A luxurious Christmas at Riviera Zushi Marina, 60 minutes from the city center! “Ristorante AO”, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and Mt. Fuji, and “Malibu Farm”, which attracts overseas celebrities, will deliver Christmas menus.

Riviera Group
A luxurious Christmas at [Riviera Zushi Marina], 60 minutes from the city center! “Ristorante AO”, where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and Mt. Fuji, and “Malibu Farm”, which attracts overseas celebrities, will deliver Christmas menus.

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Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Group head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Akio Kobayashi, hereinafter Riviera) will be at the marina resort “Riviera Zushi Marina” in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture from Saturday, December 17th to December 26th. “RIVIERA Christmas2022” will be held on Sunday (Monday). At “Ristorante AO Zushi Marina”, we have prepared a special Christmas-only course specially prepared by the chef. “Malibu Farm Zushi Marina” offers a Christmas-only sharing course at dinner time.
■ Ristorante AO Zushi Marina
[Image 2d49154-162-ce10424e04ca4eceb060-4.jpg&s3=49154-162-24f6d587f09bb3cf0d62e9bcec1cffe9-3720x2480.jpg
[Image 3d49154-162-fbd7b416317e313cdeca-5.jpg&s3=49154-162-da2822cc6dbdc1ac59efda914acc8b20-1800x1200.jpg
“Ristorante AO Zushi Marina” is a restaurant where you can enjoy modern Italian cuisine while enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji and Enoshima under the clear sky and surrounded by the calm winter sea. Chef Ogawa, who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants all over Italy, will show off his skills in a special course just for Christmas. For lunch, because it is a Hayama beef certified
restaurant, you can choose from two types of menus that use Hayama beef luxuriously. “Sustainable seafood (blue seafood) and fresh fish wreath tailoring” is a dish inspired by a Christmas wreath. In addition, for dinner, you can lavishly enjoy seasonal ingredients such as monkfish, local ingredients, sweet sea urchin from Hokkaido, caviar from Italy, white truffles, and black truffles. All seats have an ocean view, so you can enjoy the magical transition of time. Have an elegant and luxurious Christmas with your loved ones.
Name: “Christmas Course 2022”
Period: Lunch December 17th (Sat) – 25th (Sun), 2022 *Closed on 12/20 (Tue) only      Dinner December 23 (Friday) to 26 (Monday), 2022
Store name: Ristorante AO Zushi Marina
Reservations: Call (0467-25-0480)
Address: Inside Riviera Zushi Marina, 5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Business hours: Lunch / 11:30-15:30 (14:00 L.O.)
     Dinner / 17:00-21:00 (L.O. 19:30)
Closed: Tuesdays (open on public holidays)
URL: https://www.riviera.co.jp/restaurant/zushi/event/27196/ Lunch: Christmas lunch 12,000 yen (tax included)
     Ristorante AO lunch 8,800 yen (tax included) *Limited course only on 12/24 and 25
Dinner: Christmas dinner 22,000 yen (tax included)
* A separate service charge of 10% will be charged Overview
《Course content》
■Christmas lunch / 6 items in total
small zuppa di pesce
Sustainable seafood and fresh fish wreath
-Primo piatto-
(Please choose your favorite dish)
・Fresh sea urchin cream spaghettini
・Shonan Shirasu and Mentaiko Ario Orio Yuzu Fragrance
・Winter vegetables and fresh tomato ragu sauce
・Black truffle and mushroom sustainable shrimp pizza (+3,300 yen) – Secondo piatto –
(Please choose your favorite dish)
・Roasted longtooth grouper soup stock and winter vegetables
・Shonan pork tagliata sauce perigueux
・Osso buco ~veal shank stewed in white wine~white truffle (+4,500 yen) -Dolce-
(Please choose your favorite dish)
・Seasonal fruit tiramisu AO style
・Xmas dolce platter (+1,400)
■Christmas dinner / 9 items in total
Homemade Brioche Bite of Sea Urchin and Caviar
Grouper Carpaccio Cauliflower Vinaigrette
Foie Gras and Consomme Royale
Parmigiano Basque Curatello Di Gibello
-Primo piatto-
Tagliolini with Lobster and White Truffle
Monkfish Confit and Porcini Verttata
Grilled Wagyu Beef Fillet with Sauce Perigueux
Capellini with Princess Egg and Black Truffle
Tiramisu Frutti Di Bosco
*The contents of the menu are subject to change without notice. ■ Malibu Farm Zushi Marina
[Image 4d49154-162-f6a0ed6b189da89cd420-30.jpg&s3=49154-162-07322583b0e837882a07f029a817ba5a-900x600.jpg
[Image 5d49154-162-8aefc546f64d9a55802f-29.jpg&s3=49154-162-a6b63abdf76c9680dfee3c99469c6cec-900x600.jpg
With the concept of “FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL”, this is the first restaurant in Japan that is very popular with overseas celebrities. The limited-time glamping restaurant “Kamakura Terrace” has been well received since 2020, and we have received many reservations this year as well. A welcome drink will be served with a special course of appetizers, fish dishes, meat dishes, and original Christmas cakes prepared exclusively for Christmas. Appetizers are made like a colorful wreath using earth-friendly blue seafood and edible flowers to create a heart-warming Christmas. Beef fillet marinated in pineapple enzymes to make it soft and moist. Enjoy the balance of sweet and sour sauce made with berry-scented wine. There are also seats that can be used with pets. Please enjoy the Christmas limited sharing course with your loved ones and friends. At the entrance and inside the store, you will be greeted with gorgeous Christmas coordinations created by the Riviera flower team, which also handles weddings.
Name: “MALIBU FARM Christmas Dinner 2022”
Period: December 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun), 2022
Time: 16:00-/19:00-
Store name: Malibu Farm Zushi Marina
Reservations: HP or phone (0467-23-0087)
Address: Inside Riviera Zushi Marina, 5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Business hours: Lunch / 11:00 – 15:30 (L.O. 15:00)
     Dinner / 16:30 – 20:30 (L.O.19:30)
URL: https://www.riviera.co.jp/malibufarm/events/80/
Dinner: MALIBU FARM Christmas Dinner 2022 22,000 yen (tax included) / 2 people (1 set)
                                Comes with a welcome drink
*A separate service charge of 10% will be charged.
《Course content》
■ MALIBU FARM Christmas Dinner 2022 / 4 items in total
Miura kale and blue seafood Christmas wreath
-Fish Course-
Red sea bream from Sagami Bay and Kamakura clam aqua pazza
-Meat Course-
Grilled beef fillet in a pie with berry-flavored red wine sauce -Dessert-
original christmas cake
coffee or tea
*The contents of the menu are subject to change without notice. ■ A new menu appears at the cafe of “Malibu Farm Zushi Marina” [Image 6d49154-162-58033393f35b8d3d484e-21.jpg&s3=49154-162-419391e62091717596eb69d616ff9dd8-1200x800.jpg
[Image 7d49154-162-4df43b16c93e731f52eb-22.jpg&s3=49154-162-553ccdf769c212189d0fb1067b83ccd2-1200x800.jpg
Food has appeared in the cafe menu, which has been the main drink until now. Orders can be placed in the “MALIBU ETHICAL SHOP”, which mainly handles “ethical” and “sustainable” products.
Cafe menu overview
Period: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) ~
Store name: Malibu Farm Zushi Marina
Address: Inside Riviera Zushi Marina, 5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Menu: Cuban-style hot sandwich with Riviera vegetables 1,300 yen (tax included)       Vegan burrito                    1,100 yen (tax included) Local Caesar Salad with Miura Kale and Kamakura Bacon 1,000 yen (tax included)                                   700 yen (tax included)
      Cookies/rosemary chocolate chips             300 yen (tax included) ■ What is blue seafood?
Overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, and global warming are increasing the depletion of seafood. Therefore, we will preferentially select sustainable marine products and wait for the recovery of depleted fish species. It is an earth-friendly way of thinking to leave a healthy sea for the future.
-Ristorante AO Zushi Marina-
Located at the tip of the marina resort “Riviera Zushi Marina”, which is about 60 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes from Kamakura Station, all seats have an ocean view overlooking Mt. Fuji and Enoshima. We are committed to local production for local consumption, including seafood caught in Sagami Bay, fresh vegetables grown in-house in the Riviera Zushi Marina vegetable garden, Kamakura vegetables, and rare Hayama beef. Known for its pizza. Up-and-coming chef Ogawa, who trained at a Michelin-starred restaurant on the Italian mainland, started his career as a chef from Japanese cuisine. We offer a sophisticated space and cuisine suitable for daily use. It is one of 13 restaurants where you can eat Hayama beef designated as a “Hayama beef designated restaurant”.
Official website: https://www.riviera.co.jp/restaurant/zushi/ Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ristorante_ao/ -Malibu Farm Zushi Marina-
Based on the concept of “FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL”, the restaurant, which is very popular with overseas celebrities, landed in Japan for the first time in “Riviera Zushi Marina” in March 2020. The dishes provided by the owner-chef Helen Henderson have a reputation for being delicious and good for the body, and the four stores in the United States have long lines.
At “Malibu Farm Zushi Marina”, in addition to local popular menus, we also offer Japanese-only menus using fresh local Shonan vegetables and seafood from Sagami Bay. With a sash that can be fully opened, the terrace seats and the interior are integrated into one. In addition to about 50 indoor seats, the terrace has about 80 seats with a large water basin that looks like it is connected to the sea of ​​the marina. You can use it according to the situation, such as water terrace seats and fire terrace seats surrounding the fireplace. With plenty of terrace seating, this restaurant is ideal for dining with pets.
Official website: https://www.riviera.co.jp/malibufarm/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/malibufarm_zushimarina/ -About Riviera Zushi Marina-
Established in 1971 as one of Japan’s leading marinas, it was acquired by the Riviera Group in 2001 and has been developed as an “adult marina resort” in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture. “Riviera Zushi Marina” is a short distance of about 60 minutes from the city center, with about 900 palm trees and a marina where luxury cruiser yachts are moored, reminiscent of an overseas resort. Mt.Fuji can be seen over there, and it is also famous as a filming location for movies. On the 50,000 tsubo site, there are facilities such as a yacht harbor, hotel, restaurants (2 stores), event venues, banquet halls, resort apartments (1,266 units in 9 buildings), tennis courts (4), and shops. In 2020, the 11-room small luxury hotel “Malibu Hotel” and the first Japanese restaurant “Malibu Farm” will open. Furthermore, in 2022, the near-future design trailer hotel & ocean sauna “SPACE KEY POINT” will open for the first time in Japan, continuing to evolve as a marina resort.
Riviera started environmental conservation activities in 2001 when it started the marina business. In 2006, we compiled them and launched the “Riviera Future Creation Project”, and all employees have been focusing on sustainability. At the Riviera Zushi Marina, we are working on urban development as a “Sustainability Town / Riviera Zushi Marina” and promoting SDGs through various activities such as recycling farming methods that achieve zero waste and a significant reduction in CO2 and the use of renewable energy.
Official website: https://www.riviera.co.jp/zushi/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riviera_zushi_marina/ [Image 8d49154-162-69b3f43d7b6f5b577b26-27.jpg&s3=49154-162-5e8f8ff68d7c2ad4adaf0db046bd8163-600x400.jpg
[Image 9d49154-162-cecb4b6766597a2e3254-14.jpg&s3=49154-162-7ad5417cf017fc74a3043cc83448db84-1280x853.jpg

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