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A day of special encounters where the value creation of “Peace x Business” is born. |2022 World Business C onference for Peace Hiroshima Tokyo Session

Hiroshima for Global Peace + Tokyo Community
A day of special encounters where the value creation of “Peace x Business” is born. |2022 World Business Conference for Peace Hiroshima Tokyo Session
~ Supporting transformation and co-creation of business people who aim to solve social issues and grow sustainable businesses ~

On February 4, 2023 ( On Saturday, we will hold the 4th “2022 World Business Conference for Peace Hiroshima Tokyo Session | Peace x Business Value Creation ~ Possibilities of Business Impact from the Perspective of Peace ~”. Together with about 40 people, including leading large companies, startups, the next generation, experts, and the media, we will discuss the business impact from various
perspectives centering on the four social issues surrounding peace, and work to solve social issues and create sustainable businesses. We support economic people (business people) who are worried about how to act and practice in order to link growth with management problem solving and new business creation.
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Event special site:
Background of the event
Today, Japan faces serious social problems that threaten peace, and calls for a new form of capitalism are being called for. 77 years after the war. What have we gained and what have we lost in our long history?
An economic slump that cannot overcome the lost 30 years at the mercy of the international order. Climate change, widening disparities and inequalities, the new coronavirus, and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Economic turmoil is not surprising at any time. Anxiety undermines a peaceful daily life. The systems and values ​​built by economic growth are bound and endangered. In a globally connected world, society is becoming increasingly fragmented.
Today, the power of business (private capital and innovation) is increasingly required.
At the “Global Business Conference for Peace Hiroshima Tokyo Session”, we invite experts, companies, and entrepreneurs who are challenging to solve social issues and grow sustainable businesses, learn how management and business should be in the future, and become role models. We will hold an event to meet you.
Through the value creation of “Peace x Business”, we aim to solve social issues and grow sustainable businesses, and support business people who want to solve management issues and create new businesses. Overview of the event
Date and time: Saturday, February 4, 2023 10:00-20:00
Holding method: Hybrid holding of venue (Kudanshita, Tokyo) and online distribution
Participation method: Participation at the venue (in principle, invitation system, separate information / special support plan frame available)
     Online distribution (Apply from Peatix. ¥2,000 / ¥5,000) Main target audience:
In response to SDGs/ESG, etc.,
・ Executives who are worried about solving management issues and utilizing their own assets
・ Young leaders looking to meet role models and peers
・ Startups that want to demonstrate their presence and acquire partners ・ Intermediate supporters who want to collect needs and trends ・ Those who aim for multi-sector partnerships
Participation application page:
Organized by: National Peace Base Hiroshima + Tokyo Community Supported by: Hiroshima Prefecture, Keizai Doyukai, Tokyo Hiroshima Kenjinkai    General Incorporated Association Global Compact Network Japan (pending) program
(As of December 28, 2022)
・ Details of the speakers will be announced on the official website as soon as they are decided.
・The program, speakers, and timetable are subject to change without notice. Main subject
Value Creation of “Peace x Business” ~Possibility of business impact from the perspective of peace~
A. public interview
We invite key people, and a skilled interviewer draws out the story. [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

B. panel discussion
Sharing the realities of issues and challenges through a triad of large companies, startups, and young leaders.
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C. pitch & presentation
U40 presenters, selected through open recruitment and recommendations, presented their ideas and initiatives based on peace.
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D. Dialogue (*Venue only)
Speakers and participants sit down and have a dialogue. A place to share aspirations and ideas without prejudice.
E. Networking (*Venue only)
A place where business leaders who take a step forward meet friends and supporters and expand partnerships based on peace.
Hiroshima for Global Peace + Tokyo community
[Image 12d86025-7-e422149a688f6e90db61-11.png&s3=86025-7-be5919475c1098ab7e060ec40eb18fe1-714x323.png
The first international peace center Hiroshima community certified as an organization that supports and carries out activities for peace by Hiroshima Prefecture and Hiroshima Creation Organization Hiroshima (HOPe).
Mission: Redesign peace, talk about peace, create peace.
Hiroshima for Global Peace + Tokyo Community
(Secretariat of the Steering Committee for the Hiroshima Tokyo Session of the Business Conference for World Peace)
Location: Ginza Ohtake Residence 2F, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Locations: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Online
Representative: Takashi Sasaki
Business: Research and development of “Peace x Business” and community management
YouTube: World Business Conference for Peace About Hiroshima
The World Conference of Businesses for Peace in Hiroshima aims to share the importance of international peace, which is the premise of business, among stakeholders through multifaceted discussions on the relationship between business and peacebuilding. Heiwa Creative Organization Hiroshima (HOPe) will hold this event with the aim of providing an opportunity for the business community to reconsider their role in realizing a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons and to make concrete contributions. This conference, which was held for the first time in 2013, changed its name to “Business Conference for World Peace Hiroshima” in 2020, and was held for the 7th time in September 2022.
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