\ 2023 “lucky bag” will be pre-sold online / A limited number of advantageous sets including plum kelp tea original goods and chirimen sansho pepper will be sold. Free shipping nationwide

Fuji Foods Co., Ltd.
\ 2023 “lucky bag” will be pre-sold online / A limited number of advantageous sets including plum kelp tea original goods and chirimen sansho pepper will be sold. Free shipping nationwide
Sales will begin on December 5th at the official online shop of Fuji Foods, Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping, and auPAY Market!

Fuji Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Osaka, President: Takayoshi Fujii) will start selling lucky bags in 2023 at “Fuji Foods Official Online Shop” and “Kobucha Honpo”. We have prepared 3 types of bargain assortments including kombucha, chirimen tsukudani, waste water, dashi kombu, and plum kelp tea original goods (masking tape, purse, eco bag). Free shipping nationwide, limited quantity! [Image 1

Why don’t you start 2023 with a lucky bag containing the lucky charm “kelp”? We will start selling a limited number of lucky bag sets filled with popular products of Fuji Foods with free shipping nationwide. We have prepared three types of “2023 lucky bag A set”, “2023 lucky bag B set”, and “2023 lucky bag C set”, which are assorted popular products. This is a set where you can enjoy various attractive products from Fuji Foods, so how about taking this opportunity? [2023 lucky bag A set]
The long-selling “Fuji no Kombucha” and “Fuji no Umekobucha” are popular sweet and spicy chirimen tsukudani. Kombu tsukudani and perilla-flavored furikake made with makombu from southern Hokkaido. Mixed rice with the umami of whole chicken soup ・ Once you eat it, you’ll get used to it. “Natural Rausu kelp” has a rich flavor and goes well with cooking. You can enjoy a total of 10 popular products from Fuji Foods at an online retail price.
[Image 2

[Image 3

[2023 lucky bag B set]
The long-selling Fuji kombucha and plum kelp tea, as well as the salty-sweet seasoning of chirimen tsukudani. Kombu tsukudani (kelp boiled in soy sauce) made with real kelp from southern Hokkaido, with a smooth texture and gentle sweetness. Mixed rice with the flavor of whole chicken soup, natural kelp and cooked rice. Deep-fried okaki with dashi kelp and plum kelp tea flavor recommended for hot pot. You can enjoy a wide variety of 14 items at an online retail price. [Image 4

[Image 5

[2023 lucky bag C set]
Kombu tsukudani, including the long-selling Fuji kombucha and plum kobucha, as well as makombu from southern Hokkaido. The salty-sweet seasoning of chirimen tsukudani and natural kombu seaweed is a popular ingredient for mixed rice. Dashi kombu seaweed recommended for hot pot. Soy sauce and kombu that have been slowly matured for three years have a deep taste of kombu soy sauce. You can enjoy all 18 hearty items at a limited price for online shopping.
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[Image 7d59890-38-ab8de1ab2a1d005d2676-5.jpg&s3=59890-38-d3efc54c5f6635d36d79d786def36f96-500x500.jpg
-Purchase lucky bags-
Fuji food official online shop
URL: https://fujishokuhin-onlineshop.jp/shop/default.aspx
Kobucha Honpo YAHOO! Shopping Store
URL: https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/kobucha-fuji/
Kobucha Honpo Rakuten Market
URL: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/kobucha-fuji/
Fuji Foods Online Shop auPAY Market
URL: https://wowma.jp/user/65527896
-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Fuji Foods Co., Ltd.
URL: http://fujishokuhin.jp/other/company.php
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