyo
Headquarters Media Business Department) .
In the category awards, the “Rookie of the Year” first place went to Tatsuya Tanaka’s “Kumitate” (Fukukan Shoten), and the “First Book Award” first place went to Mitsue Hiragi/”Kororin Poi!” (Holup Publishing) received the respective awards.
“The 15th MOE Picture Book Store Awards 2022” award ceremony will be held online! It will be released on the Hakusensha YouTube channel ( from 12:00 noon on December 28th today.
Starting with Noritake Suzuki, who won the 1st prize, we are participating in videos and handwritten comments from award-winning authors. Please take a look.
“The 15th MOE Picture Book Store Award 2022” Winner
No. 1 “Big Pinch Zukan” by Noritake Suzuki/Shogakukan 1650 yen [Image 2

“Large Pinch Zukan”
Milk spilled. I can’t find the end of the cellophane tape. No toilet paper. Explains various big pinches that attack in everyday life with “easiness of becoming” and “big pinch level”. A must-have picture book for every household. It is a hot topic among children.
“15th MOE Picture Book Store Award 2022” 1st place award
Comment from Noritake Suzuki
When you’re depressed in a pinch, frustrated, and excited.
It doesn’t go very well, does it?
“Oh, this kind of thing happens, too.”
Looking down on a pinch and moving forward strongly,
I hope it will be such a powerful book.
(Excerpt from the February 2023 issue of MOE. See the full interview in the magazine)
2nd place “My hair is so messy” by Yoshitake Shinsuke/Hakusensha 1100 yen 3rd Place: “Sakana-kun” by Mamiko Shiota / Kaiseisha 1430 yen 4th Place “Kumitate” by Tatsuya Tanaka/Fukunkan Shoten 1540 yen 5th place “Nekoiru! ] Hikaru Tanaka / by Poplar Publishing 1595 yen No. 6 “Noraneko Gundan Ramen Yasan” by Noriko Kudo/Hakusensha 1,320 yen 7th Place “Boku” Shuntaro Tanikawa/Written by Satomi Goda/Illustrated by Iwasaki Shoten 1870 yen
8th place “Donut Penta-kun” by Keiko Shibata/Hakusensha 1320 yen 9th Place: “The Chick Runs Away” by Taro Gomi / Fukunkan Shoten 990 yen 10th place “The bus has come” Yumimura Kikiki/Written by Haruno Matsumoto/Illustrated by Alice Kan 1540 yen
Newcomer Award 1st place “Kumitate” by Tatsuya Tanaka/Fukunkan Shoten 1540 yen [Image 3

“Kumitate” calligraphy
Tatsuya Tanaka, a miniature photographer and likened writer. Instagram followers are over 3.6 million and are attracting attention all over the world. Tatsuya Tanaka’s first picture book is “Kumitate”. How do you express “assemble” and “liken” using daily necessities? First Book Award 1st Place “Kororin Poi! ] Mitsue Hiragi/Holpu Publishing 1045 yen
[Image 4

“Kororin Poi! 』
Buttons rolled around in the pocket, tomatoes rolled around in the pot, and disappeared? When I turned the picture book upside down, it fell apart!
In the February issue of MOE, which will be released on December 28, 2022, the cover and the beginning of the issue will feature “The 15th MOE Picture Book Store Award 2022”!
[Image 5

MOE February 2023 issue cover
This time, in addition to the special feature in the MOE magazine, the announcement of the top winners and the award ceremony will be released on the YouTube Hakusensha channel
( from 12:00 on December 28th. increase. Award-winning authors participate in videos and handwritten comments. It’s a program that you can’t miss until the end, so please take a look.
What is the MOE Picture Book Store Grand Prize? Monthly MOE conducted a survey of 3,000 people in charge of children’s book sales at picture book stores and bookstores nationwide, and determined the 30 most popular picture books. “Boo-chan and Onii-chan” drawn by Yuka Shimada are the symbol characters.
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