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Air Co., Ltd. The original flavor of “esports team αD” x “Air mini” will be on sale from December 11, 2022! Purchaser-only campaign will also be held!

Air Co., Ltd.
The original flavor of “esports team αD” x “Air mini” will be on sale from December 11, 2022! Purchaser-only campaign will also be held!
Air Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will release a collaboration original flavor of the popular series “Air mini” of the shisha brand Air and the industry’s largest e-sports team “αD”. In addition, we will hold a campaign limited to purchasers who can win luxurious prizes.
◇ Air mini official website
About “αD” x “Air mini” collaboration
[Image 1d84757-13-f9ac523556c56b0b9016-5.jpg&s3=84757-13-426fca5e7e64d594298ed07f6ca64514-1594x1194.jpg
eSports is a competition that uses video games and smartphone games to compete and compete under certain rules. The global esports market is expanding rapidly, and the economy is expected to grow to about $5.2 billion by 2028.
In an environment where people enjoy e-sports, Air Co., Ltd. wants to expand new options for those who can’t smoke because of the smell and ash, and the first collaboration with the e-sports team “αD”. I came to
As part of the collaboration, the original flavors “chocolate” and “vanilla” will be released. In addition, we have decided to hold a purchaser-only campaign to win luxurious prizes.
About “αD” original flavor
・Number of suctions: about 300 *There are individual differences. ・ Sales price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
・ Release date: 12/11 (Sun)
*This product is not a cigarette, but a product that allows you to enjoy the flavor and refreshing steam, but the target age is 20 years or older.
chocolate flavor
A limited flavor that fills your mouth with the deep aroma and sweetness peculiar to chocolate! Enjoy it like a candy!
[Image 2d84757-13-c0a7674e69b3e8d97829-3.png&s3=84757-13-e9fda175e4a880139a81ec48b5b12f8d-3900x3900.png
vanilla flavor
We have expressed a creamy and rich vanilla flavor. This flavor is recommended for those with a sweet tooth!
[Image 3d84757-13-8a063a896cfc913c73af-2.png&s3=84757-13-96cc8546030d176b247dc877b08e2aba-3900x3900.png

About the “αD” original flavor purchaser campaign

[Image 4d84757-13-c742bab1e6b066732df0-6.jpg&s3=84757-13-ab35033e8cd6a8c8d1e1c6b24b2f6bf1-1477x1109.jpg
《Campaign overview》
α prize 1 person
Autographed team uniform of the desired player
β prize 1 person
11-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB – Space Gray
【Application period】
12/11 (Sun) – 12/25 (Sun) 23:59 deadline
【Application method】
1. Follow Air mini Twitter official account (@air_mini_)
2. Purchase collaboration flavors (chocolate or vanilla)
* At the time of purchase, write your Twitter user name and the name of your favorite αD player in the remarks column.
About the esports team “αD”
esports team αD has two main game divisions, “Knives Out” and “APEX”, and many professional players and streamers belong to it. We are aiming for the healthy and multifaceted development of esports by focusing on hosting tournaments and offline events, including video distribution and posting.
Celebrating its 4th anniversary this year, the total number of registered members on YouTube currently exceeds 1.4 million, and the total number of Twitter followers is 2.5 million!
We will continue to develop various entertainment and aim to develop the game industry.
Official site:
What is “Air mini”
It’s called “vape”, and by inhaling steam with various flavors and aromas, you can easily enjoy a variety of flavors with zero nicotine and zero tar. With conventional devices, more than 20 flavors have been developed, and the cumulative sales volume has reached 2 million. It is a product that has gained support from a wide range of people in their 20s to 40s.
[Image 5d84757-13-f8c593643168ffb6ea41-1.jpg&s3=84757-13-82fb1c2e65a4a3634e926a4a9d9db636-1080x603.jpg

brand concept
“Find Your Color” Add color to the air
It’s good to have each person’s personality and color. While there are various events, it takes a little courage to show yourself as you are. Everyone is born and raised in different places and environments, so it is only natural that each person has their own way of thinking and values.
So don’t deny your individuality. Don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are. The “Air” brand wants to be a presence that can push the back of such a person. Regarding the official store and official SNS
・Air official store
・Official LINE ・Official Instagram
・Official Twitter About agent recruitment
We are looking for distributors of “Air mini”, “Air bottle”, “Air shisha” and “Air mist”.
If you are interested, please contact us from the contact information below.
Details about this release:

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