A hot spring inn where you can warm your body after winter sports and winter outings. Oedo Onsen Monogatari A winter buffet that will warm you from the bottom of your stomach at Higashiyama Grand Hotel and Aizu!

Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.
A hot spring inn where you can warm your body after winter sports and winter outings. Oedo Onsen Monogatari A winter buffet that will warm you from the bottom of your stomach at Higashiyama Grand Hotel and Aizu!

At “Higashiyama Grand Hotel” and “Aizu” (both in Fukushima Prefecture) operated by Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. December 1st -Winter Manzoku Buffet- has started.
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In this release, we would like to introduce two inns that we recommend as bases for winter sports and trips to enjoy the natural scenery unique to winter.
We will introduce the charm of the menu of -Winter Manzoku Buffet-, which started on December 1st, and information on outings unique to winter.
An image video of a winter outing to enjoy at the Oedo Onsen Monogatari inn.
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1. An inn where you can enjoy free all-you-can-drink, creative gourmet food, and a hot pot buffet [Higashiyama Grand Hotel]
The Higashiyama Grand Hotel boasts spacious public baths and open-air baths where you can enjoy bathing while gazing at the snow-covered mountains of Higashiyama.
After warming up your cold body from winter sports and sightseeing, enjoy the winter buffet with all-you-can-drink alcohol included in the room rate.
Creative Gourmet & Hot Pot Buffet
Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) https://higashiyama.ooedoonsen.jp/news/16290
The recommended menus that you should enjoy with the local Aizu sake included in the all-you-can-drink menu are “sashimi” and “selectable hot pot buffet.”
In addition to tuna sashimi, we also offer yellowtail and salmon. Why don’t you try tilting the sake cup carefully with your favorite story? Please enjoy the “selectable hot pot buffet” made by combining 4 types of soup stock and more than 10 types of ingredients such as meat and vegetables in a small pot at your table. Not to mention plenty of ingredients, the umami-rich dashi stock that comes out of the ingredients may be the best feast of the nabe.
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In addition, from December 26th (Monday), a feast menu using ingredients unique to winter will appear.
“Milt frit” is served with soft-fried milt that is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, served with a salad of garland
chrysanthemum and Chinese cabbage. Enjoy the original taste of the ingredients with our homemade herb salt.
The other dish is “grilled oyster shell”. Enjoy the harmony of exquisite cooked oysters and sourness of mayonnaise sauce with white wine.
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2. An inn where you can enjoy a greedy buffet of steak, sushi, and Aizu’s local cuisine, [Aizu]
Aizu has an indoor amusement facility “Children’s Plaza” that is open on weekends and holidays.
In the snowy and cold Aizu region, this inn is loved by the locals as an indoor amusement facility that allows children to play
energetically in the winter.
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After playing a lot and getting hungry, please enjoy the gourmet buffet unique to Aizu, which has a menu that can be enjoyed by generations, such as steak, sushi, and local cuisine.
All-you-can-eat sirloin steak! Warm gourmet buffet in winter Period: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) https://aizu.ooedoonsen.jp/news/16283
Steak* and sushi are the representative menu items that both children and adults are excited about.
The sirloin steak is grilled at your table and served hot on a ceramic plate. *Steak is processed meat infused with seasoned beef fat.
Nigiri sushi made with sushi rice cooked with delicious rice from Aizu will be served fresh from the live kitchen.
Enjoy the daily specials such as tuna and squid to your heart’s content. [Image 5

Aizu-style sauce katsudon, said to have been popular since the Taisho period, is served here. The pork fillet pork cutlet, the special sweet and spicy sauce, and the shredded cabbage go perfectly together, and you won’t be able to stop eating them with your chopsticks.
For after-dinner enjoyment, we have prepared a winter-like dessert using apples, “Apple Strudel”.
A traditional Austrian confectionery made by wrapping caramelized apples and raisins in part filo. Enjoy the sweet and sour taste of apples and raisins and the rich flavor of butter.
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3. Enjoy winter sports and winter tourism information based on two inns The appeal of Higashiyama Grand Hotel and Aizu is the excellent access to leisure and sightseeing spots that satisfy both active people and those who want to take their time to enjoy sightseeing.
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Winter is when skiers and snowboarders wait impatiently for the slopes to open. There are multiple ski resorts within an hour’s drive from either inn, so everyone from beginners to advanced skiers and families with small children can fully enjoy the whole day.
With a total of 18 courses, Inawashiro Ski Resort can satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced skiers. There is also a kids park where you can enjoy tubing on float-like playground equipment, so it is also recommended for families.
Slope information from Higashiyama Grand Hotel
Slope information from Aizu https://aizu.ooedoonsen.jp/news/11519 [Image 8

For those who want to enjoy the magnificent winter scenery, we recommend “Lake Inawashiro”.
The swans that migrate from Siberia, and the “splashing ice” in which the wind-blown lake water becomes spray and freezes on the trees are two of the winter traditions of Lake Inawashiro. Please take a look at the impressive scenery that nature weaves this winter.
Winter outing information from Higashiyama Grand Hotel
Winter outing information from Aizu https://aizu.ooedoonsen.jp/news/16558 [Image 9

Hot springs are the best way to warm up your body after winter sports and winter outings.
After warming up from the core of your body, enjoy a winter trip that will warm you from the bottom of your stomach with heartfelt dishes at Higashiyama Grand Hotel Aizu.
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