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Achieve more than aerobic exercise just by sleeping! Next-generation medical equipment ideal for dieting and anti-aging appears at LIGHT CLINIC, a medical diet and preventive medicine clinic in Umeda, Osaka.

Achieve more than aerobic exercise just by sleeping! Next-generation medical equipment ideal for dieting and anti-aging appears at LIGHT CLINIC, a medical diet and preventive medicine clinic in Umeda, Osaka. -Challenge to a magic medicine that achieves diet and anti-aging at the same time-

Aerobic exercise such as running and jogging is the ultimate anti-aging therapy, which is also called a “magic pill” that improves cardiopulmonary function, burns body fat, and prevents
lifestyle-related diseases and various diseases. The latest medical device “Pure Flow (R)︎”, which is more effective than the magic pill without putting a burden on the body, is now available at “LIGHT CLINIC”, a medical diet and preventive medicine clinic in Umeda, Osaka. Appeared.
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We know that aerobic exercise is good for health and diet, but there are many people who do not incorporate aerobic exercise into their lifestyle due to various reasons such as being busy, not good at exercise, and having bad knees. Isn’t it?
The device called External Counterpulsation (Pure Flow (R)︎), which was introduced to Light Clinic on December 8, 2022, is a safe and secure medical device that has been approved by the FDA in the United States. It was developed for the purpose of rehabilitation, but due to its wide range of effects, it is attracting attention as the ultimate medical device that leads the fields of diet and anti-aging. [Image 2

The contents of the treatment are very simple. All you have to do is lie on your back in bed with your clothes on, wrap a cuff around your lower body, and attach an electrocardiogram to your chest. By applying pressure to the cuff in sync with the heartbeat, it improves blood circulation and creates a virtuous cycle that is equal to or better than running.
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Effect of pure flow
Broadly speaking, five effects can be expected: diet effect, aging care effect, detox effect, mental health care effect, and male function improvement effect.
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1. Diet effect
A 30-minute treatment will improve your cardiopulmonary function, burn fat, and improve your basal metabolism, just like running 8km. [Image 5

2. Aging care effect
Improve arteriosclerosis and prevent cerebrovascular disease. It also improves lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia.
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3. Detox effect
It is possible to revive the ghost blood vessels of the whole body (blood vessels that disappear due to the decrease in blood flow starting in the 20s) and deliver oxygen and nutrients to every corner of the body, improving the flow of lymph and the blood of the liver and kidneys. By increasing the flow, it promotes the metabolism of waste products and improves swelling and sensitivity to cold. Antioxidant action is promoted and skin beautifying effect can be expected.
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4. Mental health care effect
It increases cerebral blood flow, reduces stress, improves
concentration, and improves cognitive function.
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5. Male function improvement effect
It is effective in improving erectile dysfunction caused by blood flow disorder and increases sexual intercourse.
Since active oxygen that occurs when you run on your own does not occur, there is no damage to the body, and fatigue substances such as lactic acid are less likely to accumulate, making it a truly magical medicine.
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● General Supervising Physician Shinichi Suita
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I think there are still some people who feel uneasy about medical slimming and preventive medicine, which are still few in Osaka. At Light Clinic, we do not provide treatment unilaterally, but rather provide careful counseling and various examinations to explain the treatment that best suits the patient until the customer is satisfied. Let’s start a diet and anti-aging treatment together to get not only beautiful appearance but also healthy and youthful body.
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For those who have tried all kinds of diets, those who have repeated excessive diet rebound, and those who have negative feelings about aging, we want to be a “light” toward a bright and healthy future. , named LIGHT. Some people may think that diet and anti-aging are not related at first glance, but in order to maintain “healthy and youthful beauty”, two-way treatment is essential.
Because we are a highly specialized clinic specializing in diet and anti-aging, we would like to propose a custom-made plan that suits each and every one of our patients. Let’s start the best diet anti-aging treatment together.
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Clinic name: LIGHT CLINIC
Representative: Shinichi Suita
Location: 〒530-0001 1-3-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Ekimae 1st Building 3rd Floor
Date of opening: January 15, 2021
Consultation hours: 10:00-20:00 (Last reception at 19:00)
Closed days: Irregular holidays (WEB/LINE reservations accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
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