3,000 yen / person ~ real bullet trip! A trip to Kinugawa Onsen with two meals that will please both your family and your wallet

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Hanasenkyo Co., Ltd.
3,000 yen / person ~ real bullet trip! A trip to Kinugawa Onsen with two meals that will please both your family and your wallet
A luxurious dinner plan (1 night with 2 meals) that allows you to enjoy Kinugawa Onsen for just 3,000 yen has started as a national travel discount. A recommended inn that accepts same-day reservations. https://hanasenkyo.jp/

Hanachikyo, which is famous for Kinugawa Onsen, has expanded baby plans and in-room meal plans until December 27th, when the nationwide travel support is available.
~ I’m home, Kinugawa. An inn that always makes you want to come back, Hanachikyo [Image 1

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dinner photo
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Since 2006, JR East and Tobu Railway have operated a direct limited express “Kinugawa/Spacia Kinugawa” between Shinjuku Station and Kinugawa Onsen every day. Good access to hot springs.
It takes about two and a half hours from Tokyo, and for around 2,000 yen one way, you can casually enjoy hot springs, nature, and mountain and river delicacies even in winter.

[Image 5

Family plans and baby plans are also available
[Image 6

Among them, Kinugawa Onsen Hanasenkyo offers a plan that can be enjoyed for 3,000 yen per person from December 1st to December 27th, limited to a few groups per day. In particular, the target is the week from December 12th to Christmas, and it is sold out one after another due to the last-minute reservation and last-minute reservations. Reservation availability calendar:
https://reserve.489ban.net/client/hanasenkyo/0/plan/availability/daily?#content [Image 7

In addition, there is a plan where you can enjoy in-room dining for around 6,000 yen per person with a nationwide travel support discount, which is perfect for families and those traveling on a whim. For meals, the chef who has trained in Japanese cuisine for many years shows his skill and you can eat full kaiseki cuisine that makes use of seasonal ingredients.
The kaiseki “go” plan and the kaiseki “sen” (upgraded main dishes such as Tochigi Wagyu beef steak) are plans that allow you to travel on a whim as a small reward for those who are working hard at home and work. there is
[Image 8

Room meal image
[Image 9

Tochigi Wagyu beef plan
In the case of the “Sato” kaiseki meal served in the room, the basic charge for weekdays in December is 12,000 yen per person, but with the nationwide travel support discount, it will be about 3,000 yen, and with a coupon of 3,000 yen, it will actually be 6,000 yen per person. can enjoy.
https://reserve.489ban.net/client/hanasenkyo/0/detail/641389 Monogusa no Yado Hanachikyo
– Facility Overview –
1. Retro room furniture and spacious Japanese-style and
Japanese-Western style rooms
2. Luxurious dinner and breakfast served by a chef specializing in Japanese cuisine
3. Discerning open-air bath
4. Coffee time on the elegant balcony
5. Saturday-only rose bath (women’s bath only)
6. Extensive on-site facilities such as karaoke, light meals, souvenir shops, etc.
7. Thorough measures against coronavirus
Luxury plan of special Japanese-Western style room and special Japanese-style room
The most luxurious plan with a spectacular view that can only be reserved on the top floor.
A space where you can relax while listening to the sounds of the Kinugawa River, the chirping of birds, and the chirping of insects. You can choose between in-room dining and venue dining at the time of booking. [Image 10

Kaiseki plan for Japanese-style room and twin room
In a Japanese-style room, you can also choose a room meal plan at an exceptional price. On the other hand, the twin room only serves meals at the venue, but it is a perfect plan for a short trip that wants to enjoy hot springs and meals at the lowest price.
Baby plan that is safe for babies
Hanasenkyo is popular with families with babies, and is popular for its wide range of baby goods and amenities. It is also an advantage for families with children to be able to choose room meals.
https://reserve.489ban.net/client/hanasenkyo/0/detail/641412 Plan with tickets for surrounding theme parks
Hanasenkyo is tied up with many nearby entertainment facilities, and offers plans with tickets to suit your travel plans. It is also a recommended point that you can buy tickets at a discounted price compared to purchasing on the day.
Other anniversary and golf plans
There are plenty of plans such as a golf pack plan in Kinugawa, a plan without meals, and a plan with a full bottle of white wine for couples only, and most of them can be enjoyed within 10,000 yen.
[Image 13

Rose bath only for women on Saturdays
A rose bath that is close to women’s skin is held only on Saturdays. [Image 14

In addition, the latest plans include a kotatsu plan and a graduation plan that leaves retro memories.
Kotatsu room dining plan with a retro feel
*From December 20th, the kotatsu plan limited to 3 groups per day will start in the room on the 10th floor (the room is not open yet.) [Image 15

Send information on Instagram!
Currently, we are also disseminating information on Instagram, and we are also focusing on limited-time events.
[Image 16

Our hotel is located about two and a half hours by car from the Tokyo metropolitan area, and about two hours by limited express Spacia. About 5 minutes by dial bus from Kinugawa Onsen Station. Please spend a relaxing holiday in the nature-rich Kinugawa.
Dial Bus: https://www.nikko-kotsu.co.jp/sightseeing/kinugawa.php [Image 17d113494-1-5573eb91cb92459e65c9-15.png&s3=113494-1-d6e2bf8d5e78e580caab774c408f8dcb-1666x1328.png
[Image 18d113494-1-54bd0b0371f99f8af50a-9.png&s3=113494-1-016e4f851a660955624047fdc9cfd8b0-2614x896.png

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