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20 maxims to check before using sales agency, sales outsourcing, freelance

Sales Intelligence Co., Ltd.
20 maxims to check before using sales agency, sales outsourcing, freelance 10 professional sales people with an annual income of 100 million yen or more think about the sales agency they want to use now

Even though their products and services are superior to those of other companies, they do not sell at all. The market share with other companies cannot be reduced. It’s a story I often hear.
90% of all companies have sales problems, and sales agency is a very useful service that directly leads to the solution of the problem. In addition, the number of companies using sales representatives is steadily increasing due to their high level of expertise and efficiency. There are quite a few companies that have such experience, so we asked for the views of top sales professionals.
Among various industries, the players with annual income of several hundred million yen in the industry that is said to be the most difficult to sell are probably the best sales professionals, but what kind of performance do they demonstrate from the viewpoint of the top sales people? From a professional point of view, I seriously asked if they would like to use it as a sales agency, if the possibility of getting more results than they wanted would increase, and if their expectations for reliability and sales ability were high in terms of spending money. .
This story was very helpful not only for companies thinking about requesting a sales agency, but also for recruiting new personnel at their company and for administering sales personnel to executives, so let me list some of them. Let’s eat.
Please contact us from the following for the contents of the interview with the sales player who answered the questionnaire this time and the individual sales consultation meeting.
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◇Regarding the transmission of information
Sales Intelligence Co., Ltd.
“Gross profit fee (R)” consulting that combines NO, 1 negotiator and technology Representative Director Shinya Inoue
Joined a company with about 8,000 sales staff as a general employee at a foreign-affiliated financial institution in the industry, which is said to be the most difficult sales in order to develop a sales intelligence sales method and verify its effectiveness. Appointed to the sales department.
Ten months after his arrival, he was the fastest in Japan to be promoted to a new corporate sales producer for a department that boasts the highest sales and profits in Japan for three consecutive years due to his strategic theory and achievements.
After that, create a blue ocean business strategy worth tens of billions of yen Established in May 2022, we are planning, operating and selling new businesses with large companies, start-up companies, unicorn companies, etc. in various industries.
*The information provided is an example of the personal opinion of a multi-million-yen player. It does not mean that we recommend all or part of the service usage. In addition, it is not the result of detailed analysis of the information of individual customers who are considering using it. Depending on the customer’s usage situation, profit or loss may increase.
Please use your own judgment when making transactions.
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