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A must-see for those who want to study English hard next year! Christmas campaign held-Polyglots Co., Ltd.-December 12 (Mon)-December 25 (Sun), 2022

Polyglots Inc.
A must-see for those who want to study English hard next year! Christmas campaign held-Polyglots Co., Ltd.-December 12 (Mon)-December 25 (Sun), 2022
Up to 25% off personal recipe-type English conversation plan that enables individually optimized English learning with AI x Teacher!
Polyglots Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shunya ) will hold a Christmas campaign from December 12th (Monday) to December 25th (Sunday). During the event period, we will offer a personal recipe type English conversation plan at a maximum of 25% OFF. Take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your English learning.
[Image 1d10773-158-aef5e7de082e2babf76c-0.jpg&s3=10773-158-38f85023a6ee10802a0a036886191000-1600x770.jpg
Overview of the Christmas campaign
We will offer 25% off the target plan (8 months / 12 months plan) of “Personal recipe type English conversation that enables individually optimized English learning with AI × Teacher” completely renewed on November 1, 2022. .
■ Period
From December 12, 2022 (Monday) to December 25, 2022 (Sunday) ■ How to apply for personal recipe-type English conversation [Image 2d10773-158-3964bf6b49a61578a31e-9.jpg&s3=10773-158-031a5645256ecbe65546d9b6dd6af04b-1170x1990.jpg
1. Tap “Free Counseling” from the homepage of Personal Recipe English Conversation for free counseling.
2. We will tell you the campaign code and how to apply at the interview, so if you enter the campaign code at the time of
application, we will offer you a 25% discount on the target plan. 3. The period covered by the Christmas campaign code is from December 12 to 25, 2022. Please complete the payment and contract during this period.
Click here for details of the Christmas campaign
Overview of personal recipe-type English conversation service [Image 3d10773-158-ce6343bb682eb22348c6-2.png&s3=10773-158-9e8e8caa2703cb5309d83fd40c5c0127-1784x954.png
We will provide you with a learning plan optimized for you with an AI-based learning curriculum that analyzed the learning data of 2 million people and a purpose-specific lesson curriculum by a Japanese bilingual teacher.
■ Input (app learning)
[Image 4d10773-158-d6d3466424928b82a9ac-4.png&s3=10773-158-6fe63be2beb77c84129c8d8410c20f07-1124x638.png
AI creates a learning curriculum according to your level and interests. You can learn to collect information using English news around the world. Recipe is an English learning app with No. 1 user satisfaction and No. 1 achievement, used by a total of 2 million people.
The biggest feature of Recipe is that AI creates a learning curriculum that is perfect for English learners. This function is called “My Recipe” in Recipe. With My Recipe, you can use the English learner’s “smartphone” and “free time” to achieve “best results in the shortest time”.
App Store: Google Play: ■ Output (Lesson)
[Image 5d10773-158-e2ed13a5bbf4773601f3-5.jpg&s3=10773-158-a217dc8cf687cf64dd4eadc0864fed93-1600x639.jpg
We have prepared a rich lesson lineup that can train the skills you need now. Not only English conversation, but also a full range of programs to train the skills necessary to communicate in English. Along with the completely original PDF teaching materials, you can train your English skills while acquiring the correct learning method. ■ POLYGLOTS Certified Japanese Bilingual Lecturer
[Image 6d10773-158-de85ddc341c33b09176e-6.png&s3=10773-158-298c43e725f807dca3fd99f748217a94-2090x1048.png
POLYGLOTSTeacher only certifies instructors who have cleared a strict standard equivalent to a TOEIC(R) score of 900. Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those who live overseas and use English every day, those who have self-studyed in Japan, active CAs, trading companies, and travelers. It is “your senior” who is active in the business scene using English. Because I can converse in Japanese, I can give lessons that go beyond learning English as a “language”, such as giving advice on English learning problems and speaking with native speakers! Beginners can participate with confidence.
What is free counseling?
[Image 7d10773-158-c18228798f49ecead75f-3.jpg&s3=10773-158-35e2fc16869b4ae91d27a2a24b7fb3b0-1296x515.jpg
During the first free counseling session, we will listen to your concerns about learning English, your goals, your English level, your learning goals, your lifestyle, your life events, your business events, and we will propose a study plan just for you!
You can consider joining after telling us about your learning image after joining. A study plan sheet will be sent to you by email after the interview.
Click here to book a free consultation
About Polyglots Inc.
[Image 8d10773-158-7375044a0120eef9d906-7.png&s3=10773-158-85f3c5a7f4f6ad94b376d690a38e93e2-1000x667.png
With the mission of “crossing the language barrier and increasing the number of Japanese who are active in the world”, we are working on language learning from both technology and people. The service concept of “”Like” to “Learning”” means that you learn English while having fun, and before you know it, it has become a habit. Individuals can continue to collect information based on their own interests.
[Image 9d10773-158-7a62904ba1ae672c8486-8.jpg&s3=10773-158-fed9e14108083dc5e85324980c10d1c4-1366x630.jpg
An English training service where you can acquire business English with an individually optimized curriculum by AI (app) x instructors. ◆ Features
・Improve your overall English skills by using the English learning app “Recipe” that covers all 6 skills generated a learning curriculum for ・Solve the problems of each student with a 45-minute one-on-one lesson by a Japanese bilingual instructor
・Coaching by a dedicated trainer for more effective learning to achieve goals ・Completely online training greatly reduces costs
Learn more ==Details about this release:

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