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2 years and 8 months after the establishment of the association, the number of “modern version PROTEAN” user s exceeded 150,000!

2 years and 8 months after the establishment of the association, the number of “modern version PROTEAN” users exceeded 150,000!
A dramatic increase in the number of presentations, training, and e-learning introductions, centered on major companies working on human capital management

Protean Career Association (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Kennosuke Tanaka, Toru Ariyama, hereinafter referred to as “this In the 2 years and 8 months since its establishment in March 2020, we have introduced the cutting-edge career theory “modern version of PROTEAN Career Theory/Practical Method” to 150,000 people through training and e-learning. increase.
While human capital management is attracting attention, the concept of career autonomy = protean career is required by society, and we will continue to communicate and practice it to more people to build new relationships between organizations and individuals. I will come. [Image 1

Comment from Kennosuke Tanaka, Advocate of the Modern Protean Career (*) [Image 2

Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University/Representative Director of the Association
Former Visiting Researcher at UC. Berkeley Former Visiting Researcher at the University of Melbourne Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellow SPD University of Tokyo / Ph.D.: Sociology. Completed doctoral course at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Sociology. Specializes in career theory and organizational theory. He has served as an outside director and outside advisor for 33 companies. private investor. Author of 29 books. “Protean – The Strongest Career Capital Theory to Keep Working on the Front Lines Until the Age of 70”, latest publication “Career Workout”
The modern version of PROTEAN has been introduced mainly by large companies as cutting-edge career knowledge that connects management strategy, business strategy, and human resource strategy. We are pleased to announce that we have exceeded the goal of reaching 100,000 people in 3 years when the association was established, and have now reached 150,000 people. I am sincerely grateful.
However, we are only halfway there. There are many people who are struggling with careers within organizations because they do not know the concept of career autonomy, career ownership, and independent career development.
The modern version of PROTEAN is career literacy (basic education) in the Reiwa era. We will deliver to as many people as possible and accompany CX (= career transformation) from an in-house career to a PROTEAN career.
The modern version of PROTEAN maximizes the potential of each individual. We will produce corporate growth through building better relationships between organizations and individuals. We look forward to working with you to create a better future.
*Modern Protean Career: The protean career theory proposed in 1976 by American psychologist Douglas T. Hall as a “protean career” for adapting to social changes. It refers to the theory and practice method that our association representative Tanaka has evolved by combining the concept of career capital in line with the 100-year era. Protian Career Dock (Comprehensive support service for career interactive organizational development)
Protian Career Dock is a self-career dock promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that incorporates the latest career theory, the modern version of Protian Career Theory and Practical Methods. Systematic support services to support transformation. Provides a cutting-edge framework for career autonomy for employees and career support for managers in human capital management.
[Introduction track record] More than 50 listed companies such as Mizuho FG, Sumitomo Corporation, Idemitsu Kosan, Dentsu Digital, Pola, Morinaga & Co., etc. in two years, introduction results to about 150,000 people, mainly large companies, cross-border, multi-business, DX A fulfilling program in collaboration with
[Image 3

[Protian Career Dock Seminar]
■ Wednesday, December 14, 2022 12:00-13:00
[Target] Corporate managers, personnel managers, and people in charge (training, human resource development areas)
*Protian Career Dock details:
PROTEAN Career e-Learning (*Received the 2022 IMS Japan Award) Provided PROTEAN Career e-learning to deliver cutting-edge knowledge to more people, currently providing to more than 70,000 people [Image 4

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[Outline of our association]
Official name: Protian Career Association
Location: Shinjuku Washington Hotel Building Main Building 2F, 3-2-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business overview: Support for independent career development of individuals and creation of better relationships between organizations and individuals
Representative Director: Kennosuke Tanaka (Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University) / Toru Ariyama (CEO, 4designs Inc.) Established: March 2020
Association website:
Media “Protean”:
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