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AAIC AAIC Partners Africa Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) with HiRAKU Co., Ltd. and SEITOKU Co., Ltd.

AAIC Partners Africa Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) with HiRAKU Co., Ltd. and SEITOKU Co., Ltd.
We will continue to support rugby in Kenya, Africa.

AAIC Holdings Pte. Ltd. (head office: Singapore, representative partner: Susumu Tsubaki, hereinafter referred to as AAIC Holdings) in Kenya, AAIC Partners Africa Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AAIC Kenya) is represented by Toshiro Hirose, former captain of the Japan national rugby team. Together with HiRAKU Co., Ltd. and SEITOKU Co., Ltd., we have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) to support Kenyan rugby.
In the future, we have agreed to sponsor Kenyan rugby through collaboration with Japanese companies, support youth talent discovery and study in Japan, training support for youth generation, and initiatives using NFT.
When it comes to sports in Kenya, long-distance runners in track and field are especially active in the world. Sports also have great potential.
AAIC Kenya is working every day to contribute to the development of the Kenyan economy through supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese companies (consulting business). We will promote the provision of opportunities for active participation in Japan. [Image

From the left: Kohei Yuba (SEITOKU Co., Ltd. CEO), Toshiaki Hirose, former captain of the Japan national rugby team (HiRAKU Co., Ltd.), Aggrey Wabulwenyi (KRU CEO), Chiaki Hoshino, our manager
■Kenya Rugby Union
Organization name: Kenya Rugby Union (KRU)
Head office location: Nairobi (Kenya)
CEO: Aggrey Wabulwenyi
Founded: 1923
Activity content:
Established in 1923, joined the Rugby African Union (currently Rugby Africa) in 1986 as a founding organization. Joined the International Rugby Council (currently World Rugby) in 1990. An association that oversees the Kenyan rugby men’s national team (Simbas), the women’s national team (Lionesses), the men’s rugby sevens national team (Shujaa), etc.
■ HiRAKU Co., Ltd.
Company name: HiRAKU Co., Ltd.
Company location: Fujisawa City
Representative Director: Toshiro Hirose
Established: 2019
Business description:
Social innovation through rugby and sports, leadership, human resource development, etc.
■SEITOKU Co., Ltd.
Company name: Seitoku Co., Ltd.
Company location: Osaka City
President and Representative Director: Kohei Yuba
Founded: 2011
Business description:
Precision equipment, industrial labor-saving equipment, design, development, assembly, construction, sales and maintenance of inspection equipment, software development and sales, support for overseas expansion, etc.
AAIC Holdings Pte. Ltd. (AAIC Holdings)
Company name: AAIC Holdings Pte. Ltd. (AAIC Holdings)
Location: Singapore
Representative partner: Susumu Tsubaki
Founded: 2008 (AAIC Group)
Business description:
The AAIC Group achieves customer growth with a three-pronged business model of “strategic consulting/implementation support”, “investment fund/incubation”, and “human resources/network”. Among them, the strategy consulting and execution support business provides growth support mainly in emerging countries (Asia, Africa, etc.) and new fields (new business, advanced technology, etc.). In addition to Singapore, where we are headquartered, we are collaborating with companies in various countries such as Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Mumbai (India), and Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), and Johannesburg (South Africa) in Africa, which is our focus region. , we support the growth of a wide range of clients, from major companies to startups, through consulting, M&A support, joint ventures and business investment, from solving strategic issues to business execution. In the investment fund incubation business, in 2017, we established the first Japanese-affiliated fund specializing in Africa (Africa Healthcare Fund, AHF No. 1). At the end of March 2022, the Africa Innovation & Healthcare Fund (AHF No. 2) was formed and started operation. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus,
healthcare-related companies, which are rapidly becoming DX such as remote diagnosis and artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis, and Fintech, which is driving the growth of African startups. We invest in and support the growth of technology companies. As of December 2022, there are more than 30 companies invested through AHF 1 and 2. AAIC Partners Africa Limited (AAIC Kenya)
Company name: AAIC Partners Africa Limited (AAIC Kenya)
Location: Nairobi (Kenya)
Representative: Hiroki Ishida
Established: 2018
Business description:
Develops strategy consulting, implementation support, and investment business mainly in the East Africa region.
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Company name: AAIC Partners Africa Limited
Name: Chiaki Hoshino
Position: Kenya corporate manager
Contact: pr-consulting
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