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A long-established beauty salon in Kyoto has started operating a 24-hour shampoo vending machine that can be purchased from one night for tourists!

Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd.
A long-established beauty salon in Kyoto has started operating a 24-hour shampoo vending machine that can be purchased from one night for tourists!

Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd. (Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Representative: Satoshi Hisada) will start from December 15, 2022, hair care such as shampoo that can be purchased from one night for tourists to take care of their hair, which tends to be neglected while traveling. We will start the operation of vending machines for products.
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[Why shampoo vending machines? ]
Tourists are returning to Kyoto now. Tourists visiting Kyoto expect Kyoto-like quality in all their experiences in Kyoto. In response to this, Kyoto has made every possible effort to provide Kyoto-like features, from the scenery and atmosphere of the city, to
accommodation facilities, customer service, and even souvenirs. However, due to the rapid increase in the number of lodging facilities in recent years, hotels and ryokans are literally searching the grassroots for seeds of differentiation. Thankfully, we have received calls from lodging facilities to use our original shampoo as an amenity to differentiate themselves, and the number of cases where they are being adopted is increasing. As a genuine local shampoo from Kyoto packed with the essence of hair care technology that has been in business for 123 years since its establishment, it has been patronized by several facilities in Kyoto City. The reality is that there are many lodgings that did not arrive. Nowadays, the rapid increase in the number of accommodation facilities in Kyoto has intensified
competition, and many people say that they have their hands full with investment in facilities. If so, hotels and ryokan have restaurants in the building, but they also have shampoo and conditioner from Kyoto, while putting the amenities provided so that they can guide you to local restaurants according to the customer’s request. However, I thought that it would be a plus for both the lodging facility and the guests if we could take a step further and make it available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a long-established beauty salon that grew up in Kyoto and has continued to grow with Kyoto, we decided to introduce a shampoo vending machine after thinking about what kind of hospitality we can offer to tourists. I always want tourists who come all the way to Kyoto to feel the high quality of Kyoto, and I never want them to feel disappointed, even if it’s just a single amenity. [Image 2

[Why is the operation started in December? ]
As we are getting out of the corona wreck these days, tourists are returning to Kyoto, and I think that more people will spend the year-end and New Year holidays in Kyoto. When traveling, many people focus on enhancing their experience at the destination, and tend to neglect hair care during their stay. As you know, the winter in Kyoto is cold, and the drying progresses, causing more damage to your hair. However, during the year-end and New Year holidays, the shop owner is so concerned about the customer’s hair that it becomes frustrating every year. Therefore, by starting operation in December, it will be possible to provide stable and unmanned hair care products at all times, unlike usual years, and the store owner will be able to take a good rest without worrying about customers. I am confident that we will be able to deliver the best service to our customers again next year by cultivating energy for the new year with a refreshing feeling. [Why can we contribute to our customers? ]
This vending machine is not a service for tourists only. I have no doubt that we can contribute to our regular customers. This is because 85% of our top customers come to our store from afar. When you stay, please bring our shampoo or our staff will deliver the shampoo to your accommodation. Even so, in the unlikely event that a customer forgets to use shampoo, and unfortunately the days before and after the visit are closed days, the customer’s daily meticulous hair care may be interrupted. However, with a vending machine that provides shampoo 24 hours a day, every day of the year, customers’ hair is protected. The introduction of the vending machine this time is also a manifestation of our unwavering determination to protect the hair of our customers who put their trust in us, whether it rains or spears.
[What is a vending machine? ]
According to the Kojien 7th Edition (Iwanami Shoten), a vending machine is defined as “a device that automatically dispenses goods when a payment button is pressed.” In other words, it is an automatic customer service system with a prepayment system, which at first glance seems to contradict our stance since our founding, where we have worked closely with each customer and built mutual trust. Ultimately, however, vending machines will also become a
civilizational tool that provides customer-friendly services. Vending machines are generally in full operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Customers can purchase products when they want and when they want. Even if a customer runs out of shampoo late at night or comes to ask for shampoo on a holiday, as long as there is a vending machine there, they can get shampoo. Also, for travelers who are busy sightseeing during the day, they can purchase local shampoo from Kyoto in the middle of the night from a vending machine and experience it. This is exactly the embodiment of the action guideline that our store advocates in management, “Kuberu with compassion”. The more firewood you burn, the bigger the fire becomes, and the warmth and brightness of it attracts more and more people. So is compassion. The more you pour it, the more compassion attracts more compassion, and people are drawn to the increased warmth. The introduction of shampoo vending machines this time does not create communication with customers, and at first glance it may look like inorganic and unfriendly behavior, but it is completely the opposite, and I am very aware that it is intrusive. And the introduction of vending machines is the embodiment of our store’s consideration for customers, which is close to the circumstances of all customers.
[Hair care products available at vending machines]
・Shampoo, conditioner (pouch set for one night): 200 yen
・Shampoo, conditioner, body soap (30ml mini bottle set of 3): 1,000 yen ・ Shampoo, conditioner, body soap (200ml portable pouch): 2,000 yen each ・Dog shampoo trial set: 1,430 yen
*All prices include tax.
*Product lineup and prices are subject to change without notice. [Image 3

-Left-200ml portable pouch, -Center-30ml mini bottle, -Right-250ml conventional bottle
The price range of the product lineup starts at 200 yen, so even first-timers can easily purchase it while passing by. The 200ml portable pouch is a package developed exclusively for vending machines. Designed to be easy to put in your bag and easy to bring with you for longer trips, sports gyms, public baths, etc. In addition, by adopting a pumpless design, customers can easily refill the bottle when they get home, and we are particular about the global environment so that we can contribute to reducing plastic waste. [As a vending machine that predicts the next year]
One of the appeals of vending machines is that you can get a little bit of happiness when you get an unexpected hit. We have randomly selected a mini sample, a service ticket for our treatment menu, a service ticket for selling shampoo by weight, and so on. As a lucky vending machine that predicts next year’s fortune, we tried to make it fun for customers to buy.
[Image 4

[About “COLLECTION 1899 KYOTO” developer Satoshi Hisada]
Fourth generation owner of Hisada Art Industry. As a hair expert “hair conditionerist”, I respond to hair consultations for more than 500 customers a year. In 2007, he won the 30th All Japan Hair Styling Contest. In addition to designing haircuts, he is active mainly in Kyoto and Tokyo as a professional in styling, hair conditioning, and scalp care. Received the special prize of “Press Release Awards 2022”. [Image 5

[About Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd.]
Name: Hisada Art Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Satoshi Hisada
Headquarters: 144 Sanjo-Tsurukoji-cho, Nishiiri, Sanjo-Tsurukoji, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8251
Date of establishment: November 30, 1899
Founded in 1899. I have been discussing beauty in Kyoto for 123 years. “Beauty” is always accompanied by “comfort”. The majority of customer hair problems are caused by the condition, not the design. This is the answer I came up with in response to the customer’s inquiry. Just as doctors also have surgery and internal medicine, we believe that the ultimate hair design can be achieved by coordinating as a team of various professionals with each other’s specialties, even for one customer’s hair design. High-level design that changes the values ​​of “hair” and “beauty” and conditioning that maintains it. In recent years, we have been making proposals in Tokyo in response to the voices of customers who are not satisfied wherever they go. One year later, two years later, five years later, we are a salon that guarantees that you will be more beautiful and comfortable as time goes by.
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