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A column function is born on the employment and job change support site “Para-channel” specializing in the employment of people with disabilities! Send out the atmosphere and charm of the company in the column and use it as an opportunity for job see

Carrierart Co., Ltd.
A column function is born on the employment and job change support site “Para-channel” specializing in the employment of people with disabilities! Send out the atmosphere and charm of the company in the column and use it as an opportunity for job seekers to apply.
Carrierart Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shodai Nakatsuka) has started providing a column function on “Para-channel,” a job search and career change support site
specializing in the employment of people with disabilities. For job seekers, you can easily send images of daily work, such as actual workplace conditions and company events, like a blog.
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“Para-channel”, a job site specializing in employment of people with disabilities
■ Background of provision of column function
“Para Channel” will start completely free of charge from January 2022, and will soon reach its one year mark. As a job search site that allows you to search for workplaces that match your individual characteristics, such as the type of disability, consideration, and compatibility, it realizes better matching between companies that want to hire and people with disabilities who want to work.
The new function this time is the addition of a “column” function that allows companies to freely transmit information to job seekers. Publishing your company’s information in a column also proves the organization’s transparency and openness. For job seekers, it is a clue to concretely imagine the daily life of working in the workplace. The use of this new function will reduce mismatches between hiring companies and job seekers, and promote mobility and career advancement for people with disabilities.
[What is the column function]
Persons in charge at hiring companies will be able to post columns about workplace conditions, business content, and company events. You can directly convey in more detail the company culture and workplace atmosphere, which is difficult to understand in job information. You can post photos and videos and update them easily like a blog. There is no additional charge for submitting a column. As with other functions, it is completely free, so please use it.
[Benefits of the column function]
You can appeal to a comfortable workplace
Get to know the appeal of your job
Creating “fans” through efforts to employ people with disabilities Promote ESG management with an awareness of the environment (E), society (S), and governance (G)
Communicate with job seekers
Photographs and videos convey the atmosphere of the company in real time Reducing mismatches after joining the company
[Recommended for the story of the column! ]
● Interviews with the president and employees
●Specific business scene
● Introduction of welfare programs such as employee cafeterias In-house barrier-free environment
● Adhering to a day in the life of a new employee
● In-house events, etc.
[Characteristics of “Para-channel”, a job site specializing in employment of people with disabilities]
● Registration is completed in just about 3 minutes by automatically reprinting Hello Work job postings
Completely free for 2 years from site release, job posting is possible for 0 yen ●Pass/fail contact is completed automatically! A design that allows you to concentrate on the “recruitment decision”
●Collaboration with “Para-channel Cafe,” a monthly 60,000 PV channel that conveys the voices of both the hiring company and the person with a disability
[Para Channel Cafe]
[Recommended for such companies]
Busy hiring new graduates and mid-career hires, not enough time to hire people with disabilities
Limited budget for hiring people with disabilities
[Overview of job seekers targeted by the recruitment site “Para-channel”] ■Category: new graduates and mid-career
■Type of disability/other characteristics: physical, mental, developmental, intellectual, intractable disease, LGBTQ, etc. *It does not matter whether you have a disability certificate or not. [Why is it now a job site specializing in the employment of people with disabilities]
The “Para Channel” project, which promotes diversity, started from a question about the compatibility between the recruitment style of the human resources industry and the employment of people with
disabilities. Recruitment and recruitment services generally incur recruitment costs in the hundreds of thousands or millions of yen. For this reason, we believe that matching with job seekers is limited to employment conditions that companies feel comfortable with, and that active interviews, practical training, and employment are not being promoted. In order to drastically reform the structure created by this human resources industry, we will provide a system that allows job seekers to use it completely free of charge, and also allows companies to post jobs for free for two years.
Job seekers who seek reasonable accommodation such as those with disabilities and LGBTQ people are not special. In order to make workplaces where diverse people work together become a daily routine, we have established the job site “Para Channel” to further promote “a society where everyone can make use of their characteristics and have diverse options”. Both companies and job seekers can use the service free of charge (for 2 years after opening).
[Collaboration with the popular column site “Para-channel Cafe”] As a career consultant specializing in the employment of people with disabilities, Careart Co., Ltd. has been working hard to ensure that job seekers and hiring companies give up on hiring people with disabilities or leave their jobs early due to gaps caused by a lack of mutual understanding and misunderstandings. I’ve seen cases. In order to eliminate the assumptions of the accepting companies and the concerns of people with disabilities, the column site “Para-channel Cafe” is a place where both recruiters and job seekers can express their candid opinions. Operation will start in February 2021. We introduce case studies of companies and experiences of working people with disabilities, and have achieved 60,000 page views per month. [Features of “Para Channel”, a job site specializing in employment of people with disabilities: details]
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1. Minimize the word “disability”
Since this is a job site that specializes in hiring people with disabilities, there is no need to explicitly mention the word “disability”. Employment and career change activities require physical and mental stamina for both recruiters and job seekers. We are devising ways to reduce the burden on both parties as much as possible and to encourage positive and highly motivated job hunting and career change activities.
2. Matching that emphasizes compatibility as well as skills
[Image 3

In addition to the skill matching function, we have added a matching function that emphasizes the compatibility between the work style desired by job seekers and the personality image recruiters are looking for.
3. My page that focuses on strengths and strengths rather than the number of educational backgrounds and work experience
The job site “Para Channel” focuses on improving profile information by focusing on strengths and strengths rather than educational background and number of work experiences. It is possible to create profile information according to each employment / job change style. 4. Efficient and positive employment and activities are realized by reducing the burden of job hunting and job change activities and reducing waste.
Para-channel reduces the burden of job-hunting and job-hunting activities, such as “no reason for applying at the time of entry is required” and “if there is no response from the company within 10 days, it will be automatically rejected and removed from the status”. , we will provide a mechanism that allows you to work positively. 5. Information management and notification functions that reduce the burden of scheduling and make you more active
[Image 4

[Graphical User Interface, Text, Application, Chat or Text Message Automatically Generated Description] Not only can you easily schedule an interview with a recruiter, but it also automatically changes the status of job postings you have entered. , it is possible to grasp the necessary schedule at a glance. Notifications can also be configured to your liking.
Introducing some related columns
“Para Channel Cafe” will open in February 2021. Through interviews with companies accepting employment and serializations by more than 50 disabled writers, it conveys the daily working lives of people with disabilities as they are. We aim to realize a diverse society and revitalize the employment of people with disabilities in collaboration with the job site “Para Channel” of this release by having people with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, LGBT, etc. who are considered minorities send their own messages. increase.
[Completely free] “Para Channel”, a job site specializing in employment of people with disabilities, opened on January 11, 2022! !
How do blind and visually impaired people use smartphones?
Participants explain the characteristics and problems of boundary intelligence
Substantial D&I initiatives that are not bound by numerical goals
Working for disabled people leads to social contribution. Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. Interview with Mr. Takashi Iwai, Corporate Planning Department
The importance of an environment where you can challenge yourself rather than the compatibility of your disability characteristics and work content. Sompo Challenged Inc. Business Department 2nd Group 2nd Group West Tokyo 4th Administrative Support Team Interview with Mr. Koichi Shimonoma
Operating company
Company name: Carrier Art Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Shodai Nakatsuka
Location: 6th floor, Sawada Kojimachi Building, 1-10-5 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: January 11, 2018
Details about this release:

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