38 beauties from all over the world will experience Japanese culture through the Enshu style tea ceremony!

International Cultural Association
38 beauties from all over the world will experience Japanese culture through the Enshu style tea ceremony!

The International Cultural Association (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Akemi Shimomura) held a tea ceremony experience for the 60th Miss International World Tournament 2022 contestants as part of their goodwill activities. .
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“Miss International Beauty Pageant (Miss International)” is one of the three major beauty pageants in the world along with Miss World and Miss Universe. . The unique feature of Miss International is that women with high aspirations who want to contribute to the
international community, such as beauty, international friendship, and world peace, gather as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace” to deepen exchanges with each other. is in
On December 5, 2022 (Monday), 38 contestants of the “60th Miss International World Contest 2022” visited Enshu Tea Ceremony Soke (Wakamiya-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo).
Experience deep Japanese hospitality through the prestigious Enshu-ryu tea ceremony, which has a history of 440 years since the Edo period. All of them tried a tea ceremony experience, a Japanese sweets experience, and so on. Sitting in the unfamiliar seiza position, and sometimes being confused by the manners unique to the tea ceremony, I listened intently to the explanations and enjoyed the tea by imitating what I saw. The serious challenge of the contestants, who are both gorgeous and pure, overlapped with the essence of the Enshu-ryu tea ceremony, “kirei sabi”.
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■ Enshu-ryu Tea Ceremony Soke Official Website: https://www.enshuryu.com/ [Miss International Goodwill Schedule]
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/15811/table/64_1_471c6f7205c3285e3fe7d0e319676c47.jpg ]

[60th Miss International World Tournament 2022]
●Name: The 60th Miss International World Tournament 2022 (The 60th Miss International Beauty Pageant2022)
Date: December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) 14: 00-17: 30
● Venue: Tokyo Dome City Hall (1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) ●Organizer: International Cultural Association
● LIVE distribution URL: https://missinternational2022.peatix.com/ Moderators: Tetsuya Bessho, Rachel Chan
●Artists: MIYAVI, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo
Appearance: 66 2022 Miss International representatives from each country and region
● Judge: His Excellency Pawel Milewski (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Japan)
Miyata (President, Nitten)
Devi Sukarno (Socialist)
Junko Koshino (Designer)
Norika Fujiwara (Actress)
Supapan Pichaironnarongsongkhram (Chairman, Chao Phraya Express Boat) Senko Ikenobo
Kobori Sojitsu (Fudenan, 13th head of Enshu tea ceremony)
Srithon Liarawat (2019 Miss International/Thailand)
Akemi Shimomura (President, International Cultural Association) Contents: The following titles will be decided from among the 66 participants in the world tournament
・Miss International (1st to 5th place)
・Miss Five Continents (Asia/Africa/America/Oceania/Europe)
・Special Award (Best National Costume/Best in Swimsuit/Best in Evening Gown/Miss Photogenic)
● Supported by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO),
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan New Business Association Federation,
General Incorporated Association Tokyo New Business Council *In no particular order
Sponsors: Esthetic Miss Paris/Panasonic Corporation/Artesaron Holdings Co., Ltd./NSG Group/Wave Corporation/Iseed Co., Ltd.
Grauben Co., Ltd. (thescents) / Im Co., Ltd. (RICE FORCE) / Taisei Corporation Kiyomura Co., Ltd. / Hibino Co., Ltd. / Hulic Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (THE GATE HOTEL by HULIC)
[Ticket information]
1. S seat (arena): ¥33,000 (tax included)
*Customers arriving in S seats are requested to comply with the dress code (semi-formal). *Men wear jackets
2. A seat (1st floor balcony): ¥22,000 (tax included)
3. B seat (2nd floor balcony): ¥13,200 (tax included)
4. C seat (3rd floor balcony): ¥8,800 (tax included)
■ Ticket sales site:
Dedicated page: https://e-ticketbook.com/miss-international-wc/2210-tb/ Seller: ticketbook https://e-ticketbook.com/
■On the day of the World Tournament, we will conduct a live broadcast so that even those who cannot visit the venue can see the tournament in real time.
LIVE distribution URL: https://missinternational2022.peatix.com/ [General inquiries]
Inquiries about events
International Cultural Association
TEL: 03-6757-6505 (Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 *Excluding weekends and holidays) Email us: info-j@miss-international.org
■ About “Miss International”
Miss International, officially called “Miss International Beauty Pageant”, was born in the United States in 1960. It was held in the United States for seven years after its birth, but the hosting rights were transferred to Japan in commemoration of the Japan World Exposition (1970/Osaka). The goal of Miss International is not only to compete for external beauty, but also to realize world peace by promoting mutual understanding between countries through international exchange, friendship and social contribution activities in the host country. We hope that the actions of the women who challenged the global competition will lead to their own growth and the courage and challenge of many women. I’m here. At the world convention, where representatives of each country and region gather together as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace,” the purpose is to send out “prayers for peace” to the world and to appeal the splendor of Japan, the host country. It is held every year. In addition, Miss
International conducts international exchange activities on an individual level. Through social contribution activities such as the Greening Promotion Campaign, the Miss International Forum, and charity events, we are deepening friendship and goodwill between Japan and countries around the world.
“Miss International” official website: https://www.miss-international.org/

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