ACAO SPA & RESORT Co., Ltd. ACAO FOREST, a 2.5m-long “Oni kite” that wards off evil and invites good luck

ACAO FOREST, a 2.5m-long “Oni kite” that wards off evil and invites good fortune Hatsumode at Soga Sengen Shrine. All visitors will receive an original “Oni kite” sticker!

ACAO FOREST operated by ACAO SPA & RESORT Co., Ltd. (Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture CEO: Yoshihisa Nakano) will be located in Iki City, Nagasaki Prefecture from January 1st (Sun) to January 15th (Sun), 2023. We enshrine the traditional handicraft “Ondako” in various places in the park and pray that you can spend a healthy year in mind and body.
Located on a vast hilly land of 200,000 tsubo, ACAO FOREST consists of 13 unique theme gardens, where seasonal flowers and herbs are in full bloom and you can enjoy with all five senses. At the beginning of the new year, in the park where Atami cherry blossoms are blooming, there is a 2.5m-long “Oni kite” with a pattern of a dead demon biting the helmet of Minister Yuriwaka who exterminated the demon. , ACAO FOREST entrance, the Japanese garden “Tensho” where the world’s largest bonsai “Pine of the Phoenix” is enshrined, and the “Cobalt Terrace” where you can see the sky and the sea at the end of the stepped wooden deck. To do. In addition, for those who visit the park during the period, we will present an original seal of “Oni kite”, which is said to ward off evil and invite good luck. (first 5,000 people)
At the Soga Sengen Shrine, which is located at the top of the park and enshrines the mother and daughter gods of Oyamazumi no Mikoto and Konohana Sakuya-hime, who symbolize the bonds of family, husband and wife, and friendship, the shrine is decorated with gold foil only during the year-end and New Year holidays. We will prepare a goshuin. At the café “COEDA HOUSE” designed by architect Kengo Kuma, we have prepared Amazake only for the first three days of the New Year. Amazake made from spring water from the Fuji-Hakone water system and rice koji, which retains the texture of rice, is flavored with the refreshing scent of Hana yuzu harvested in the garden. Since ancient times, it is said that “the plan for the year is on New Year’s Day.” Please spend a day at ACAO FOREST to offer your daily thanks and prayers to God and start a new year.
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Origin of Ondako:
Long ago, the island of Iki was called Onigashima, and many demons tormented the people. Yuriwaka Minister who received the order comes to exterminate the demon. Minister Yuriwaka cut off the heads of demons one after another, but the leader was quite tough. Finally, the leader’s head flew through the air and bit Yuriwaka’s helmet. This picture of the demon kite depicts the situation at that time. Nowadays, it is used as an indoor decoration, and is useful as an amulet for the safety of the home and good health. There used to be many craftsmen on the island, but now there are only two, including Ms. Ayumi Saito. The other is Mr. Fukuyo Hirao, Mr. Saito’s
grandmother, who also makes demon kites.
■ About Soga Sengen Shrine
Located at the top of the ACAO FOREST, this shrine symbolizes family, couples, and friendship. The enshrined gods are Ooyama Tsuminokami, the god of water sources and water resources, and Konohana Sakuya Hime, the god of good matchmaking and child rearing, enshrined together from Mt. Fuji Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine. do. In connection with the ACAO FOREST, where flowers are in full bloom, we are also awarding a goshuin with a picture of a rose and an ema with a drawing of Atami cherry blossoms.
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・Demon kite sticker
Period: From Friday, December 30, 2022
January 15, 2023 (Sunday)
Venue: ACAO FOREST ticket sales office
Remarks: First 5,000 people

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・Limited Goshuin
The name of Soga Sengen Shrine is stamped with gold foil. In the background, the vermilion ACAO logo is arranged with the image of Atami cherry blossoms and the sea (limited quantity).
Period: From Friday, December 30, 2022
January 15, 2023 (Sunday)
Place: Soga Sengen Shrine
Remarks: Paid
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·Sweet Sake
Period: Sunday, January 1, 2023 to Monday, January 3
Time: 9:30-15:00
Place: Japanese Garden “Tensho”
Remarks: Limited to 50 bowls per day/charged

ACAO FOREST consists of 13 unique theme gardens on a vast hilly area of ​​200,000 tsubo. It is a garden that you can enjoy with all five senses, with seasonal flowers and herbs blooming against the background of the Atami blue sea and sky. In the park, there is a cafe “COEDA HOUSE” designed by Kengo Kuma, Soga Sengen Shrine, and a facility where you can experience handmade herbs and aromas. Fee: 2,000 yen for adults (junior high school students and above), 1,000 yen for children (elementary school students), free for preschoolers
       ※1,000 yen will be charged separately if you bring a pet Normal business hours: 9:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:00)
Closed: Tuesday * Open as usual on January 3rd
Access: From JR Atami Station, take the Tokai Bus or “Yu-Yu-Bus” and get off at the Akao Forest bus stop.
Phone: 0557-82-1221
Official Instagram:
Official Tik Tok: [About ACAO SPA & RESORT]
Company name: ACAO SPA & RESORT Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Yoshihisa Nakano
Location: 1034 Kamitaga, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0101 Established: June 1970
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