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A music classroom and cafe space atelier “Oto Kobo 〇” that is easy for people with any characteristics to dro p in will open in early 2023

Sound studio 〇
A music classroom and cafe space atelier “Oto Kobo 〇” that is easy for people with any characteristics to drop in will open in early 2023 ―People with any personality are welcome! Aiming to provide music classes and spaces open to everyone ―

Oto Kobo 〇 (Osaka City, Miyakojima Ward, Business owner: Yosuke Fukui) is a new music classroom and space that anyone can easily drop by and use, “Oto Kobo 〇”, for parents and children whose needs are not met by ordinary education and welfare. launch.
Since the corona crisis, as the local community has become more divided by individuals and households, we aim to create a place where households and parents and children can spend their time with peace of mind, which cannot be covered by the social system alone.
In addition, we will conduct crowdfunding for the launch. If you are interested, we would love to help you.
●Facility overview
[Image 1d111956-1-4ba91d271ea77df9451a-0.jpg&s3=111956-1-83b9ab62dea8dc3b0f7b8f64bb0810eb-1125x834.jpg
“Oto Kobo 〇” is a slightly unusual music school.
Focusing on DTM (desktop music) lessons using tablets and personal computers, lessons on violin, period instrument viola da gamba, and music theory are also offered, with a focus on DTM (desktop music) lessons that can be easily started by those who have no experience in music and also anticipate the needs of STEM education. I’m here. And here, we specialize in custom-made lessons that accept everyone’s expressions and match their characteristics.
There are cases where children and adults, regardless of whether they have disabilities or illnesses, do not get along well with others and become isolated.
Even if it’s hard to get used to the place where you usually live, such as school or work, if there is a place where you can express yourself, your son, who has an intellectual disability due to a congenital intractable disease, will join our family. Based on my own past experience, I decided to launch the space because I thought that if I had a place like this, I might be able to meet the needs of people who need it.
Even now, we are accepting students as a music school. I would like to create an environment where I can be positive little by little. [Image 2d111956-1-e221131e80473a4e7b73-1.png&s3=111956-1-97f20ab0fbc6da1fc62f228775001ecd-1024x550.png
A café space where you can talk about welfare, education, and child-rearing and open up your thoughts
[Image 3d111956-1-bce76edb1f032b736e2c-2.jpg&s3=111956-1-a5e396fbc2974e24d1e90bafb41b53a7-1436x1112.jpg
Furthermore, in addition to operating as a classroom, we will set a day to open the first floor space of the classroom as a cafe. We will create a place where anyone can share stories about welfare, education, and child-rearing, listen to each other, and accept the accumulated thoughts only in this place. In addition, you can consult about music classes and introduce what you are doing, so that visitors can know about it.
At the cafe, you can enjoy natural yeast bread and home-roasted coffee made by the owner and his wife.
[Image 4d111956-1-0c495e775fed2e918643-3.jpg&s3=111956-1-ee127fe149b23ae00a75c18cb71f3cbb-3900x2600.jpg

● Start time
Construction of the classrooms and cooking space will be completed in early February 2022, and operations are scheduled to begin.
(Cooking space inspection jurisdiction: Kita Ward Sanitation Observatory, Osaka City)
Oto Kobo 〇|Official website URL
●CAMPFIRE crowdfunding campaign page
(People with any personality are welcome! We will create music classes and spaces that are open to everyone.)

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