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ADEKA Erika Ikuta sings bravely with a 6m-long, super-flashy figure, “Simple but amazing. New CM “Sazaihim e (lucky item)” will start airing on December 28 (Wednesday)

Erika Ikuta sings bravely in a super flashy figure with a total length of 6m, “Simple but amazing. Sozai no ADEKA” appeals its presence! New CM “Sazaihime (lucky item)” will start airing on December 28 (Wednesday)
-A luxurious costume with a lot of lucky charms, “I tried to make it flashy-“♪- URL:

ADEKA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hidetaka Shirozume) will launch a TV commercial “Sazaihime (lucky item)” featuring actor Erika Ikuta on December 28, 2022 (Wednesday). It will be broadcast nationwide (excluding some areas) from . ADEKA, which provides basic goods, is expressed in a flashy commercial, so please take a look!
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The ADEKA Group has been committed to making people’s lives better and more prosperous for more than 100 years since its founding under the management philosophy of “Aiming to be an aggressive and advanced company that continues to be sensitive to changes in new trends” and “To live in harmony with the world.” We provide materials (= raw materials. We regard the “materials” of materials as the “goods” of assets) globally.
ADEKA contributes to a sustainable society behind the scenes, such as semiconductor materials that lead the sophistication of the digital society, resin additives that contribute to weight reduction of automobiles, and margarine for commercial use that helps reduce food loss while maintaining delicious taste. , We will develop a TV commercial this time with the desire to let more people know about it. In the new commercial, with the catchphrase “Simple but amazing”, Erika Ikuta appears as “Sazaihime”, the incarnation of Sozai dressed up flashy, and a phrase that starts with “♪ I was told that it was sober”. Appeal your presence by singing bravely. Please pay attention to Mr. Ikuta, who wears a gorgeous costume with a total length of 6m that combines various large and small lucky charms, and is divinely illuminated, perfect for the year-end and New Year holidays, and the melody that remains in your ears.
■ Broadcast overview
Title: “ADEKA” TVCM “Princess Sozai (Lucky Goods)”
Broadcast period: December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) Area: Nationwide (excluding some areas)
Starring: Erika Ikuta
Others: In addition to TV, traffic advertisements such as Madoue Channel (JR Yamanote Line, Yokosuka Line, Sobu Line Rapid Service) and YouTube “ADEKA Official Channel” are also broadcast
YouTube URL:
[Mr. Ikuta also appears! Special site now open! ]
■ CM concept
ADEKA’s “Simple but amazing.”
That is Sozaihime. In order to attract the attention of as many people as possible, I tried to push myself a little and make it flashy. The huge clothes are made up of lucky charms used for rakes. Combining various things from large to small, it expresses ADEKA’s wide range of business development.
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■ Interview with Erika Ikuta
Mr. Ikuta to the flashy production “I was going to stand on the stage so as not to lose luxury”
Regarding his impression of wearing a flashy costume that expresses “It’s plain, but it’s amazing,” Ikuta said, “It feels like a New Year’s holiday, and it feels like a celebration. A world view and a gorgeous set that I’ve never seen before. I was so excited,” he said with a smile.
As for what he devised when performing, he revealed that he was as enthusiastic as a stage performance, saying, “Since the set and costumes are gorgeous, I was conscious of standing on the stage with dignity so as not to lose the luxury!”
The most auspicious thing that happened recently was “becoming able to use the sauna”
From the sauna, “I haven’t got it yet!”
“Being able to use the sauna” was given as a happy thing that happened this year. Mr. Ikuta, who originally could only put in about 5 seconds, seems to have succeeded in the challenge with a single-minded desire to experience Toto!
On the other hand, it seems that he is not good at jumping into the water bath after the sauna. “It takes about two minutes to get in, so the sauna staff said, ‘It’s not ready yet!'” (laughs). I talked about it.
The year 2022 can be summed up in one word: change. A year of first challenges no matter what you do!
“This year, I made a new start by myself,” said Mr. Ikuta, as a change from last year.
“Everything was my first challenge, and I felt that every site was a place of absorption, and it was a year filled with new encounters,” he recalls. Then, he enthusiastically said, “It was very fulfilling, so I want to connect it to the next year.”
My goal for 2023 is to challenge myself to make a “stewed dish”!? Mr. Ikuta says, “I have more private time,” and is currently addicted to cooking.
Recently, he seems to want to be able to cook Japanese food in particular. “I want to try stewed dishes that I haven’t made before.” [Image 3

[Click here for the making video! ]
[Image 4d72203-8-dd0fcb61589994be06e2-11.jpg&s3=72203-8-c7feeeea606c65675e9e2bcf51d9aada-2159x2700.jpg
■ Performer profile
Erika Ikuta
Born January 22, 1997 From Germany
Active as a first-generation student of Nogizaka46, and graduated from the group in 2021.
In recent years, he has been widely active as an actor, appearing in musicals such as “Les Miserables”, “Romeo & Juliet”, and the movie “The Confidenceman JP Hero Edition”.
In 2022, in addition to appearing in succession in the July drama TBS Sunday Theater “Old Rookie” and the October drama CX “PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit”, the movie “Dr. Appeared in “Infirmary”. Received the 44th Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award and the 8th Tokiko Iwatani Encouragement Award.
■ About ADEKA Group
The ADEKA Group is a global company that provides valuable raw materials in a wide range of markets, with its core businesses of chemicals, foods, and life sciences. Under the corporate slogan “Add Goodness” (everything can be made better), since its founding in 1917, it has provided products that support people’s lives to realize a sustainable society that is carbon-neutral and reduces environmental impact. I am aiming for
We have many products with the top market share, and the ADEKA ORCERA series of high-dielectric materials for advanced semiconductor memories is a product that is indispensable for improving the functionality of semiconductors, and boasts the world’s top market share*.
* From Fuji Chimera Research Institute, “2020 Current Status and Future Prospects of the Semiconductor Materials Market”.
⇒ “Simple but amazing. Sozai no ADEKA” special site now open!  Special site URL:
ADEKA in your life URL:  YouTube official channel: ■ ADEKA Co., Ltd. Overview
Established: January 27, 1917 (Taisho 6)
Capital: 23,048,140,000 yen (as of March 31, 2022)
Head office location: 7-2-35 Higashiogu, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Hidetaka Shirozume
Business description: Chemicals business (resin additives,
information/electronic chemicals, functional chemicals), food business (processed oils and fats for industrial use, processed foods, etc.), life science business (agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.), etc. Consolidated number of employees: 5,466 (as of March 31, 2022) Consolidated sales: 361,234,810,000 yen (fiscal year ending March 2022) Website URL:
that’s all
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