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A new tool for service design “Business Origami(R)” will be on sale at Tama Art University TUB from December 12th

Tama Art University
A new tool for service design “Business Origami(R)” will be on sale at Tama Art University TUB from December 12th
A card-shaped tool for designers and non-designers to create creative ideas together

The importance of service design is increasing as we move from “consumption of goods” that finds value in the product itself to “consumption of experience” that finds value in the experience obtained from the product or service. Under such circumstances, Tama Art University (located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masanori Aoyagi, President of Tama Art University: Akira Tatehata) is recognized worldwide as a creative development tool for service design. “Business Origami(R)” developed by Hitachi, Ltd.’s research and development group will be sold for the first time. Sales will begin on December 12, 2022 at the Tama Art University TUB in Tokyo Midtown.
*Business Origami(R) is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. * Printing and processing by Fukunaga Shiko Co., Ltd.
[Image 1d34331-102-8967aeacab43a354e52a-0.jpg&s3=34331-102-5bb4ddee8d795d7ea7eb5c874165ffc8-3900x2194.jpg
[Image 2d34331-102-a4fba199e19d2561e0e2-1.jpg&s3=34331-102-a0c2f6ddc55835ef07530c059a0605e5-2500x997.jpg
A discussion on service design. We are exploring ways to use Business Origami(R) for educational purposes.
What is “Business Origami(R)”?
“Business Origami(R)” is a method for designing the overall picture of a new service by having members with diverse values ​​sit around a table, visually share images, and engage in creative discussions. . By folding the paper card-shaped tool in two, you can easily make “origami” models such as human figures, buildings, and vehicles. The card has a space to write a specific name, and by arranging the stakeholders and their relationships on the table, the service structure can be visualized, which is useful for building new services such as understanding the overall picture and discovering and sharing issues. .
・Equal discussions can be held without differences in speaking ability due to position
・By discussing using cards, structures and issues can be shared visually. ・By appointing a facilitator, discussions can be conducted smoothly and actively.
Understanding Service Design Education Programs and Widespread Dissemination in Society
[Image 3d34331-102-7a6c62f290b81bf07f7b-2.jpg&s3=34331-102-808974ed115bad5134a472f5b996d3c1-2500x1667.jpg
Example of use in a course for adults TCL (Tama Art University Creative Leadership Program) class
At Tama Art University, we have been exploring new learning methods by utilizing “Business Origami(R)”, which has been used at the
development site of service design, in the field of education. In the future, we will sell “Business Origami (R)” as one of the activities of the art university toward society, aiming for the essential understanding of the service design education program and its widespread adoption.
[Image 4d34331-102-19d789367edc4d9edc51-3.jpg&s3=34331-102-709111fe4b49a889b189870801bdb173-3900x1705.jpg

Example of use
Business Origami(R) has a history of more than 10 years and originates from Hitachi’s in-house tools. Although it is an in-house tool, it has been used when designing various visions and services in collaboration with partner companies and universities.
In the early days, Business Origami(R) was used as a proposal for business reform of partner companies, for example, to rethink the reform of call centers and retail stores as a service centered on “people”.
There was also an example where various stakeholders gathered and discussed using Business Origami(R) when considering a completely new social service or infrastructure that does not yet exist in the world. A typical example of this is how people from local governments, government officials, citizens, and companies that handle social infrastructure, such as Hitachi, work together to rebuild the city’s infrastructure in overseas smart city projects. We discussed using Business Origami(R). In this way, it has been used in projects related to domestic and foreign government policies.
In addition, it is introduced as a basic educational tool for design thinkers in the consulting departments and design departments of Hitachi and its group companies, and lectures are being held. [Image 5d34331-102-4b2bda91036e1a5ba289-4.jpg&s3=34331-102-550a448d0c46b61f33bdc4ba39fbe1a1-2500x1389.jpg
“Business Origami(R)” package design
[Image 6d34331-102-a4d137151f3537039fb0-6.jpg&s3=34331-102-e6e8270860ea94e7625afbf5309a0d39-2500x1563.jpg
Business Origami(R) Usage Instructions Video
[Image 7d34331-102-33aa78b1555b8a420cd8-13.jpg&s3=34331-102-b9b920f958f70b10d8d50a4c3a7b5d51-167x163.jpg
Business Origami(R) Instruction Video
From the QR code, you can see the information of Business Origami (R) and the explanation video.

[Image 8d34331-102-14087e869a1d1b1a97e6-7.jpg&s3=34331-102-16270da38a2147520a48270884d10d20-2600x816.jpg
[Image 9d34331-102-db9cf897d1c55372d438-8.jpg&s3=34331-102-d9a730015debb6578d331f1c9b6d1d54-2600x800.jpg
[Image 10d34331-102-a926151db9d50dc0667f-9.jpg&s3=34331-102-5142ed57ab22d08846f1e743c7d27120-2600x804.jpg

How to buy
[Image 11d34331-102-b369fa3bd4c11bb6fa41-10.jpg&s3=34331-102-56ac9c1df0be9e490a4cb53138977cc5-1201x679.jpg
Sales price: ¥ 1,500 (tax included)
Over-the-counter sales: Please come directly to the following. Only cash will be accepted.
Tama Art University TUB
Midtown Tower 5F, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (in Design Hub) * Please contact us by email for large-scale sales such as schools, companies, and groups.
Related information/Currently being held
Tokyo Midtown Design Hub 100th Special Exhibition “Kachino Katachi Tachi Exhibition – Before and After Throwing Away”
[Image 12d34331-102-a3be70cc8bc9d8ee7914-11.jpg&s3=34331-102-09f3f6ef92183b9dc13c6894b7a1ad2d-1920x960.jpg
Date: December 5th (Monday) to December 25th (Sunday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Organizer: Tokyo Midtown Design Hub
Management: Tama Art University TUB
Supervisor: Kazufumi Nagai (Professor, Department of Integrated Design)
Tama Art University TUB basic information
English name: Tama Art University Bureau
Name: Tama Art University TUB
Location: Midtown Tower 5F, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo (in Design Hub) Area: 151.54 square meters
Director: Professor Tatsuya Wada, Professor Kazufumi Nagai
About Tama Art University TUB
[Image 13d34331-102-cf03ce6b5593c69dde81-12.jpg&s3=34331-102-52cd05849546da7d8824fea51881876f-500x500.jpg
Opened in April 2021 at Tokyo Midtown Design Hub (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo) as a place to connect the creativity and aesthetic sense of design and art with society. Create new value through open innovation with various stakeholders, companies, and members of society at Tama Art University based on the concept of “mixing, creating, and opening,” design and art for a wide range of people, from students to children to adults program, and exhibit and disseminate student works.
About Tama Art University
Chairman: Masanori Aoyagi
Tama Art University President: Akira Tatehata
Location: 3-15-34 Uenomo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-8558
Founded: 1935
University overview: Nobuo Sekine, Kishio Suga, and others who have led the “Mono-ha” since its establishment, and many talented talents who are active on the world stage, such as Issey Miyake, Naoto Fukasawa, and Kashiwa Sato in the design world. It has two campuses in Setagaya-ku and Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, and has 10 departments and a graduate school covering everything from art and design to physical expression, such as painting, sculpture, crafts, design, architecture, film, theater, dance, and art studies. It is an art university.

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