Advantech Co., Ltd. Business alliance between Advantech and SRA to strengthen Ubuntu OS support in Japan

Advantech Co., Ltd.
Advantech and SRA Form a Business Alliance to Strengthen Ubuntu OS Support in Japan

Advantech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Asakusa, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Advantech) and SRA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikebukuro, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as SRA), Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system, which has a global share of about 35%* in the Linux operating system. Regarding systems, we have started a business alliance for embedded services and support in Japan. (*According to W3Techs survey in January 2022)
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■ Growing needs and responses to Ubuntu
The use of cloud-based IoT systems in the industrial field and the use of Linux in embedded devices are increasing year by year, and the demand for Ubuntu, developed by Canonical in the UK, is increasing at an accelerating pace. The background to this is a clear roadmap, connectivity to cloud systems, regular and long-term version upgrades and security updates, and proactive support for the latest
technologies such as AI and ROS.
On the other hand, companies and users adopting Linux need to respond to security risks that increase year by year, analyze and isolate problems when they occur, respond to the latest technologies such as AI, cloud, and IoT, and customize installation and maintenance after mass production. There are many companies that have a sense of challenge in securing Japanese-language technical support and Linux technical personnel for maintenance, etc.
■ About this business alliance
Against this background, Advantech, which has the top global market share in industrial computers (IPC/EPC), and SRA, which develops various software development and support services in the embedded IT service business, are both certified for Canonical’s Ubuntu model. We formed a business alliance with regard to the sale of pre-installed and pre-installed embedded computers, as well as their system integration and security support services.
About Advantech’s Ubuntu Support
Advantech has a lineup of 32 models (as of November 2022) as Ubuntu Certified (certified) products after undergoing a strict Ubuntu compatibility test and model certification process by Canonical for embedded boards and computers sold by Advantech. We are the only manufacturer that can sell Ubuntu-certified embedded computers in Japan.
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Ubuntu Certified Advantech Industrial Embedded Computer Lineup About SRA’s Ubuntu support
SRA is one of Japan’s leading technical system integrators with many years of experience and achievements in both the enterprise and embedded fields in providing open source software products and outsourced development. We have the know-how and skills to provide support services and support such as product development and porting on embedded Linux that we have cultivated for over 20 years. We have concluded a partner agreement with Canonical to provide support services in Japanese. (Reference URL: [Image 3d73476-78-a7c77f6f932e4494fd39-6.png&s3=73476-78-d8f6b8e3559d55240d9e72ab2bc12cbd-551x367.png
SRA’s Ubuntu Total Support Service
■ Ubuntu webinar on January 20th
Advantech, SRA, and Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, will hold an online webinar on Friday, January 20, 2023 from 15:00 to 16:00 (1h). Canonical’s explanation of Ubuntu, Advantech/SRA’s Ubuntu-certified products and support services will be explained in detail
(participation fee is free, advance reservation required). You can register from this URL
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Free webinar on January 20, 2023
Endorsements have been sent from each company regarding this business alliance. [Image 5d73476-78-d8de61a9ac01dd1e05f6-2.png&s3=73476-78-ec4ac93cc16f10846f989be40a63744a-274x36.png
Canonical Japan Inc.
Regional Sales Manager
Kengo Shibata
We are pleased to be able to offer Ubuntu solutions together with both companies in the Japanese market.
We can accelerate the fusion of hardware and software and provide integrated value to customers in the edge device area.
You can quickly utilize the open and innovative mechanism realized by Ubuntu in the server desktop area.
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SRA Co., Ltd.
Director and Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Makoto Ishizone
Through this partnership with Advantech, we are very happy to have built a relationship that allows us to provide related services such as our Ubuntu Japanese support service and contract development on Canonical’s Ubuntu Certified (certified) embedded boards and PCs. We are here. Through this collaboration, we aim to utilize the
achievements and technical capabilities of each company to provide optimal solutions to customers in the embedded and IoT fields. (
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Advantech Co., Ltd.
Embedded IoT Division VP
Steve Chang
Advantech is very honored to be able to realize and propose a richer Ubuntu support ecosystem through this partnership with SRA. The need for industrial system equipment and IoT solutions using Ubuntu is a major trend not only in Japan but also on a global level. Advantech will continue model certification by Canonical in the future, and will continue to expand the number of Ubuntu-certified PCs.
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