Actress Yo Yoshida’s first book! Released “Hitsujimeshi”

Kodansha Co., Ltd.
Actress Yo Yoshida’s first book! Released “Hitsujimeshi”
Eight years on, the culmination of the “Otona no Weekend” series
■The long-awaited first essay! Welcome to the “delicious” world Yo Yoshida, who celebrated the 25th anniversary of his debut in 2022. Since he is active in a wide range of fields, such as movies, dramas, stage performances, and even commercials, there is not a day when he is not seen in the media. However, this is actually my first time writing a book! “Hitsujimeshi” is a special book for Mr. Yoshida. This book was originally serialized in the magazine “Otona no Weekend”. We reviewed about 90 articles from the January 2015 issue to the present, and put them together with significant changes. In this book, while introducing the best “delicious” selected by Mr. Yoshida, it is a content that gives a glimpse of the life and history of actress Yo Yoshida. Especially memories of my mother’s taste “Yoshidamameshi” which can be said to be the origin and the taste of my hometown Kurume. And it is a gourmet essay that shows Mr. Yoshida’s personality, such as episodes from his early days. Sometimes he smiles, and sometimes he nods and says, “Yes, yes.” In addition, I will touch on beauty and health that girls are concerned about. Why don’t you go on a “Kofuku” trip with Mr. Yoshida?
【table of contents】
Chapter 1 Origin of Sheep
Chapter 2 My Favorite Taste My Favorite City
Chapter 3 Girls are greedy Sweets, beauty, health, femininity Chapter 4 Energizing shop Delivering heat and power
Chapter 5 From Sendai to Fukuoka: A Journey in Search of Sheep’s “Koutofuku” Chapter 6 “Adult shop” is nice
【Product Summary】
Product name: Sheep rice
Author: Yo Yoshida
List price: 1600 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: December 1, 2022
Format/pages: 46/208 pages
ISBN: 978-4-06-528826-9
Publisher: Kodansha BC/Kodansha
■ Author: Yo Yoshida
Born on February 3, from Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture. After working mainly in small theaters, he broadened his range of activities to TV and movies. In 2007, she made her debut in a serial drama with “Labyrinth of Love”, and in 2014 she attracted attention as a cool female prosecutor in “HERO”. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 39th Japan Academy Awards for the movie “Virigyaru”. In 2021, he won the 56th Kinokuniya Theater Award Individual Award for the play Julius Caesar. Currently active in a wide range of fields, including movies, dramas, stage performances, commercials, and narration. In 2022, he will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut as an actor.

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