2023 Fortune Telling Feature 2023 fortune telling by popular TV fortune tellers (Getters Iida/Hitomi Hoshi/Kyoto Tamako) is now available!

CAM Co., Ltd.
[2023 Fortune Telling Feature] 2023 fortune telling by popular TV fortune tellers (Getters Iida/Hitomi Hoshi/Kyoto Tamako) is now available!

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CAM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shunkai Suda, hereinafter referred to as CAM) will feature a 2023
fortune-telling feature on the fortune-telling portal media “marouge (https://marouge.jp/)” operated by CAM. has been published.
In the “2023 Fortune Fortune Special” where the fortune of 2023 can be predicted, popular fortune tellers such as Getters Iida, Hitomi Hoshi, Crystal Egg, Miho Nakazono, and other fortune tellers who are popular in the media will appraise the fortune of 2023.
In addition to being able to try the 2023 Fortune Tellings of all fortune tellers for free, we also offer appraisals for different worries such as love luck and marriage luck. Please enjoy
fortune-telling that suits your purpose from a fortune-teller that suits your tastes and appraisal items that you are interested in. -Click here for 2023 fortune-telling feature
■ The fortune of 2023 is predicted! Site information by supervisor ◯ Getters Iida “Fortune-telling of Getters Iida (https://sp.gettersiida.net/)” (Comprehensive luck, compatibility fortune-telling, love luck) Invented the original fortune-telling “Gosei Sanshin Fortune-telling” and has appeared in many media as “the strongest fortune teller in the entertainment world”. In addition to general luck in 2023, we introduce appraisals that predict love luck, marriage luck, work luck, and financial luck.
– Click here for the 2023 fortune by “Getters Iida’s Fortune-telling” https://sp.gettersiida.net/article/gettersiida/unsei/12818/
◯ Hitomi Hoshi “Hitomi Hoshi’s astronomical surname judgment (https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/)”
(Comprehensive luck, love luck, marriage luck)
A fortune-telling program currently being broadcast on Fuji TV, “Can I fortune-telling suddenly? ] Appearing in. As the founder of the original fortune-telling method “Tenseijutsu”, he has appraised more than 30,000 people. Introducing the possibility of marriage in 2023 of general luck.
– Click here for the 2023 fortune according to “Hitomi Hoshi’s astronomical surname judgment”
https://hoshi-hitomi.marouge.jp/p/article/714786727075513388 ◯ Crystal egg “Crystal egg new Persian astrology
(Comprehensive luck, compatibility fortune-telling & love luck) A popular fortune teller who appears in the downtown DX strongest luck ranking as “the only fortune teller that Getters Iida respects”. Appraise the total love luck of 2023 with an original fortune-telling that combines the West and the East.
– Click here for the 2023 fortune according to “Crystal Egg New Persian Astrology”
◯ Miho Nakazono “Miho Nakazono Lifted! Women’s Absolute Fate (https://nakazono-miho.marouge.jp/)”
A fortune teller who works as a screenwriter, but also thinks as a fortune teller. Miho Nakazono Lifted! At Women’s Absolute Fate, we will appraise the overall luck and compatibility of 2023 with the original divination “Fukujuen Uranai” based on the four pillars of destiny.
-Click here for the 2023 fortune according to “Miho Nakazono Lifting the ban! De woman’s absolute fate”
◯CHIE “CHIE ◆ Spiritual Weather (https://chie.marouge.jp/)”
Appeared in many media as a “spiritual female college student” while in college, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2022. Based on the aura of all 27 colors, it predicts your personality, love tendency, and compatibility. We are also looking for individual appraisals on the official website.
– Click here for the 2023 fortune by “CHIE ◆ Spiritual Weather” https://chie.marouge.jp/p/no-member/premium-fortune/737631617522074804 ◯ Leon Kinoshita “Leon Kinoshita’s Emperor’s Fortune-telling (https://kinoshita-reon.marouge.jp/)”
Leon Kinoshita, who is appearing in the Fuji Television
fortune-telling program “Suddenly but can I fortune-telling?” Please experience the appraisal that also guessed the fate of the
– Click here for the 2023 fortune by “Leon Kinoshita’s Emperor’s Fortune-telling”
https://kinoshita-reon.marouge.jp/p/no-member/premium-fortune/727803915986273366 About marouge
[Image 2d21008-158-05a572af47ee429be7c9-1.png&s3=21008-158-25bec530ab4b340f98505b63ac044e0c-848x588.png
“marouge https://marouge.jp/” operated by CAM is an opportunity to make everyday life more enjoyable in order to solve problems in life based on the concept of “be yourself who you want to be tomorrow”. I am working on making it. As one of them, we provide fortune-telling content, and a group of professionals with various talents, including fortune tellers who are widely active in TV, magazines and media, will stand by your troubles.
Title: marouge
Site URL: https://marouge.jp/
Fee format: Free *Some paid content available
■ CAM Co., Ltd. https://cam-inc.co.jp/
Company name: CAM Co., Ltd.
Location: 40-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established May 31, 2000
Capital: 101 million yen (as of March 25, 2019)
Representative: Shunkai Suda, President and CEO
240 employees (as of September 30, 2022)
Business description Entertainment business, media business
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