Ai Goods Co., Ltd. New Year’s Comments 2023 Manufacturing that meets the needs of “individuals” Eye Goods 7th anniversary “7” challenges

Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
[New Year’s remarks 2023] Manufacturing that meets the needs of “individuals” Eye goods 7 challenges for the 7th anniversary
On January 1, 2023, i-Goods Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which produces original goods, will declare seven challenges to tackle in the future as its New Year’s remarks for 2023.
Our company, which was founded in 2016, will celebrate its 7th anniversary on January 20, 2023. Based on the philosophy that we have cherished since our founding, “With overflowing love, we give shape to our thoughts.” In order to “create a company that will continue to grow for 1,000 years,” we will look back on last year and renew our resolution for this year.
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“Seven” challenges for the 7th anniversary of i-Goods “Achievement of manufacturing tailored to each individual”
happy New Year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support for our company. I would like to send my greetings to all of you for the New Year.
Eye Goods Co., Ltd. wants to deliver a lot of value to the world by achieving the vision of “creating a company that will continue to grow for 1000 years” based on the philosophy of “giving shape to your thoughts with overflowing love.” thinking about. With this feeling in our hearts, which has not changed since our founding, we have been promoting manufacturing that better meets the needs of society. This year, we declare that we will tackle seven challenges in order to better meet the individual needs of each company and respond to the needs of each customer.
・Three challenges of the full-order business division
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1. Propose a wealth of ideas from planning and sales staff with specialized knowledge ~Launch of an industry-specific team~
Thanks to our company, we have transactions with more than 3,000 companies in the 7th year since our founding, and the customer growth rate is steadily increasing. We plan to build teams for each industry, such as cosmetics, apparel, sports, characters, publishing, etc. In addition to providing information on trends that differ depending on the industry and points to be aware of when producing goods, we have also strengthened areas where demand has been increasing in recent years, such as the IP business, to deliver products that customers want to achieve more quickly and with expertise. To do.
2. Expanding the range of products produced ~Visit to Japan by local staff~ In addition to the main production in China (Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, etc.) until 2021, imports from Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia will increase in 2022, expanding the range of goods that can be produced. Also, in 2020, local staff will be recruited as Vietnamese executive candidates. The arrival in Japan, which was delayed due to the influence of the corona, will be realized in November 2022, and we are currently strengthening cooperation with the production factory. By having local staff learn production management and quality standards in Japan in this way, we will increase the number of affiliated factories and affiliated countries, and expand the range of products we produce in the future.
3. More speedy delivery of samples ~ Establishment of an in-house sample prototyping room ~
In the goods industry, projects with short delivery times occur due to sudden events. In order to enable faster prototyping, we have set up a sample prototyping room within our Ebisu head office. In the future, we will flexibly respond to even more detailed specification changes and short delivery projects. In addition, our company acquired ISO9001 and 14001 in November last year. We will also focus on thorough quality control, such as sampling inspections after the start of mass production, inspections during production and delivery by Chinese local staff who have learned Japanese quality standards, and quality policy read-through by sales representatives.
・Two challenges of the manufacturing division
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4.Increase in the number of disaster prevention goods and serving robots handled ~Planning to build 2 other new brands~
 Utilizing the import and production management technology that we have cultivated since our founding, we have started selling disaster prevention goods and catering robots for which demand is increasing last year. This year, we will further increase our lineup and focus on building a new corporate brand. Through goods, we will contribute to resolving labor shortages in restaurants and hotels and to disaster countermeasures.
5. Supporting companies that want to work on SDGs ~Providing recycling-oriented manufacturing~
 In 2022, we partnered with a major beverage manufacturer to contribute to the reduction of a large amount of waste through the SUS cycle, an upcycle service that collects and manufactures corporate waste. In addition, SUS coffee, a miscellaneous goods brand that reuses coffee grounds, and SUS organic, which handles eco-amenities, have increased transactions with mass retailers, and we feel that we have been able to provide many sustainable options to the world. This year, we will not only handle eco-materials, but also support sustainable manufacturing from collection to manufacturing,
contributing to the realization of recycling-oriented manufacturing. ・Two challenges to create an organization
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6. Achieving a sustainable organizational structure ~Formulation of SDGs goals~ In September last year, we revised our SDGs action goals, and in about three months, we acquired ISO certification, added three types of eco-friendly materials, and achieved more than 50 eco-manufacturing business negotiations. In addition, we are beginning to see results little by little, such as being ranked 5th in the category of 25 to 99 employees in the GPTW’s Great Places to Work ranking, which is sponsored by GPTW, in achieving Goal 8, “Decent work and economic growth.” . This year, we plan to expand on the action targets we have formulated and formulate performance targets for 2030. By promoting the SDGs, we will strive to realize a more sustainable organizational structure.
7. Promoting further value provision ~ Updating internal study groups, increasing external training ~
The future of the original goods industry in which our company is located does not look bright, and we are seeing a series of
withdrawals. However, as a result of promoting business development from the perspective of “detecting social needs quickly and providing value through manufacturing”, last year it ranked 39th overall in the “Ranking of Rapidly Growing Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region 2022” and 6th in Japan. I got the rank. This year, too, we will find new areas of value provision on a daily basis and strive to improve ourselves by updating the in-house study sessions held four times a week and increasing external training so that we can be of use to everyone.
By 2023, we will continue to evolve 1,000 years into the future by discovering new areas of value provision through the above seven challenges and contributing to people and society. I would appreciate it if you could continue to help me as an unsung hero who supports everyone from the shadows.
I sincerely hope that 2023 will be a happy year for everyone. Thank you for your continued support in the year.
New Year’s Day 2023 i-Goods Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shohei Miki
Established: January 20, 2016
Capital: 30 million yen
Head office location: Ebisu Square 6F, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6447-7742
Business: Designing, manufacturing, selling, and importing and exporting original goods and novelties that are fully custom-made [What is eye goods]
Our core business is the planning and production of full-order original goods. Our company has been manufacturing miscellaneous goods, novelty items, and product materials for department store sales, apparel, cosmetics, and the concert industry. Since February 2020, we have been actively producing various antivirus goods and disseminating goods information ahead of the industry. Furthermore, in response to the growing demand for SDGs, we wanted to support companies’ sustainable efforts, so we started disseminating
information on sustainable OEM business and SDGs. In addition, we are also launching the “SUS coffee” brand, which reuses coffee grounds, because we want to provide consumers with sustainable options directly. In this way, we have achieved stable growth despite being in the manufacturing industry, which is in a marked decline, by sensitively sensing the needs of society and speedily developing our business. In the “Ranking of Rapidly Growing Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region”, among more than 1 million target companies, we ranked 45th overall in 2021, 39th overall in 2022, and ranked 1st in Japan among domestic manufacturers. Highly rated outside.

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